Sanosuke and megumi relationship quotes

Sanosuke and Megumi

sanosuke and megumi relationship quotes

Left to Right: Megumi Takani, Sanosuke Sagara, Kaoru Kamiya, Yahiko Myōjin, and Kenshin Himura. Best way to explain the relationships between them. Explore Reitan-na's board "Sanosuke x Megumi" on Pinterest. Quotes To Live By, Words Quotes, Samurai Quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Depression, Life Coach Quotes /Rurouni Kenshin/ - Zerochanrelationship in a nutshell. I'm sure that you'll find some discrepancies between these quotes and the Japanese original. Just bear with . Kaoru: Would you mind telling me what's your relationship to Kenshin? SAno: (to Megumi) Why are you such in a hurry to die?!.

Anime News Network said that Sanosuke's first fight in the series against Kenshin was stereotypical for an action series due to the differences between Sanosuke's and Kenshin's personalities, and to the music used in the anime that gives the impression that Kenshin would win. However, they commented he was a "tragic figure whose goofy peccadilloes have solid reasons behind them" due to being unable to avoid the destruction of the Sekihotai army and feeling guilty due to it.

Reflection original video animation, Mike Crandol of Anime News Network referred to Sanosuke's revised design as "pretty awkward" since Crandol felt Sanosuke's original character design was "perhaps being too cartoonish to translate well into this new style," with the "new style" being the "decidedly more realistic look" exhibited in all of the Samurai X original video animations. He is known as Sanosuke Sagara in the English adaptation of the anime.

Watsuki, being a fan of the Shinsengumi, created Sanosuke by basing his name and characteristics on that of a real Shinsengumi member named Harada Sanosuke. When the group is destroyed by the Meiji Government, he becomes a fighter-for-hire to calm his anger by fighting.

During his introduction in the series, he encounters the wanderer Himura Kenshin, who easily defeats him and is able to convince him to stop his mercenary work and instead start protecting people.

After that encounter, Sanosuke becomes Kenshin's best friend as well as his partner in most of their fights. He has also appears in the featured film of the series and in other media relating to the Rurouni Kenshin franchise, including a plethora of electronic games and original video animations OVAs. Numerous anime and manga publications have commented on Sanosuke's character. Mania Entertainment praised his character development, noting that he becomes more trustworthy and reliable as the series progresses.

Sanosuke has been popular with the Rurouni Kenshin reader base, placing second in every popularity poll. Merchandise based on Sanosuke has also been released, including key chains, and plush dolls. Personality Edit The destruction of the Sekiho army and the loss of all his friends has caused Sanosuke to hate the Meiji Government and he wears the Japanese kanji for "evil" on the back of his jacket. Sanosuke's influence on other characters is demonstrated when they place the same symbol of the Japanese kanji on their backs, as does his younger brother Higashidani Ota.

Myojin Yahiko wears a smaller version of the kanji when he comes of age at the end of the manga. Despite hating the Meiji Government, Sanosuke becomes Kenshin's best friend and sees him as a gentle person.

sanosuke and megumi relationship quotes

Sanosuke compares Kenshin to his former captain, Sagara Sozo, whom he admires. Although he may punch him occasionally for preventing him from fighting, Kenshin notes this makes Sanosuke his most reliable friend, always willing to help. Since Sanosuke stops working as a fighter-for-hire after meeting Kenshin, he usually does not have money, asking his friends to pay for him even though he never returns the money.

If Batusai goes for profit, he could have been a military captain by now. He believes that honor and justice are more important than money Henya: A real man's honor cannot be bought or compromised Episode Farewell the Ultimate Men! The Clash of Light and Darkness! Instead of hurting yourself, helping other people is the best way to make up for your mistakes.

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Batusai, the slasher is still alive and that's what he does. Do you think Aoshi is plotting some kind of revenge? I would hope that after all the crimes and pains that he experienced, he'll find something better to do with his life. To Save a Small Life! I can cure anyone who is sick, except the lovesick. I guess you can't judge people by how they look Sasaki: There are more constructive ways to do rather than killing. Instead of embracing death I embraced life for my students.

A man has a choice. He can create mankind or destroy mankind with him in the process. Why did you take the place of Gen. Why should I put my life in peril? It's because you should open your eyes to the truth Episode Sanosuke and Kenshin Once Again!

I've set up my mind. There are other things more important than sentimentality.

sanosuke and megumi relationship quotes

This is my destiny and I have to go through with it Sano: But I dont expect you to understand. The Sekihou troup has been a part of my past and it's still a part of me.

