Rowdy and arnold relationship advice

rowdy and arnold relationship advice

Summary: Rowdy Gives Me Advice About Love But Rowdy is still angry that Junior left the reservation. (Arnold Spirit Junior in Sherman Alexie's "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian") reality in Wellpinit · relationship with Penelope · reservation · Rowdy · schoolbook · search for identity. But Rowdy seldom expresses his emotions in words, and, whenever Junior tries to tell Junior tough love whenever Junior comes to him for relationship advice. Arnold says, "And hey, in a weird way hunger makes food taste better" (Alexie 8). Junior and Rowdy have a very complex relationship, Junior is an Mr. P gives Junior the advice to leave the reservation while he can, most.

P say the following? But, let me tell you this. P means by this is that the teachers have been trying to whitewash everything on the reservation and basically denounce Native American culture, so they should be in trouble for doing this for generations. Why did he give him this advice? P gives Junior the advice to leave the reservation while he can, most likely not for good but just to get an education, and Mr.


P gives Junior this advice because he believes that Junior is smart enough to go to Reardan and to end this cycle, as well as an attempt to right his on wrongs. What does this show about them? How are sporting results used to compare the two schools?

rowdy and arnold relationship advice

The sporting results are used to compare the schools by showing how Reardan is supposed to be better since they perform better in academics as well as sports. Why is it significant that Rowdy performed well at most competitions?

How does Rowdy react to Junior moving schools? Why does he react in this way? Rowdy reacts by getting very angry but at first he bottles it up, then Junior keeps trying to convince him how Reardan is better and it sends him over the breaking point, Rowdy punches Junior and leaves him on the ground bleeding.

How did Rowdy disguise his pain? Why is Junior deemed to have betrayed his tribe? Junior is deemed to have betrayed his tribe because in the other people on the reservations eyes he turned his back on them and denounced their culture, they see him as someone who wants to be white since he left. Describe the cartoon on page What does this symbolize about Juniors insecurities?

How do students react to Junior at Reardan? Students react to Junior at Reardan usually by seeing him as different and as an outsider. Some students however use racial slurs as jokes towards him, most of these kids had just seen these as jokes their whole lives and never understood how offensive they were since no one was around that could or would get offended by them.

How does Junior react to being called names? Junior reacts to being called names by punching a jock named Roger in the face. How does the fight illustrate the differences in social codes?

The fight basically shows that in Reardan fights are very rare, most people there get along very well and understand each other so they see no need to fight. As well as the fact that Reardan is most likely much smaller than the schools on the reservation.

This was a significant moment for Junior because he rarely stood up for himself, most of the time it was Rowdy doing things for him, but with Rowdy not being around Junior had to do this for himself. How does Junior learn to stand up for himself? Junior learned to stand up for himself by punching Roger in the face. What does Juniors story about Dawn illustrate to the reader?

How does Junior try to establish a connection with Penelope? Junior tries to establish a connection with Penelope by collecting spare change and donating it to the homeless with her.

How does trick or treating remind Junior of Rowdy? How does the author illustrate Juniors loneliness? The author illustrates Juniors loneliness by telling us how no one whether it is at Reardan or on the reservation has been talking to him the past few weeks. What is significant about Junior speaking up in class? What is significant about Junior speaking up in class is that Junior is a lot more confidant than he used to be.

Dodge reply to Junior and how does it make him feel? Dodge gets very snarky with Junior and is very annoyed that Junior was correcting him. Contrast this to how you normally get to school.

rowdy and arnold relationship advice

What does Mary do? Mary elopes and leaves the reservation, she does this to get away from the life that she has on the reservation. How does Junior become friends with Gordy? What do they have in common? Junior becomes friends with Gordy by aproaching him and having conversations with him, Gordy teaches him how to study as well as teaching him to read books more than once to get the underlying meaning and themes of them.

Summarize the E-mail in 3 bullet points. Why does Junior think of Rowdy at Thanksgiving time? Junior thinks of Rowdy at Thanksgiving time since they have spent every Thanksgiving together for most of their lives. Describe the cartoon Junior draws. Junior drew a cartoon of him and Rowdy as superheroes. This makes male interaction much less personal in some ways.

Then Junior gives her some advice, she cries and they bond. How are Penelope and Junior using each other? Junior believes that Penelope is using him to upset her dad, and Junior is using her to become more popular Q3. What advice does Junior give Penelope? Is it good advice? Junior gives Penelope the advice to never give up.

Nevertheless, Junior asks Gordy if they can be friends and study together. Gordy agrees and teaches Junior how to read a book and learn from it. He helps Junior share that excitement and understand the joy of studying. She talks about her honeymoon, and how she loves everything about her new life.

After the meal Junior visits Rowdy to bring him a cartoon. Rowdy's father lies that Rowdy is not at home, and insults Junior. Junior sees Rowdy watching from the window as he walks away. Rowdy makes a rude gesture but does not tear up the cartoon Junior has given him.

