Seiya and saori relationship

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seiya and saori relationship

Oct 11, Today marks the 30th anniversary of the airing of Saint Seiya - Sanctuary Interestingly enough, Saori has a relationship with many of these. Saori Kido (城戸沙織 Kido Saori) is the reincarnation of the goddess Athena, to include Athena instead of Seika, because Seika's true relationship as Seiya's. Kouga is Saori and Seiya's biological son. but since she is a Goddess and he is merely her Saint, such relationship can't be made public, so the couple made.

I'm gonna be more upset if Kouga is not Seiya's son.

seiya and saori relationship

Shiryu is a Gold Saint, Libra Shiryu. If he gave his Dragon Cloth to Ryuuhou, he must have been promoted to a Gold Saint, wearing the Cloth from his master that aided him as much as Sagittarius did for Seiya. Kouga is Mars' son. Admittedly, I originally came up with this theory simply because the entire "Saori and Seiya are Kouga's parents" thing is just so typical that it almost counts as an UnTwist.

Keep in mind that Omega is a retooling of Saint Seiya for a new generation. Today's kids are better at guessing whats going to happen next and want plot twists deeper than that. Perhaps Athena rescued Kouga from Mars as a child for his saintly status, and that was what Revoked Mars' initial attack. And for less speculative in-universe evidence, Mars is shown to be distinctly interested when Kouga's element is revealed to be light. Maybe he knew that light was his son's element? From what I've seen; Light is a very rare element to develop and it looks more like Mars was shocked that a Light user arose, since it very obviously opposes his dark power.

Kouga being Seiya's son while cliched would be expected and welcomed. I'm more upset about the main characters not being the five man band; specially since there is a more likely Cygnus heir that wouldn't be somebody's son.

The little kid that used to watch Hyoga train. But since this show is seemingly based all around element battles and Ice would be a repeat of water well. Mars IS the father of a main Bronze though, Eden.

Saori Kido

This series is the Dying Dream of Seiya, after he is mortally wounded by Hades sword at the end of the Hades arc. That would explain all strange things that happen in this series such as Mars weird appearance and the changes of the cloths. That would also explain why the second series is identical to the Sanctuary Arc. Seiya is actually dead.

Following the series tradition of having the Sagittarius Saints being more spiritual guides.

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Sysiphus would like to have a word with you. Also, he's alive, unless you're going to tell me his fight against Titan was a fever dream by everyone involved. Eden and Aria are related It's either that, or there's a Villainous Crush involved.

seiya and saori relationship

Mitsumasa later raised the infant Athena as his granddaughter and gave her the name Saori Kido. With her grandfather's death, Saori goes to take care of all affairs of Mitsumasa Kido, including Graude Foundation.

One of the main activities of the foundation still under the command of Mitsumasawas sent for training in various places of the world Japanese orphans and the survivors of these trainings became knights and return to an alleged tournament.

Her cosmos is able to cure the riders on the brink of death and her blood can reveal the hidden power of the armor because it holds great power, which often becomes the target of her enemies, but she never loses her sense of pity in her heart. She is in love with Seiya, but both know they can not be together.

Before coming to know she was Athena, she was regarded as a successful businesswoman by the media of the world, with an interest in horseback-riding and playing the piano.

seiya and saori relationship

As a deity, Athena has capabilities that surpass those of humans. She is a simple young woman, untrained for battle, but her Cosmo is immense. She is a being of compassion and love, and she will endure pain and show unfailing courage and persistence to protect Earth and its living creatures. When it is not worn by Athena, her Cloth transforms into the giant statue in her image that lies beyond Athena's Chamber, at the Sanctuary.

seiya and saori relationship

To revive it, it is necessary to spill Athena's blood on it, as shown by Kurumada in the Hades arc. In both the manga and anime adaptations, several techniques have been revealed: Athena's Cosmo is also awakened to the Eight Sense; thus she is able to descend to the underworld without being subject to its laws. Although they were her grandfather's children this blood relation to Mitsumasa was omitted in the anime, in which they were orphans he picked up from different institutionsboth in the manga and anime adaptations, she treated them like slaves.