We've only known each other for a short time, but all of you have been my family. I'm glad I met everybody.

sanosuke and megumi relationship quotes

I won't see you all again, don't worry about me. Kenshin, I'll miss you the most. You've always been a good friend of mine, but tonight you better get out of my way. I understand what you feel about the Sekihou troup. You think they've been treated unfairly and this your way of rectifying it. I'm not planning to change yur mind, but I have to do what I have to do.

I thoougt he's your friend but what did you do?! This is not all over, this is far from over! I won't sacrifice Sano for nothing! I won't stop till I settle the score, you hear me?! You're the criminal here, not us! You killed for the Meiji government!

You're an assassin, you're the dirty guy here, not us! Kenshin smiles at him and walks away How strange Tears Up Kenshin and Kaoru! If I had known that you're coming with us, I'll make sure you'll never sail Kaoru: You really care about me, don't you? Sorry if I trouble you, but you don't have to worry about protecting me Besides, I need a girlfriend Kenshin: It's not fair to kidnap an innocent person Shura, I could have killed you that time but I didn't try We have a law being followed here.

We never kill women or innocent children. And to prove that I'll let her go.

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But of course, we also follow another rule, an eye for an eye. You'll remail here in place of her I'll take your sword for me Take care of Kaoru! Kaoru, I love you!!! And I love you. An Incarnation of the Thunder Storm! If only we have met as friends instead as adversaries, I'll prefer that much better. How odd that fate brought us together only to be enemies. I guess we call this ironies of life.

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Pick up your sword and fight me! To repay you, I now offer you my life Kenshin: If I can only have one wish, it's to be back at Kamiya dojo with all of my friends. I hope they're safe and sound.

Rurouni Kenshin (S1 Ep.08) -English Dub: Kenshin and Sanosuke Meet Megumi Takani

I trust that Kaoru has already recovered from her injuries. Tell me something Kenshin: What do you want to ask? This friend of yours. Tell me something about her What is it about her that makes her as someone you're willing to give up your life for? Please tell me, I really would like to know. Tell you about her? She's a girl with an enormous courage.

sanosuke and megumi

She's generoous and compassionate. She has no idea how special she is. She's far more caring to others than to herself. But deep inside she's very lonely. The Ultimate Fatal Rival!

sanosuke and megumi relationship quotes

The Waylay of the Desperate Fangs. I went out to get some tofu. So did he say anything else? No, he just said he'll be late. Oh, I remember him reading a letter Don't you ever drop that tofu! I walked far all the way to town just to get some!

Besides, would you think Kenshin will go oout chasing girls knowing that Sano is hurt? Snap out of it! That was a good one, Yahiko! You'd always fought face to face. The Saitou I know doesn't ahrm the family and friends of his enemies That man had honor, that man was a man! You can laugh but you know deep in youor heart that what i'm saying is true, Saitou I thought it's only your swordmanship skills that become dull but I didn't know that your mind has become dull as well.

I don't need to kill anyone just to prove that I am strong. I used my skill to protect the people I care for. I use my power for positive things, not to destroy. That's very touchy, almost heartwarming. You don't deserve to live It's all sickening to me! You have become a coward, pathetic shell of yourself.

I really don't care what you think. You can say what you want. I have no intention of killing anyone. First, I'll destroy you, then your friends. Let's see if your friends are really worth fighting for. Kaoru gently grabs his back It's alright. HE won't stop unless I fight him.

But there's no other alternative. I have no choice but to fight this guy. Kenshin, please don't go I don't want to lose you. I've anticipated that move! Say goodbye to lif, Batusai! Evil Monster of Revenge I know his mind is strong but I don't expect his body to fight after such a beating. Finally, a fighter worth for fighting.

Now we'll see which one of us is the best. You're using Gatotsu, a technique which can kill anyone in a single blow. But you already used that technique I know you've waited this long to fight me. I will kill you Kenshin: I may just kill you first Kaoru: I broke your sword Kenshin lost his sword and any advantage he got! He won't have a chance! Would you like to go with me to the carriage, Kenshin? I woould like to talk. But anyhting that we need to discuss, we can talk about that right here.

I'm not the only one responsible for what happened to that bloodpact!

sanosuke and megumi relationship quotes

Whatever you have to say sir, you can talk freely in front of my friends. You created a monster and you decided to destroy it. Are you asking Kenshin to assasinate Shishio? I mean, why should he? He would risk his life doing it. You guys are pathetic! It's a mess you created and you want Kenshin to bail you out!

He's now a righteous man, and he'll never kill anyone again. Find yourself another guy. So the only valid viewpoint around here is your corrupt government's viewpoint!