Hunger Pains Junior leaves class to go to the bathroom.

rowdy and arnold relationship advice

After washing his hands he hears a strange noise from the girls' bathroom next door. Penelope walks out; she has been vomiting - deliberately. From then on she and Junior spend a lot of time together. Penelope's father is very unpleasant to Junior. Junior's relationship with Penelope makes him popular. Penelope talks about leaving the confines of Reardan and her dream of travelling the world. Junior loves talking to Penelope, and just looking at her. He asks Rowdy and Gordy how to make her love him.

The answers are not very helpful. Dance, Dance, Dance Other students think Junior is rich, but he is not. When he takes Penelope to the Winter Formal, he has to wear his father's old suit. Surprisingly, the other students like it. Junior has a great time with Penelope. After the dance a boy called Roger invites Junior to go a restaurant, with Penelope.

He is worried because he has little money. Roger invites him to try out for the football team and lends him some money. Roger and Penelope now know that Junior is poor.

Roger drives Junior home. Gordy sees it and Junior talks about Rowdy, the reservation, and how the other Indians treat Junior. Their friendship is growing deeper. My Sister Sends Me a Letter Junior gets a letter from his sister, who is happy and planning to write her life story. Reindeer Games Junior's father tells how he met Junior's mother.

Junior goes to basketball try-outs. Junior doesn't expect to get picked, but he shows his determination in practice, and even gets into the varsity team. Junior is nervous before his first game, which is at a school on the reservation. All the kids are against Junior, especially Rowdy, who is on the other team. Junior starts laughing, and then crying. When he gets on court, someone throws a coin which cuts his head.

Eugene, Junior's father's friend, wants to take Junior to hospital, but Junior tells him to stitch his head himself.

Back on court Rowdy knocks Junior out, and he doesn't remember anything else of that night. He finds out later that there was a big fight, and Eugene drove him to hospital. Junior's team lost the game. The basketball coach is sorry he did not cancel the game, but tells Junior he has never known anyone more determined. He stays the night with Junior in the hospital. When he comes back he gives Junior five dollars as a Christmas present. Red Versus White Junior loves his parents; they listen to him - which not all parents do.

He loves and admires his grandmother too. Sadly, she is knocked down and killed by a drunk driver. Her last words are to forgive the driver. Junior talks about the problem of drunkenness among the Indians on the reservation. Wake Two thousand people come to Junior's grandmother's wake.

One of them is Ted, a very rich man who says he knew Junior's grandmother. Junior is scornful when Ted starts to speak about how he loves Indians and Indian culture. Ted talks about how he got a beautiful Indian costume, even though he knew it was stolen. The day that Ted finally brought the stolen costume back to its home was the day that Junior's grandmother died.

He hands it to Junior's mother. But she says it belongs to a different Indian tribe. Ted leaves with the costume. All the Indians start laughing, and continue laughing and crying as they bury Junior's grandmother.

Valentine Heart Eugene is killed by one of his drunk friends. Junior tries to overcome his grief and anger by drawing lots of cartoons. He wants to kill god for making Indian's lives so miserable. He starts skipping school. When he goes back to school, a teacher is unpleasant to him. Gordy drops his book in protest, and so do all the other students, who walk out of the room.

After this Junior makes lots of lists of the things that bring him happiness. In Like a Lion Junior is becoming very good at basketball, but he vomits before every game because he is so nervous. His team wins all their games, until his old school team comes to play. They too have won every game. The local newspaper is interested in the game and interviews Junior to ask how he feels about playing against his old school.

Junior doesn't want to say anything except 'weird' when he is being filmed. When the camera is turned off, he gives a long explanation. The newspaper men do not like this. Finally, Junior talks honestly on camera about how he feels about the game.

Junior's coach starts talking about the game. He says that Junior is the key to them winning. He has to guard Rowdy. Junior doesn't think he can, but the coach insists he can.

Junior starts to believe him. The teams run out to warm up. Junior's family and Penelope are watching.

On the first play Junior jumps higher than Rowdy and takes the ball away and scores himself. The spectators go crazy. Junior doesn't do anything nearly as good the rest of the game, but his team wins easily. After the game Junior thinks about his teammates, who have every advantage in life.

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And he thinks about Indians in the other team, and what problems they have faced every day. He starts crying when he realizes that by winning he has broken the one thing they could be proud of. In the playoffs Junior's school lose unluckily against another school, and he starts crying again. One day the counselor takes Junior out of class and tells him his sister has died. Junior runs out of school into the snow. He is scared that his father will have a crash on the way to collect him.

He laughs and laughs out of relief when his father arrives. And he laughs out of pain when he hears that his sister was killed in a fire. Junior suddenly falls asleep and dreams about cantaloupe. At home his mother makes him promise never to drink.