Stargate sg1 sam and jack relationship memes

MUSINGS OF A SCI-FI FANATIC: Carter & O'Neill: Anatomy Of An SG-1 Love Story

stargate sg1 sam and jack relationship memes

reference to jack and Sam's relationship Jack and Sam - kiss from 'Grace'. Jessica Mills Stargate SG1 Sam Carter and Jack O'Neill Best Sci Fi Shows, Richard Dean .. Favorite funny quotes of RDA from Stargate - Page 18 - RDA Forum. Jack O'Neill and Samantha Carter from Stargate SG-1 are a classic pairing in my mind, but their relationship would probably frustrate those. Dec 16, Explore JVisser/FanaticalC's board "Sam and Jack SG1" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Richard dean anderson, Stargate atlantis and.

Or are we going to have to arm wrestle? You know, you really will like me when you get to know me. Oh, I adore you already, Captain. The Broca Divide Daniel: Wow, what happened to you?

Oh, I - got in a little wrestling match with Carter. I guess she's got whatever Johnson's got. Had to drag her off to the infirmary. What, did she start a fight with you, like Johnson did with Teal'c? No, she, uh - tried to seduce me. No, it wasn't like that. She was like a wild animal. Well, is she all right? I should go see her. What do you mean, 'why? You care about her? It means I care about her, she's my friend.

She's not yours to care about.

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What the hell are you talking about? I'm talking about Samantha. You just stay away from her, okay? Enjoy the moments and the memories as we search back across Carter And O'Neill: The sexual tension between Carter and O'Neill begins. The Broca Divide [Season 1] [Episode 4]: Well, not exactly of the romantic variety.

Later, the awkward moment.

stargate sg1 sam and jack relationship memes

Solitudes [Season 1] [Episode 17]: Carter and O'Neill are unexpectedly brought together through no fault of their own and grow closer as a result. Well, a frozen tundra, ice caves, and a few broken bones leaving one immobile has a way of bringing doing that.

There is a lot of emotion in this one. An alternate SG-1 reality is helmed by a General O'Neill and Carter, as a civilian, hence the lack of any need for military protocol.

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This story written by David Kemper of Farscape acclaim allows for the tender and hypothetically loving embrace. Out Of Mind [Season 2] [Episode 22]: This very sticky situation even permits for a bit of O'Neill carnal, male instinct to creep in despite heavy odds stacked against him.

Point Of View [Season 3] [Episode 6]: O'Neill discovers Carter is married to him at least in another place and time. The alternate reality checks are a constant on Stargate SG-1 and the creators cleverly utilize the infinite possibilities of science fiction to examine their potential for love.

It's so hard to say goodbye A Hundred Days [Season 3] [Episode 17]: Of course it's kind of hard not to enjoy the other woman when you're lost and a long way from home with little chance of finding a way back.

The other woman here, Laira, was played by none other than Michele Greene [a la L.

This infamous episode left open the question, did O'Neill [RDA] father a child off world with the other woman? The answer appears to be YES in the closing shot of the episode. Needless to say, it's an ever so slight, but powerful reaction by Carter when O'Neill is bidding farewell to Laira. Nemesis [Season 3] [Episode 22]: The power of suggestion.

Apart from being one of the best episodes ever made for SG-1, there is this moment where it looks like maybe, just maybe, Carter would cross those professional boundaries. There is also the fact that, apart from sweeping her off her feet, O'Neill wouldn't mind if she did just that. Divide And Conquer [Season 4] [Episode 5]: This is an extension of Upgrades [Season 4] [Episode 3].

Some fans may have felt a tad too manipulated here, but I like intentional tuggings on the old heartstrings now and again and it's one of my favorite tender moments in the series. This solid entry merely confirmed what fans had hoped for and believed all along for four years.

There was indeed a special connection between Carter and O'Neill and for all intents and purposes it looked like the two professional soldiers were prepared to keep their feelings for one another in check for the sake of international Again, you can't deny that piano.

stargate sg1 sam and jack relationship memes

Window Of Opportunity [Season 4] [Episode 6]: As the title would suggest, the creators and cast got creative with Carter and O'Neill's relationship given the parameters they had established for themselves professionally. Science fiction is a beautiful thing and SG-1's creators began to posit the 'what if' scenarios with this dandy of a time loop episode. O'Neill wises up and takes full advantage of his own window of opportunity knowing his time will loop back again and all will be forgotten.

Beneath The Surface [Season 4] [Episode 10]: This episode is loaded with wonderful, warm orange and brown coloration.

stargate sg1 sam and jack relationship memes

Carter, O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 struggle to remember who they are. Their minds have been altered and they work off the chemistry between one another to break through the barricades. O'Neill even recalls feeling for Carter. Entity [Season 4] [Episode 20]: The emotional connection is subtle. Carter has been overtaken by an alien intelligence that has slipped through the gate and the team makes every desperate attempt to get Carter back.

The creators took a bit of a hiatus from Carter and O'Neill's affections if I'm not mistaken. They had visited a number of different avenues creatively and for fear of beating the proverbial 'dead horse' and repeating themselves the creators literally skipped Season 5 and essentially Season 6 regarding their love connection.

Full Circle [Season 6] [Episode 22]: O'Neill and Carter's friendship runs deep and they even reference their affection at each other's expense.

stargate sg1 sam and jack relationship memes

Grace [Season 7] [Episode 13]: A disoriented Carter suffers from a head injury and the cast and crew really delve into the area of alien isolation with a kind of Nostromo-styled eeriness.