Shiro and sora relationship quiz

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shiro and sora relationship quiz

Quiz · Recaps · Reviews · Richard · Rick Riordan · Riverdale kingdom hearts queerbaiting sora and riku re chain of memories Related: On Voltron, invisible illnesses, LGBT representation, and the importance of Shiro If Sora and Riku were in a romantic relationship with one another, it would prove to. See results from the Megan's Anime Test Quiz on Sporcle, the best What made Tet summon Sora and Shiro to Disboard in No Game No Life? . What is the relationship between Yuki and Kaname from Vampire Knight?. But, hell, I was discussing the complexities of Shiro and Sora's relationship with a buddy of mine the other day, before we both stopped and.

They must always be together and can only be a few feet away from each other. Separating them causes them to experience nervous breakdowns. Prior to the start of the series neither of them had any friends aside from each other.

When Shiro suggested Sora's friend emailed him, he thought she was sarcastically mocking him. They are a prestigious Brother-Sister Team who were so legendary as gamers they became an urban legend in the gaming continuitypurportedly possessing the top score for every game to exist. Their gaming abilities were so phenomenal that they were brought over to an alternate RPG Verse world where gaming skills govern everything, where of course the two of them absolutely dominate. Sora excels at manipulating and reading people, while Shiro's specialty is analytical thinking of the core game mechanics.

If their opponents try to cheat, then they will use the cheating against the cheater. The first episode alone has the two of them beating 12, players using 4 avatars, even when the opposition was cheating, and then shortly afterwards Sora ends up controlling four individual controllers with his hands and feet and still manages to win! Shiro is also revealed to have won 20 times against a chess simulator designed to beat grandmasters. For a pair of NEETs who spend their entire lives gaming, the two of them possess a very impressive knowledge in a range of topics.

The explanation is that Sora downloaded a lot of study guides 40, books to be precise so that he could ace quiz games. Sora is able to solve all of the Elkia's domestic problems from agriculture to finance by applying real world political strategies to the fantasy world. They show off an intricate understanding of physics and anatomy, as demonstrated in the "materialization shiritori" game where they are able to keep manipulating the environment to put Jibril at a disadvantage.

Both hate society along with dealing with people and essentially lived in a small room together until Tet found them. They're fine to explore a fantasy world, but even thinking of going outside in their original world can give them panic attacks. They are this to each other. Sora and Shiro are literally unable to function unless they are together all the time. If they stay several meters away from each other for only a minute, both suffer emotional breakdowns and completely shut down until they are together again.

They even fell into a brief Heroic BSoD when it seemed they got plunked back into the real world such as Love or Loved 2, their game against the Warbeastsand had to be reminded that they're still in a game. This also caused them some trouble against the Sirens, where they had to play an "actual romance game".

Luckily for them, winning was as simple as not falling in love with the queen. What they were in their original world. At the start of the series, their entire world consists of a small room where they play video games all day. They are actually siblings by remarriage, but one can be easily forgiven for mistaking them as real siblings due to their closeness to each other.

While Sora really only thinks of Shiro as his cute little sister, Shiro shows that she has a bit of a crush on him. Sora and Shiro share this status, although Sora takes a more active role in things. Shiro does get her chance to shine on her own though when Sora Ret Goned out of existence. Sora notes how they went from a single gaming room to the royal chambers over the course of a few days, all thanks to being Godlike Gamers in a world where Duels Decide Everything.

Both of them are capable of this while gaming, with Shiro even doing so with her feet. Red Oni, Blue Oni: Not so clear in the original Light Novels, but the Movie implies that they are the reincarnations of the heroes Riku and Schwi, who brought peace to the world and created Tet through their perseverance, faith and sacrifice. It is more than likely Tet realizing this is the reason he summoned them together, as Riku's dying wish before disintegrating was to play a game against Tet once again, with Schwi at his side.

Challenge them into any game and not only will they will win it, they will do so such style and guile that your head will spin. On Earth's gaming community, they are treated as a sort of urban legend.

