Slater and jessie relationship

Back to the 90s! How Saved By the Bell made me a better global Citizen

slater and jessie relationship

Most people my age tend to remember “Saved by the Bell” only by the one episode in which Elizabeth Berkley's Jessie Spano became. Slater and Jessie may have gotten together in the future. they get back together for a brief time just to have a long distance relationship. 10 Things "Saved By The Bell" Taught Us About Relationships Both of the show's main couples, Jessie/Slater and Kelly/Zack, remained.

How I miss those neon-hewed days. Saved By the Bell was my TV jam. Admittedly, the American teen-sitcom was more a confectionary comedic escape, but Bayside High had its fair share of earth-shattering events from pill popping to poverty. Giphie The show had a glorious four-year run in the early 90s, and a more formative influence on my life than I feel comfortable admitting — but I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Kelly taught me to never underestimate the power of a good hair flip.

Fashion tips aside, Saved by the Bell was totally informative. Put on your walkman and take a walk-down-memory lane with me as I revisit some of the internalized truisms of Saved By the Bell. Here's the dillio - the show, like, made me a better Global Citizen. Saved By the Bell Life Lesson 1: Be a Feminist Photo: Feminism has become somewhat of a dirty word in past years, but allow Jessie as a template for making the personal political.

Saved By the Bell Life Lesson 2: Love conquers all Photo: Zack and Kelly taught me that despite breaking-up every-other episode, love conquers all.

After years of the pair having an up-and-down relationship, the lovers finally tied the knot in the corniest Vegas wedding ever televised.

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Saved by the Bell Life Lesson 3: Giphy The aspirations of the Bayside crew ranged from housewife Kelly to scientist Jessie. The Saved By the Bell crew did everything larger than life. Saved by the Bell Life Lessons 4: Giphy For Screech, nothing ever went as planned. Lisa Turtle rejected him 4, times.

He could never get a date, and was considered the weirdo of Bayside. Screech and Lisa did, eventually, go to the movies together. Saved by the Bell Life Lesson 5: Time-outs are a good thing Photo: But this surreal ability is a good reminder for all of us.

Sometimes the best course of action is to pause and think. All too often, global leaders and humanitarians will make emotional over logical decisions — in those moments, mindfulness is best. Her parents are divorced. She lives with her mother, who remarried in the third season, providing Jessie with a stepbrother, Eric played by Joshua Hoffman from New York City, seen in only two episodes. Jessie's father is the owner and manager of the Marriott Desert Sands resort.

He also becomes remarried in the hour-long "Palm Springs Weekend" episode, to a much younger woman with whom Jessie did not initially get along and was against marrying.

She eventually accepted Leslie for who she was and becomes friends with her Jessie's father is played by George McDaniel, and her new stepmother, Leslie, is played by Barbra Brighton.

Jessie is portrayed as a liberal she critiqued then-president George H. Bushwith strong feminist views. She is often the first to speak up when she feels something is unjust. Although seen as intelligent, Jessie has a somewhat neurotic streak.

slater and jessie relationship

Jessie is the class president. In a close election, she initially lost to Zack. However, Zack used underhanded techniques to win the election in order to get a free trip to Washington, D.

Jessie remains president for the remainder of her time at Bayside. From sophomore year until the end of the series, Jessie dates athlete A. Slater in an "opposites attract" relationship, which causes friction between the both of them.

Slater's pet name for Jessie is "Mama. Jessie also has a brief romantic encounter with Zack when the two are forced to endure a kissing scene in a school play. Additionally, she has a crush on one-time character Graham played by David Kreigelwith whom she spends cut day. This last encounter ultimately leads to her and Slater's break up. Most notable is Jessie's struggle with addiction to over-the-counter caffeine pills, in the episode entitled "Jessie's Song. Eventually she gets hooked on the pills and has a breakdown as Zack comes to her rescue.

Another ongoing issue is Jessie's height. She often considers herself too tall, and has therefore developed a bit of an insecurity complex, especially when it comes to shorter boys, and sometimes superficially judges men based on their height. Additionally, she is known as Jessie "Legs" Spano to some. Jessie would later stop judging men based on their height when she begins dating Slater. In an early episode, Jessie reveals that she attended dance camp as a child.

As such, she is an experienced dancer. Jessie is also on the swim team. Jessie later joins Kelly and Lisa as cheerleaders because, according to Jessie, it looks good to colleges. Before graduation, Jessie has her hopes pinned on becoming valedictorianbut ultimately loses out to Screech. However, Screech realizes how important it is to her, and concedes the honor to Jessie.