Seiya was among the few who resisted such treatment. They helped her reluctantly at first — for example, she had to lure a distrustful Seiya in by promising to help him find his sister Seika — but the chain of events that followed convinced them that she was the incarnation of Athena and that the change in her was genuine.

They slowly found their devotion and dedication to her, and forgot the grudges they had against her for her past abuses. Overture the only one out of the five Saint Seiya films that follows Masami Kurumada 's plot, it was revealed that Athena has two siblings: A very important figure in the life of the twentieth century Athena was Mitsumasa Kido, in whom she saw a father and guide.

His memory burns brightly in her life, and she wanted the Bronze Saints to know that he was indeed an honorable and good man who did not abandon his children out of selfishness or ambition as they all believed, but because he devoted himself to the destiny imposed on him by the stars, to protect Athena. Saori has a loyal follower in her butler, Tatsumi Tokumaru, Kido's former right hand and the only person who knew of her heritage along with his master. Chronology 86 Galaxian Wars arc Saori as a baby In the first arc of Kurumada's manga, Saori Kido completes her grandfather's dream of hosting a tournament of Saints to find a warrior worthy of donning the Sagittarius Gold Cloth, inthirteen years after incarnating in Sanctuary.

After ten of the orphans successfully return, the tournament begins. The tournament is never completed, first due to the vengeful attack and theft of the Gold Cloth by Phoenix Ikki and the Black Saints, and then due to an unexpected chain of events that end in the kidnapping of Saori by servants of the Pope, also out to steal the Sagittarius Cloth.

Fearing that his scheme to rule the world in Athena's name would never come to fruition, the Pope, Sagatricks the Silver Saints and the Gold Saints into thinking that Saori Kido is an impostor and usurper of Athena's name and, as such, had to be killed. Most are fooled and target Saori, but she is rescued by five of the Bronze Saints recruited by Mitsumasa Kido: Athena then travels to Greece, accompanied by the Bronze Saints, to solve the crisis in the Sanctuary and challenge Saga. Twelve temples arc Upon arriving at Sanctuary, Saori is greeted by the Silver Saint Sagitta Ptolemywho strikes her in the chest with a golden arrow.

Defeated by Seiya and dying, Ptolemy reveals that no one but the Pope has the power to extract the arrow.

seiya and saori relationship

The Bronze Saints would have twelve hours to bring him to Athena before the arrow pierced her heart and killed her. Others oppose them, since they consider Saori an impostor and the Bronze Saints traitors. Finally, there are those, like Cancer Deathmask and Pisces Aphroditewho know the truth about the Pope and Athena, but side with him anyway. After a fierce battle, Seiya also discovers that it was not Saga who would be able to save Saori, but her shield which rests with Athena's statue.

As he wields the shield and asks for it to save Athena, it vanquishes Saga's evil personality and removes the arrow from Athena's heart with its divine radiance.

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The goddess is saved and the Saints of Sanctuary recognize her as Athena and pledge their loyalty to her. Upon reaching the statue, she finds Saga bowing before her, claiming that there is no way he can make up for the evil he has done. Strengthened by the collective Cosmos of his friends, Seiya was finally able to throw himself at the Main Breadwinner and shatter it, freeing Athena.

She then opens the Amphora and imprisons Poseidon. With the god gone, the floods and rains on Earth stop and the Undersea Temple collapses. Peace and order are restored. Hades arc[ edit ] In the final arc of Saint Seiya, Athena is recovering from her recent battle with Poseidon at Sanctuary, when Hades returns to Earth and launches an assault, aided not only by his personal army, the Demon Stars known as Specters, but also by former servants of Athena, deceased Silver and Gold Saints that had pledged their loyalty to Hades in exchange for resurrection.