Their legend has evolved so much that most outright claim they do not actually exist. Shiro and Sora are opposites at everything even down to their hair colors. It also goes to their playing style forte; Shiro is more logical and "going by the book", so she is great at looking for the better way to victory, while Sora is more guile and better at reading people, making him the best commander ever, able to predict the opponent's next move. This is what makes them so efficient as they both cover for each other's shortcomings.

Both siblings have given this at times, but mostly Sora. It's usually when they get the opportunity to inflict another punishment on Steph when she loses to them. Sora is the performer and Shiro is the technician. Sora is better at real-life strategy games because he possesses the intelligence and ability to read people, as well as an uncanny talent for finding solutions on the fly whenever he's at the corner. Shiro is best at turn-based games because all she needs to do is know all the possible variables of the board and find the better way to win.

Being forcibly separated from each other is all that it's needed to render them into useless Nervous Wrecks. Both of them thoroughly impressed Tet, the God of Disboard, when they beat him in a game of chess.

So he brings them over to a world governed by games. After playing and beating Jibril in a game of materialization shitori, the angel who was previously racist towards humans became so impressed that she deems them Worthy Opponents and happily accepts them as her masters and serves under them. Sora "You know, I've a tip for you — next time, be mindful of who you're going to cheat against. Mostly towards Stephanie with some incidents actually being instigated by Shiro.

In the LN, Sora is described as having black hair and black eyes while he appears on the cover with a black-to-red gradient. The anime makes his hair completely red and gives him the same reddish eyes that Shiro has. Like Shiro he's straight up introduced with a "communication disorder", which is a catch-all term in Japanese that incorporates those with No Social Skills and those who actually have the mental condition.

Sora lacks the autistic symptoms that Shiro possesses, but he's still displayed some pretty weird behavior like attachment disorder and an inability to walk outside in the real world. He's quite immoral, a massive pervert, and willing to put people's lives on the line. But at the end of the day he's still on the side of good and Imanity's best hope. Before the match with the Warbeasts, he asks Izuna, "When was the last time you had fun playing games?

shiro and sora relationship quiz

Sora can often analyse the situation down to its numerical figures to assess the best way to win a game, as shown during the Warbeast's dating simulation shooter game where he breaks down all of the aerodynamic parameters from distance, velocity, tarjectory, target size. Sora pulls several of these in the "materialization shiritori" game against Jibril.

First off Sora teaches her the word "Empty-Headed Academic" and uses it as an insult. As the game progresses, Sora manages to remove the Mantle, Crust, and Lithosphere by correctly anticipating that Jibril not knowing the meaning of these words, which sends all of them plummeting to the Core.

Sora and Shiro then remove Oxygen and keeps Jibril from breathing, which she tries to counter by using the word Air, which Sora once again was counting on. Since oxygen had been removed and Jibril said "Air" she brought oxygen back and in its pure, pressurised form it is toxic, which Sora and Shiro get around by sharing their breaths in circular breathing.

In the final moments of the game after Sora and Shiro remove the atmosphere and prevent Jibril from speaking aloud, Jibril writes out the very word she learned earlier Empty-Headed Academic to spite Sora, but Sora was banking on this and revealed on the other side of the paper he wrote "Coulomb's Force" which he could only use thanks to Jibril's word, which leads to a hypernova capable of killing Jibril and ending the game.

This is taken Up to Eleven in Episodeswhere he banked on Kurami and Fiel exploiting the chaos he caused by betting away Imanity's Exceed piece to the Warbeasts to challenge him again, then engaged them in a game of Reversi with their own lives at stake, going so far as to deliberately play poorly until he is erased from existence just to allow Kurami to receive his memories and prove to her that he's sincerecounting on nothing but Shiro intuiting his actions and playing his three remaining pieces to win the game, bring him back to life, and earn both Kurami and Feel's support in their game against the Warbeasts.

He even manages to pull one even against Shirowho can anticipate almost anything while she's Brainwashed and Crazy. When Shiro fires off a scatter of blasts against, Sora manages to catch her off guard by not dodging at all. Though of course it's then revealed Shiro was faking being mind controlled to begin with. He's always taking care of Shiro. So much so his first action when they were freefalling towards Disboard is to position himself so as to take the bulk of the impact.