Jessie soon realizes just how much valedictorian meant to Screech and gives it back to him. After graduation, Jessie goes off to attend Columbia University. This was her final appearance to date in the show. Lisa Turtle[ edit ] Lisa Marie Turtle portrayed by Lark Voorhies is the rich girl of the group, whose parents both worked as physicians. She is frequently seen wearing designer clothing. In her first appearance in Good Morning, Miss Bliss, Lisa plays a more secondary role than she later would in the later incarnations of the series.

She attends John F. Throughout her high school years in Saved by the Bell, Lisa spends most of her time fighting off the affections of Screech, who is relentless in pursuing her and eventually wins at least one date with her and has been doing so since they were in Kindergarten. Despite her irritation with Screech, she values him as a friend, and eventually comes to admire Screech's nobility when he abdicates his position as the class valedictorian in favor of Jessie Spano, who had a slightly lower grade point average than he did, but valued the position more.

Lisa even went to the senior prom with Screech when she felt sorry that no one would go with him, when he promised to respect her comfort zone and not ask her, but she decided that she wants him to be her prom date. Most of Lisa's time is spent in the company of schoolmates and fellow cheerleaders Kelly Kapowski and Jessie Spano. Unlike the rest of her friends, Lisa does not have a long-term relationship during high school despite having countless datesalthough she has a short term romance with Zack Morris in the episode "The Bayside Triangle," much to the chagrin of Screech.

To keep his friendship with Screech, Zack must break up with Lisa. However, this is forgotten about in following episodes. Lisa only makes one guest appearance in Saved by the Bell: Part 2" from Saved by the Bell: The New Classwhere they are reunited with Screech now working at Bayside on a work-study program and their principal Mr.

Belding when the school is under threat of being torn down by an alumnus. Belding[ edit ] Mr. Belding's first name was Gerald, and the character was played by Oliver Clark. Other than Miss Bliss, the character of Mr. Belding was the only one carried over when the show began production. The character also appeared in Saved by the Bell: He is one of only two characters to remain from the beginning of the franchise until the end the other being Samuel "Screech" Powers.

Belding's name is a pun referencing the onomatopoeia "ding" that comes from a bell, a "bell ding". His signature catchphrase is "Hey, hey, hey, hey! What is going on here? Belding's most frequent nemesis is Zack Morris ; however, throughout the series, it is abundantly clear the two like and respect each other, arguably because in "Save the Max" it is revealed that when Belding was a student himself he was a disc jockey and one who would rebel against school authority, prompting the comment that he was "the Zack Morris of the s".

On at least one occasion, Belding has even called Zack Morris "the son [he] never had". A small joke was also that Belding was open about his past failures with women prior to his marriage, such as when he was in the U. Army and in love with a North Vietnamese girl, where "even she was with the enemy! The most frequent appearances were by his infant son, named in honor of Zack.

When Belding's wife Becky went into labor in an elevator, Zack Morris, along with classmate Tori Scott, helped deliver him. Much of Belding's humor comes from his attempts to make jokes, sing or being generally tricked and scammed by Zack.

Despite Zack's ideas that he knew Belding inside and out, occasionally Belding would reveal that he had other ideas to deal with issues, thus outfoxing Zack. He also was against the Bayside-Valley High prank war and in spite of his best efforts to call a truce with Valley High's principal, the war continued until then end of the cheerleading competition when one of the students from Valley was exposed.

Belding also has a small rivalry with fellow teacher Mr. Tuttle, who was also in line for the position of Principal at Bayside. He also had a friendly rivalry with Brandon Tartikoff over courtship of Belding's wife, but Tartikoff accepted that he got the short end of the straw and accepted the eventual presidency of NBC thus implicitly breaking the fourth wallsince Tartikoff actually was president of NBC at the time while Mr.

Belding was "happily married and got to be principal of a school of great kids. Belding's administrative assistant until the end of the series, when Belding decides to take a job as dean of a College in Tennessee.

InDennis Haskins reprised his role as Mr. Tori Scott[ edit ] Tori Scott portrayed by Leanna Creel arrives at Bayside during senior year, making an immediate enemy of Zack Morris by parking her motorcycle in his usual parking space on her first day. Eventually, things thaw between Tori and Zack and they later begin dating, but broke up in the episode "The Will" due to Zack's sexist behavior.

