Silver linings playbook pat and tiffany relationship test

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silver linings playbook pat and tiffany relationship test

Silver Linings Playbook follows the blossoming relationship between Pat ( Bradley Cooper) and his troubled neighbour Tiffany (Lawrence) as they Even though Silver Linings Playbook reeks of a tried-and-tested equation. Silver Linings Playbook is a American romantic comedy-drama film written and directed Sparks fly between Pat and Tiffany and she tries to connect by offering casual sex, but Patrizio opens a restaurant with the money he has won, Danny grows even closer to the Solitanos, and Pat and Tiffany begin a relationship. In Silver Linings Playbook, Pat is trying to repair a relationship he Silver Lining's Playbook, at the end, we see that neither Tiffany nor Pat are.

silver linings playbook pat and tiffany relationship test

Despite his obvious mental shortcomings Pat refuses to take his medication, instead insisting on taking a more positive outlook on like. To do this he starts working out to lose weight, and he also begins reading books that Nikki—a high school English teacher—puts on her syllabus.

Tiffany is a young widow who recently lost her job, and her and Pat develop a strange connection based on their shared neurotic natures. Later on, Tiffany gives Pat a typed reply from Nikki, and in the letter it is hinted that Pat and Nikki might be able to reconcile their relationship.

During a pre-game tailgate Pat gets into an intense fight with some other Eagles fans, and he is consequently dragged away by the police.

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He then goes back inside and Tiffany and Pat, Sr. Pat, Tiffany, and their friends then arrive at the dance competition, which is conveniently being held on the same day as the Eagles game. Tiffany becomes distraught when she sees that Nikki Brea Bee actually is in attendance.

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She begins crying, and starts drinking heavily with a stranger. Pat then finds her and drags her to the dance floor, and they begin their dance while the Eagles simultaneously defeat the Cowboys. Pat then approaches Nikki and whispers something in her ear.

Upon seeing this, Tiffany storms outside.

silver linings playbook pat and tiffany relationship test

They then share a big kiss, and become a couple. The movie ends with Pat, Sr. Russell said he was drawn to the story because of the family relationships, and also because he felt the story connected with his own son, who has bipolar disorder and OCD.

The primary function of the romantic comedy genre of cinema is to entertain. Pat was extremely depressed and rageful after leaving the mental hospital, as is seen when he freaks out over a Hemingway text. Other Myths include Myth 6, Myth 2, and Myth 8. He tells this to his father towards the beginning of the movie: PAT What am I gonna do? Here you can see Pat attempting to change in the name of his love for his estranged wife; here Myth 6 the role of gender is also briefly mentioned.

Pat believes in order to win Nikki back he needs to get stronger, read more, and have a solid career, thus fufilling a masculine role in their relationship.

I wanna acknowledge her beauty. I never used to do that. I do that now. Although not mentioned by name in the film, Ridley Park is credited at the end, and a police officer can be seen wearing the initials "RPPD" on his collar. Several games are mentioned, including the Eagles' victories over Seattle and San Franciscotheir losses to two of their NFC East rivals Washington Redskins [26] and the New York Giants which was the game Pat was attending when the fight broke outand their victory over Dallas in the season's final game.

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Casting[ edit ] Russell initially intended to make the film with Vince Vaughn and Zooey Deschanelbut went on to make The Fighter instead. Russell was excited that Cooper would bring those qualities to Pat Solitano.

silver linings playbook pat and tiffany relationship test

She was initially meant to be a goth. Lawrence dyed her hair black and did test shoots in heavy goth makeup, but Weinstein disapproved.

Silver Linings Playbook: my most overrated film

The final version of her character remained messed-up yet confident, with small goth touches such as the dark hair and a cross. She's like, 'I'm messed up, I'm not like everybody else, I've got issues. Take it or leave it because I like myself.

silver linings playbook pat and tiffany relationship test

Moore describes Cooper as having "some real natural dancing ability". I'm a terrible dancer, so I would never have been able to do any of that.