He does this with Kurami after defeating her. He's telling the truth, but she doesn't believe him. You're not going to tell me that Imanity beat elf magic unaided, are you?

A "no" variant of this comes into play after Kurami notes that most of his victories have been close calls, although he goes on to say that he trusts Shiro to cover him. Can you really be sure you won't make a single mistake? Delivers an epic one to Kurami after the latter decided to force her remaining pieces into massacring the enemy pieces including those that defected from hermoments before turning the tables on her for good: Such strange things they are.

Do you know that, throughout history, those who live by the sword die by the swordand most of the time it's from someone who isn't even a proper combat unit?

When it comes to war and bloodshed, we're leagues ahead of you. He's got an ego the size of the moon and flaunts it around for all to see, but underneath he hides a disillusionment with society and dislike of dealing with people, with Shiro, Jibril and Kurami being privy to his inner demons.

He frequently zigzags between this and Rebuilt Pedestal to Stephanie with each episode, sometimes multiple times within the span of an episode alone. One moment he's brilliant and charismatic, and she believes he's Imanity's savior. Caught with Your Pants Down: Shiro confesses that, most of the times Sora "played with himself" while he thought she was sleeping, she was pretending to be asleep because his movements awoke her.

I can't get married anymore!!! He makes plans for everyone he comes up against, anticipating every move and manipulating the circumstances to make sure the odds are in his favor. As much as he wants to see Stephanie naked, he has his qualms seeing Shiro the same way because she's just a minor and because, true-blooded or not, she's his sister. Later, when he stripped Shiro, Stephanie and Jibril naked during his "materialization shiritori" game against the latter, his previous words were arranged such that the girls get Barbie Doll Anatomythus making the situation more "family-friendly".

Sora also promises Ino he would never sell out the warbeasts, solely because then he'd lose access to his Cat Girl harem. Mentioned by Sora as one of his specialties, being able to pick up on small visual queues to draw conclusions about another person. He's able to pick up that the Warbeast's alleged mind reading ability was nothing more than cold reading combined with being a Living Lie Detectorhence all it took was another cold reader to expose their secret.

Comically Missing the Point: After Steph points out the problems that might arise if Feel, a high-ranking elf, tries to end slavery in her home country, Sora is shocked Steph lampshades this when she expresses incredulity over what Sora chose to be surprised about. Both he and Shiro are capable of this.

Even if opponents try to change the rules or use some kind of loophole, once they figure out what they're doing, they then come up with a generally effective counter. One example is when Kurami introduces some new rules in their "chess" game. Dotes on Shiro despite their lack of actual blood ties.

Despite his attitude, he still has excellent charisma and eloquence, and is quite handsome for a shut-in. After winning against Jibril in shiritori, the latter asks him how he knew she would use "jaku" translates as "weak", or "empty-headed academic" in the Crunchyroll subs when there are many other possibilities.

Sora admits he really didn't know; he just had twenty different words written down before the game even began, just in case. Ino is also shocked at how far ahead Sora planned when he challenged the warbeasts, and misled Feel so she'd unknowingly give the Elves wrong information on how the warbeasts work their games. A Date with Rosie Palms: Did you think a healthy young man would not want to "play with himself" a little? In the light novel it is even stated that he records Steph in Stripperific yet Safe For Work outfits as fap material, sometimes with Shiro actually helping him record.

Of course, he properly waits until Shiro is asleep to have his alone time although she was actually awake most of those times. Sora isn't an innate genius like Shiro but he pushes his intellectual boundaries in order to be able to understand and protect his sister's dreams. Didn't See That Coming: Despite being a Crazy-Prepared The ChessmasterSora is completely caught off-guard when Kurami breaks down into tears after being defeated and reveals she had been genuine in her efforts to help Imanity.

When he finds out that Leila used his DNA to have a daughter, he's actually quite eager to the idea and wonders if he can go to visit her, musing that his paternal instincts are blossoming.