After the episode "School Song," Tori is never seen or mentioned again. Culpepper[ edit ] Mrs. Culpepper is the school's de facto art teacher although she is seen teaching history during Cut Day and made appearances in both junior year and senior year. She is always involved in comical situations in which she bumps into lockers and mistakes inanimate objects for living things due to her bad eyesight. At one point she even accidentally made Mr. Belding think she is in love with him; when he talked to her about her "crush" she became completely flustered, and later punched him the face for continuing to "reassure" her that he had no romantic designs towards her.

Dewey[ edit ] Mr. Dewey Patrick Thomas O'Brien is a math teacher who also oversaw detention. He represented the archetypal down-on-his-luck, more-bored-than-the-kids, depressed teacher but seemed to be respected by the kids on the grounds that nothing they did bothered or registered very much with him. He spoke in a monotonous voice, is sarcastic, always wore glasses, and once auditioned for American Gladiators. Dewey also appeared in the New Class. Doctor Mertz[ edit ] Dr.

Mertz Avery Schreiber is a science teacher that seems to want the students to enjoy his class, giving out awards such as a molecule hat to Screech.

His Science test stresses Kelly because she has concert tickets that she won't get to use if she fails. Zack hoping to get on Kelly's good side arranges for Screech to tutor Kelly.

The plan backfires when Kelly develops romantic feelings for Screech.

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Kelly manages to pass Dr. Mertz's test but finds that without the need for a tutor, she and Screech really do not have much in common. Dickerson[ edit ] Played by Raf Mauro, Dickerson is a history teacher known for his unfriendly demeanor and an impossible midterm that no student had passed in three years, something he seems to be very proud of.

Simpson[ edit ] Mrs. Simpson Pamela Kosh is the nearly deaf, British-accented teacher who taught English class. She said she didn't like Zack, and once wore a hearing aid that she discarded because the titular bell caused painful sound waves to assault her. She also made an appearance in the pilot episode of The New Class.

He is overweight with a testosterone-laden personality, and has been shown to be a sexist mainly in "Hold Me Tight". He depends on Slater as his star athlete. Coach Sonski is also shown as Bayside's auto shop instructor in the episode where Jessie's new stepbrother comes to California.

He retains his sense of humor as well as his macho attitude throughout the episodes, though he once confessed to watching Oprah because he is "sensitive to dames". Tuttle[ edit ] Tuttle portrayed by Jack Angeles is an enthusiastic, overweight teacher perhaps a foil for the thin, dour Mr. He is well-liked by the students but had a mutually unfriendly relationship with Mr.

Belding, stemming largely from Tuttle having been runner-up to Belding when Bayside had chosen a new principal. He also served as a leader in the local teacher's union, a driver's education teacher, and a music teacher. Wentworth[ edit ] Ms.

slater and jessie relationship

Wentworth portrayed by Carol Lawrence is the Social Studies teacher during sophomore year who piqued Zack's interest in his family heritage by assigning a family research project. She also taught the class about subliminal advertising, which led to a predictably harebrained scheme from Zack. Wentworth is one of Bayside's more enthusiastic and unorthodox teachers.


Tuttle, she is one of the few teachers who genuinely seems to like Zack, and seems to be popular with her students, because she is serious about her job but treats them nicely and has a good sense of humor. Bayside students[ edit ] Violet Ann Bickerstaff[ edit ] Violet Tori Spelling is a nerdy character appearing in 3 episodes in seasons 2 and 3 who was originally dating Maxwell Nerdstrombut she dumped him in favor of Screech whom she commonly addresses by his real name "Samuel"as Maxwell had treated her poorly.

In her first appearance, she knocks over Screech's mother's statue of Elvis Presley. Violet comes from an upper class family who disapproves of her relationship with Screech, mainly due to the fact he is from a lower class, despite the fact he and Violet share many common interests.

In another episode, Violet is shown to have a beautiful singing voice, but is too shy to sing solo for Bayside's abysmal school choir until Screech supports her. She then quits the choir after Screech embarrasses her at a disastrous dinner with her folks, but when he comes out and sings her opposite, saving the day for her it convinces the Bickerstaffs that he is a good guy, and they say they no longer object to him dating their daughter.

Ginger[ edit ] Ginger portrayed by Bridgette Wilson is a pretty but vacuous blonde appearing in five season 4 episodes who dates Zack a few times, but annoys him because she has little to say beyond asking him if she has lipstick on her teeth.

She is a tall, lanky girl with disheveled blond hair appearing in 3 first-season episodes. She and Zack have one date, during which she forcibly plants a kiss on his lips. Rhonda also tries to join the cheerleading squad in "Save That Tiger" and tries out for the team when one of the regulars is injured right before the big competition against Valley.

