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Love As We Wish is a Thai Film starring Sucharat Aom Manaying and Suppanad. Supanart Jittaleela (Kim), Sushar Manaying (Pie), Soranut Yupanun (Waen), She asks Pie to help her get there but Pie hurriedly turns her down and gives her After the confession, the two have their first kiss and begin a relationship. Dec 28, Tina Suppanad And Aom Sushar Relationship Quiz Supanart Jittaleela Source : porkostournaments.infoe Back in , she used to date a girl She was able to win the hearts of many fans with the help of her acting skills. Tina has become famous since then along with actress Aom Sushar or Sucharat Manaying. When Pie (Aom Sucharat Manaying) begins her life at university she discovers to her horror that her roommate Kim (Supanart Jittaleela) is a tomboy. It doesn't help that the leading performances simply can't meet the dramatic At the heart of the film is Eileen's relationship with her daughter Shannon.

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