When his daughter called him "Papa" for the first time, he almost got a heart attack and acknowledged that, yes, he's her Papa! Do Well, but Not Perfect: At times Sora will strategically put himself at a disadvantage in order to allow for the long term plan to be executed.

One instance is the Reversi game where he intentionally bet away his own existence so that Kurami would attain his memories, before letting Shiro finish the game off in his place.

He's openly a pervert and proud of it, but he absolutely refuses to see his sister Shiro in a state of undress and will go to great lengths to prevent it. He also thinks that Plum's fetish of licking people's sweat off their feet and Leila's masochism are too extreme.

One of Sora's specialties. He can twist his words in such a way that they always fall under the pledges, but at the same time hide his true motive from his opponent until it's too late.

Stephanie quickly learns this and is at his mercy. Due to extensively hoarding himself indoors with only his computer as a light source and pouring countless hours into video games, Sora's eyes have perpetual exhaustion creases. With his smug attitude, sharp logic, and simultaneous disillusionment and fascination with humanity, Sora may as well be a slightly more heroic Durarara!!

He sometimes gives these even though he's supposed to be good. The First Cut Is the Deepest: The light novels revealed that his misanthropy began when he asked a classmate to walk home together and she rejected him, fearful for any rumor that may arise.

He trolls Ino by playing up that he's Comically Missing the Point. Sora proposes a game where the stakes were betting Izuna's panties for Stephanie's, but when Ino becomes angeredSora decides he wanted someone else's panties and offers Jibril's, followed by Shiro's adding that wanting an eleven year old's panties was sickbefore finally asking if he wanted Sora's panties.

All of this was done to test the Warbeast's alleged mind-reading ability and as Sora suspected it was all a farce. After getting sick of waiting outside the baths while the girls wash themselves, Sora asks Feel if she can use magic to turn him into a girl so he can join them. Feel replies that she can but the spell would be permanentSora still considers the option before Shiro prohibits it.

Glad I Thought of It: He takes credit for noticing Kurami's cheating, prompting Shiro to point out that she noticed it.

Sometimes drops English words mid-dialogue like "perfect plan", "card counting", and "checkmate". Because Imanity has no magic to survive in this sixteen-way battle royale for territories in Disboard, Sora resorts to logic, subterfuge and even outright manipulation to give them a fighting chance.

The pilot shows him and Shiro each controlling two characters with two game controllers. However when Shiro drops out from fatigue, Sora is forced to take over her characters and controls the additional two characters with his feet and still manages to win!

Specifically a Cat Girl harem which he seeks from the Warbeasts. When saying to Jibril that humanity sucks, he includes himself, and that only having Shiro, one of the few really special humans around, makes him feel a little bit better.

Hidden Heart of Gold: In Volume 5, some characters note that despite being skilled at fooling others, Sora deliberately allows himself to cultivate an image of being untrustworthy. Steph in particular comes to this epiphany about Sora.

Sora and Shiro change each other.

If he was so good at lying, then why carry himself in such a way as to always be suspected a liar? You just repeated that four times. Elchea was in the throes of despair, then he and Shiro came along and proved that Imanity could rise to greatness again.

His coronation speech is all about inspiring the people. He has absolutely no faith in humanity in general, himself included, yet he still believes in humanity's potential, which he believes is embodied in Shiro. Despite having no faith in humanity, he gives a Rousing Speech to Imanity in his "we are the weak" speech, declaring that even though they were the weakest race they still survived through thick and thin using their wits and it was their weakness that made them special.

He also strongly defends Imanity's reputation against Jibril. Sora remarks that even though to the Flugel, Imanity were nothing more than ants, that didn't mean ants were weak and powerless. I Gave My Word: According to Volume 5, when Sora makes a promise, he treats it as an absolute oath.

I Just Want to Be Special: Reveals to Jibril that along with his disillusionment with humanity and considering them misguided idiotshe also groups himself with the rest of them. The only exception he makes is Shiro who he believes embodies humanity's potential and his desire is to be as amazing as she is.

shiro and sora relationship quiz

I Know Mortal Kombat: Sora applies a lot of skills he learned from video games into ruling a race. For example, he learned how to handle domestic affairs by playing a lot of Civilization.

However, he knows that despite being a master at Dating Simshe's absolutely clueless about what love is like. Thanks to his great manipulation skills, he's capable of adapting his strategy in the slight possibility of a wrench being throw in his and Shiro's plans. Because he has been detached from society for too long, he has little idea as to how to consider others' feelings.

This went to borderline Kick the Dog levels in Episode 7 when he goes into a Despair Event Horizon -fueled rant against Stephanie's grandfather upon discovering that Elchea lost much of its land under his reign, causing her to run off crying. When Shiro calls him out on thisSora, visibly wry with remorse, mulls that perhaps he ran his mouth off out of shock, and to his credit, later makes up for it by changing his opinion towards Stephanie's grandfather upon discovering that he was far smarter than he let on see the Pet the Dog entry below.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: His amazing observational and deductive skills help him come up with complex plans quickly and efficiently. This is shown during his game against Jibril and when he figured out the previous King's plan to beat the Werebeast. He was even able to learn to read Imanity-go language in just about one hour slower than his sister self-proclaimed.

He is also highly manipulative convincing an Inn-keeper to let them stay four nights despite not lying to others although he does tell half-truthsalong with showing proficiency at strategy and romance games. Weaknesses While brilliant, Sora is not nearly as intelligent as his sister when it comes to calculative based games and through his own admission, can't play games such as a match of chess against a high level AI as effectively.

Despite being a shut-in, he is slightly perverted and desires a girlfriend for himself, with his lust leading to a linguistic mistake that causes Stephanie to fall in love with him and elicits a scolding from Shiro. He also has trouble with crowds but is shown to be able to can handle them when he is with his sister.

His most significant weakness is his reliance on Shiro. If he is separated from her by so much as a door, he becomes a quivering, spineless coward. During episode 11, he was able to overcome this completely as they were holding hands in the real world while in their game pods. Character Sora is 18 years old. He later becomes King after winning a game and therefore his sister becomes queen.

He lives with his step-sister Shiro and was abandoned by his parents at a young age. After that, Sora pledged to be there for his sister no matter what. Sora cares about his step-sister Shiro very much. He has an absolute trust in her which can be shown in anime episode 9 or volume 3 chapter 1 where two things more important than himself were his trust in Shiro and everything about her.

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Similar to his sister he has a sibling-complex, being with her at all time and panicking if they're not in the same room together. Although this doesn't keep him from hitting on other girls mostly Stephanie Dola. He is also shown to have perverted tendencies. Background In the light novel, Sora's family isn't explained well. But there are parts from Shiro's point of view which tell about their parents. Sora and Shiro are step-siblings, which means Sora's father married Shiro's mother.

After the wedding, his family lived together, and that's when he met Shiro. When she saw Sora for the first time, Shiro mumbled " That day, they played 20 games in a row. As time elapsed, the siblings began to live together. Sora mentioned that "those that were called their parents were no longer present," implying that their parents abandoned them.

He mouthed out such words to his little sister in reply, "Meh, from now on, it's just you and me then. Conjoining the two names: One after another, he kept coming up with strange, adaptable strategies that even his step-sister herself could not imagine.

But then, the precise and accurate deductions that Shiro calculated out had far exceeded the expectations of Sora. At that time, the siblings started to play games as a Two in One. With an unbroken streak of victories, the two of them even came to be regarded as an urban legend on the Internet.

Upon defeating the self-proclaimed One True God on an internet Chess match, they were transported into another world.

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This was a world where everything was determined by games, restrained by a force known as the Ten Oaths —— the world known as Disboard. The author wrote that it was something that not even Shiro was aware of. And there is only one thing that truly right in this world! The one true, unchanging righteousness in the world is All our needs, desires, and instincts seek cuteness, and it is for cuteness that we will give everything we have!

That's just the way men are! Why has this happened?! Was it because the previous king failed? Or was it because we are ranked 16th? Or was it because we are unable to wield magic? Or was it because we are the most inferior race? Does this mean we are fated to walk the path of our destruction?! Is it then because our race is violent?!