Her audition is clumsy and the girls eventually talk Jessie into taking the spot. He seems to be a leader amongst the nerds, and has been able to fit in socially at times with more popular students. Louise[ edit ] Louise Lara Lyon is a nerdy Bayside student with blonde hair in pigtails and horn-rimmed glasses appearing in 3 episodes in seasons 2 and 4 who is sometimes shown as a friend of Screech's. She is placed on Zack's "nerd team" in a physical competition to compete against Slater's better qualified team.

Zack learns a lesson about leadership when he must encourage his team to realize their potential, which included telling Louise she could climb a rope. She returns in the episode "Crushed", where she confides she has feelings for the jock "Moose", whose feelings are mutual, but she worries about the mismatched relationship. She is the queen bee of the school's nerd clique, and Zack goes out on a date with her during his campaign to earn the nod for writing the new school song, knowing she would convince Bayside's geeks and dweebs to vote for him.

Slater tells another high-ranking geek that Zack's "date" with Louise could set a precedent where other popular guys begin dating geek girls, which inspired the geeks to cast their votes in the song contest for Screech's entry. Moose[ edit ] Moose portrayed by Mark Clayman is a very dumb and childlike jock, much like his fellow football teammate Ox appearing in two episodes in seasons 2 and 4.

He is seen dating Louise in the episode "Crushed", and also has a minor speaking role in the episode "Student-Teacher Week. His poor treatment of her is one of the factors in her becoming Screech's girlfriend. While most of the nerds comport themselves with a bumbling dignity at most, Nerdstrom goes above and beyond, behaving as a pompous, stuck-up geek. He defeats Zack in a game of poker, but gets his comeuppance in the end. Perhaps Maxwell's most noted accomplishment at Bayside is mistakenly kissing Screech's dog"Hound Dog" believing him to be Jessie, to everybody's delight.

He is later humiliated when Screech pointed out that Maxwell kissed his dog and tells Maxwell to stay out of Violet's life. Ox[ edit ] Ox Troy Fromin is a member of the Bayside football team and an archetypal "dumb jock" appearing in nine episodes in seasons 3 and 4 who pals around with Slater when Slater is without his friends.

Despite being a jock, he dates a female nerd, and is often shown to be gentler and more sensitive than his size and oafish behavior would suggest.

He is among the students who get drunk senior year at the toga party. A similar character named "Moose" also appeared on the show, however. Belding's brother and steps in as a substitute teacher during junior year, after Mr.

Dickerson has a mental breakdown. He initially makes a hip impression on the students because of his happy-go-lucky attitude, world-weary demeanor, and tales of defying authority and schoolwork. Rod arranges to take the students on the rafting trip for their annual class trip ruining Mr. Belding's plans to visit Yosemite Park and attempts to teach them about it. Belding is overshadowed by his brother's connection with the students, which is evident in a minor confrontation they have when Mr.

slater and jessie relationship

Belding tells his brother he is not to be teaching the kids whitewater rafting on official class time. After Zack accuses him of being jealous of Rod, he soon finds out what he's really like on the inside. During a confrontation with the brothers, Rod tries to skip out of the trip just to meet a stewardess named Inga. Belding is furious that Rod would abandon his commitment to the students and orders him never to come back to Bayside.

Rod leaves as Zack ducks behind some lockers to avoid his sight.

slater and jessie relationship

Not wanting to upset his students, Mr. Belding claims that Rod is ill. However, when he offers to chaperone the trip instead, the students happily and gratefully accept. Becky Belding[ edit ] Becky Belding, Mr. During the time in the elevator she goes into labor and gives birth to the Beldings' son with the help of Zack, who becomes the baby's namesake. Penny Belding[ edit ] Richard Belding's niece portrayed by Jodi Peterson is blonde and bubbly, but no one wants to date her as she is related to the Principal.

During Zack's sophomore year at Bayside, he earns himself a Saturday school detention. In order to be released from serving time and to be able to attend Kelly's upcoming party, he signs a treaty with Mr. Belding agreeing to take Penny out on a date on Friday in lieu of serving his sentence. After making this agreement, Kelly informs Zack that her birthday party would also be that Friday, since the Max was booked on Saturday. Belding, and Tori get stuck in an elevator.

He also appears in two episodes of Saved by the Bell: He is a businessman who spends little time with his son. She's more fresh and less strict than her husband Derek. She adores Zack but still she knows some of her son's tricks. She supported Zack's marriage but couldn't do much to aid him in order to respect her husband, in the TV movie Saved by the Bell: