Sungmin and yesung relationship


sungmin and yesung relationship

Yesung cannot be said as gay or bisexual as his actual sexuality is not known. Sungmin with his cool and attractive nature has never been involved He was even said to be in a relationship with a famous model Kangshi. After his relationship got publicized, he had open dates. Yesung is in an uncomfortable position right now, they're about to promote another. Yesung once said that Sungmin is the only one who didn't He was jealous with relationship between Kyuhyun and Changmin coz they can.

To Donghae, Leeteuk is truly like an older brother to him. They are kind of like the variety kings of the group in my eyes, and best friends!

Kyuhyun loves Donghae, lol. I think he's his favorite hyung, might be wrong though. The reason why I believe so is that he one of the two who welcomed him when he first came into Super Junior everyone else disliked him, lol.

Donghae was the one that visited Kyuhyun in the hospital the most after his accident in The two same-aged maknaes. They really do get along with each other and are prob the closest with each other in the group. Not to long ago, they were last two ones living in the same dorm, meaning that they are very comfertable with each other.

Highfives and "I'm confident!!!!!!!!!!!! This might come as a surprise, but Kangin I think stated that Ryeowook is his favorite dongsaeng.

sungmin and yesung relationship

Fact is, they are very close. In one video, they shared a hotel room. Leeteuk comes in and sees them wrestling with each other XD And Kanging did this absolute sweet phone call suprise on Sukira for his solo debut.

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Not close at all in the past. Very awkward if you've seen Intimate Note. It's gotten better though, and I think they are close now. Eunhyuk even cried when Heechul went to the army. That's what I'd describe their relationship. It's become more comfortable though ever since Kyuhyun's accident as he visited Kyuhyun a lot in the hospital they literally had accidents back to back.

Also, don't forget that Kyuhyun will always be thankful towards Heechul for not returning to Radio Star. Kyuhyun takes good care of Henry. Thanks to him, Henry got some main exposure in Happy Together watch it, I laughed my ass of at Henry's dorkiness and is now popular.

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Even if he doesn't call Kyuhyun that often anymore, Henry still cares about Kyuhyun as seen recently in Kyuhyun's birthday surpise. No idea if anything has changed.

sungmin and yesung relationship

Yesung doesn't seem to realize it, but the two don't talk to each other as shown on Shinhwa Broadcast. I think Sungmin thinks Yesung is too weird for him XD Even the other members think they aren't friends.

Shindong said one time that he can't imagine eating dinner just with him, lol. Again, respect is how I would describe their relationship.

He firmly believes that he will become the next Nation's host some big words there, Kyuhyun. Yesung has an elegant car, Renault Samsung. It is said that his car is simple but elegant.

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Yesung has an unique dance. Yesung likes to bring backpack. Yesung likes listening music through his earphone. Yesung likes to wear accessories. He has many collections. But recently, he just wears his black rubber bracelet on his right hands. During his performance, he often wears his rubber bracelet. And I think it is that his trademark.

But recently he didn't wear black rubber bracelet anymore. He wear silver accessories, bracelet and also rings and earrings.

sungmin and yesung relationship

I like his black rubber bracelet, I think it's more manly rather than silver Yesung is the dorkiest member. He likes to laugh and make the others laugh. Yesung has a younger brother and he really close to his brother. His brother is the first person that Yesung followed on his twitter.

Yesung is really close with his family. Everytime he has a spare time, he will spend his spare time with his family. Yesung told in one interview that after he retires from music industry he will be a businessman. He has already started his dream by opening cafe and glasses shop. According to SMent women staff, Yesung is ranked 9 in handsomeness. Yesung has small hands. Everybody knew this fact. Hahahha… Even though he has small hands but he has strong hands. Yesung wore glasses when kid.

sungmin and yesung relationship