The mission of the Specters and revived Saints was to take Athena's head to Hades. Wanting to protect her Bronze Saints from yet another battle, Athena forbids them from taking part in the war against Hades, but, paying no attention to such restriction, the Bronze Saints gather on Sanctuary when they feel the ominous Cosmo of Hades's forces. They take part in the battle against Athena's will and help defeat the Specters along with their fellow Gold Saints.

The true intentions of the revived Saints are then revealed: Realizing the sacrifice they have made and having received Virgo Shaka 's message that only by reaching the eighth sense could a being travel to Hades's realm without being subject to its laws, Athena uses the dagger Saga had once tried to murder her with and takes her own life. Using the spilled blood of the goddess, former Pope Shion revives Athena's Cloth and sends the Bronze Saints on a mission to deliver it to their goddess and assist her in the defeat of Hades, who had caused a Great Eclipse to darken the Earth and extinguish all life on Earth.

Athena travels the Underworld with Shaka, searching for Hades to make him stop the Eclipse. They find him at the palace of Giudecca, inhabiting the body of Andromeda Shun. Athena uses her blood to free Shun from Hades's influence, but the god's soul flees to Elysion, where his true body has rested since the age of myth, to avoid harm.

Retaking control of his body, Hades is able to defeat Athena and trap her in a large urn, where she will bleed to death. Upon reaching it, they are forced to overcome the god of Slumber, Hypnos, and the god of Death, Thanatos. A terrible battle ensues, until, imbuing her staff of Nike with their collective Cosmos, Athena manages to pierce through Hades's Surplice and body. With the defeat of Hades, the Greatest Eclipse is undone.

Having saved all life on Earth. After the battle with Hades, he was left cursed by the god of the underworld with his Cosmo depleted and using a wheelchair. This short manga is the only part revealed by Kurumada of the long overdue Heaven Chapter of his popular manga as he has yet to write and draw the entire Heaven Chapter, which will serve as a bridge to the future final arc in his manga, in which the Saints will face Chrono and Rhea, as the conclusion to one of his most popular works.

In early interviews about the eventual Heaven Chapter of Saint Seiya, the author Masami Kurumada said that he had envisioned it to start with Seiya sitting in a wheelchair, being pushed by his sister Seika over a field. This was apparently changed by Toei Animation, the producers of the anime adaptation and the movies, to include Athena instead of Seika, because Seika's true relationship as Seiya's sister had been revealed by Kurumada only in his manga, and the anime adaptation had yet to reach that point by the time the movie premiered.

This important point of the plot was finally reached in the last episodes of the Hades arc adaptation in the anime, released in March3 years after Tenkai-hen Overture premiered, and 16 years after Kurumada revealed it in his manga.

Next Dimension [ edit ] In the official sequel and prequel of the manga of Saint Seiya, Saori to save Seiya from the curse of the sword of Hades, he went first to the slopes of Olympus, from his sister Artemis the goddess of the moon, then, by the god of time Chronos, who sends her back in time, in the eighteenth century, at the time of the previous Holy War against Hades In the anime adaptation[ edit ] Athena stands victorious as Poseidon is defeated, in a screenshot from the anime.

In his manga, Kurumada gave her light brown hair; in the anime adaptation, her hair color is purple.

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In Kurumada's manga, the truth about her origins and destiny was revealed to her by her foster-grandfather Mitsumasa Kido, when she was 9 years old. In the anime adaptation, fulfilling Mitsumasa's will, it was Tatsumi Tokumaru who revealed it to her, years after Mitsumasa's death and in front of the Saints.

In the anime, Saori also assisted Silver Saint Centaur Babel's death, moments after she discovered her divine origins. Babel recognized her as the true Athena and died regretting having served evil unknowingly, but he found consolation in the arms of his goddess, and died peacefully.

In the anime adaptation, all the Bronze Saints are conscious at the end of the Sanctuary arc and Saga kills himself using Athena's Nike staff after Seiya vanquishes his evil side. Athena has appeared in all five Saint Seiya theatrical releases: She also appears in the two spin-off manga of the franchise, which are not authored by Masami Kurumada, but authorized and supervised by him: