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yah, are u renton or eureka or doggie or wat? Quiz. His relationship with both Nirvash and Eureka develops into a deep Specifically, when Renton and Eureka achieve emotional agreement and wish for. Eureka may be quiet, but Renton's joyful nature depending on his Holland and Talho have a very grown relationship where they know it is.

Edit The relationship between Renton and Eureka is the most interesting and complex in the series.

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Gradually moving from co-pilots to love interests to husband and wife. They met when the Nirvash crashed into the Thurston Garage, and Renton fell in love with Eureka at first sight. However, she didn't understand human nature and emotions, and as a result, she didn't reciprocate his feelings. One of the reasons for why Renton joined the Gekkostate is to be with Eureka because he longed for her to return his love, even though he knew the possibility was slim. However, she did confess to him that she found him to be the most interesting person she ever met, and truly enjoyed his companionship.

As she got to know him, Eureka saw Renton's good nature and became drawn to him. Overtime, she starts to feel the need to have him by her side and becomes afraid of the idea of him leaving her, even though she failed to understand these feelings in the beginning. He developed a personal desire to help her overcome her issues after seeing how his presence affects her and the Nirvash. As a result, Renton's infatuation and admiration towards Eureka grew into genuine care and affection, allowing him to truly fall in love with her.

Their relationship suffers a major setback when Eureka withdraws from him because she thinks the Nirvash has come to favor him over her. When his attempts to make up with her fail and she seemed to reject him out of fear of his love for her, he quits the Gekkostate, thinking she hates him. But when she finds out about his abandonment, she falls into a deep depression and realizes she misses him, and discovers a desire to see him. When she goes looking for him, she is saved by him from the Beams and they finally confess their feelings to each other.

After this, they enter in a relationship and are always seen together. They become deeply devoted to each other and are concerned with the other's safety. Eureka learns to trust Renton more than anyone and depends on him for emotional support, and he always encourages her to give her best when it comes to protecting people in order to help her reconcile with her feelings of guilt for her past misdeeds.

Eureka credits Renton for teaching her the true meaning of love and life, and always says he is the reason why she changed into a better person and values the planet they live on. Overtime, their relationship becomes very serious, to the point where they cannot live apart without the other and contemplate marriage and having a family at just years-old. Renton does not give concern for his safety when it comes to rescuing Eureka and cannot stand to see her in pain.

Eureka, who struggles with her Coralian identity, constantly worries that Renton will eventually reject her out of fear, despite him telling her the contrary. Eureka surprises him by telling him that was common sense, but he is more amazed that she doesn't find him strange.

However, he is dismayed when she uses a flamethrower on the remains of his room to give them a funeral and he burns his shoes as he tried to put out the flames. Later, she tells him to remove the Compac Drive and tells him that she can't believe in things she doesn't understand and believing will only bring misfortune.

This conflicts with Renton's belief that believing will make his dreams come true, and is about to argue against her when Axel interrupts them and shows them the Amita Drive, knowing it is what Eureka came for. He goes to tell her that his family was torn apart because of it and if she wants it, she can have it but never come back.

Suddenly, Eureka senses missiles heading towards them and flies away with Nirvash from the garage before its destroyed. Renton is unsure to follow her or not because he doesn't want to get involved with the military, but Axel asks him to deliver the Amita Drive to her and he quickly agrees. He is knocked off his board when he and Eureka make eye contact and Eureka saves him from certain death. He clings to her, credits her for allowing him to do a Cut-Back-Drop-Turn, and confesses his love to her, but she was confused about "love".

He pulls out the Amita Drive, explains it to her, and connects it with the Compac Drive. Initially, Nirvash deactivates and Eureka falls unconscious for a few moments. Renton is unable to pilot the Nirvash and panics about being killed until Eureka wakes up, puts her arms around him, and tells him to believe in her. Eureka later tells Holland about Renton releasing the Seven Swell and takes him back to the garage. He wakes up as he overhears an argument between Holland and Axel about Renton's responsibility for the Amita Drive, and Holland takes the boy aside for a conversation.

He invites Renton to join the Gekkostate, which surprises him, but hearing Eureka ask him to come with them because she may need him, he agrees.

Before leaving, Renton requested that he have three minutes to talk with his grandfather. He apologizes for "running" away from what he's supposed to do and wants to go to the Gekkostate so he can learn to become a successful mechanic like his grandfather. After saying goodbye to his grandfather, he leaves with Eureka and Holland, and boards the Gekko.

He is then dismissed by the crew mates as being too "normal" to be the person who made Eureka smile and laugh. Until they have more space and jobs available, Renton has to sleep in a tent in the hanger and do odd jobs, and he is stunned to learn that Eureka is caring for three children that consider him their rival for Eureka's attention.

His time with Gekkostate had been a difficult transition as he was subject to many pranks from crew members especially Eureka's adopted children and abuse from Holland. He is forced to do maid-like chores, such as laundry and cooking, and rarely gets to participate in any of the Gekkostate's missions. He often rode the Nirvash with Eureka as the co-pilot, but he initially becomes sick by the motion.

He eventually comes to learn of the origin of Gekkostate and the atrocities that Holland, Eureka and the others are atoning for. He learns this during a trip to Ciudades del Cielo, in which Renton ran away after Holland assaulted him for the first time because Holland wanted to leave as soon as possible but Renton and Moondoggie wanted to lift in the area.

Eureka was worried and went looking for him, and after he saw the residents react in fear and hatred towards her, Eureka told him about her role in the city's massacre.

She also tells him that she feels guilty for what she did, especially that she killed the children's real parents, the Gekkostate was formed to stop the military and redeem from their sins, and she needs Renton to help her pilot the Nirvash.

Renton, however, called her a liar for wanting to redeem if she's not fighting to help others, and after stopping a bomb attack on the city from the military, he told her that she made an important atone by saving the same city she helped destroy and she is not any different than she was before, but Eureka started crying and said she has started changing when he came into her life.

Renton took full responsibility for what happen out of fear of Eureka getting in trouble, but Holland said Eureka already explained it to him, and to award him for his actions, he gave Renton the Gekkostate Offical Board Wheel as an official member of the Gekkostate. He was also given his own room, after having slept in the tent in the hanger since his arrival.

After this, Renton developed a personal desire to help Eureka as much as possible. Renton stayed with Gekkostate to train and in time his skill as a LFO pilot developed on par or above Eureka.

That development affected a rift with Eureka as he desires her to return his love for her, and although she said she thought he was the most interesting person she met, she considered him more as a child. His love for Eureka is not secret; he had confessed to her the day after meeting her and everyone on board Gekko interferes in his love life. The crew members constantly want to know his progress and cheer him on, but also tease him about it.

His first attempt to kiss Eureka fails when she doesn't respond to him as he repaired Nirvash and he is interrupted by the crew, which causes him to hit his head. However, Eureka initially did not reciprocate his feelings due to her lack of understanding emotions and human nature.

His relationship with both Nirvash and Eureka develops into a deep emotional and mental link that is noticed by Mischa. Once he understands how his presence affects Eureka and the Nirvash, he vows to protect her no matter what. However, he starts to question the purpose of his own existence, and often wonders what the future holds for him. Renton has a special link with the Nirvash along with Eureka. Usually, both he and Eureka are necessary to activate the Amita drive, awakening Nirvash and allowing access to the power responsible for the Seven Swell phenomenon.

Specifically, when Renton and Eureka achieve emotional agreement and wish for something, Nirvash reciprocates with the power of the Amita drive. If their feelings are in disconnect, the Amita drive cannot activate. However, there are some occasions where Eureka is present yet unconscious, and Renton alone convinces Nirvash to awaken.

Renton summons the powers of Amita drive several times throughout the series. His very first time was triggered by an overwhelming need to protect Eureka during his delivery of the Amita drive to Nirvash and Gekkostate, resulting in the second Seven Swell phenomenon ever the first being Adroc's disastrous experiment with Eureka.

Season 2 Edit Renton and Eureka's primary antagonist early on is Anemone. During their battles with her, Renton usually ends up using the Amita drive. His first encounter with Anemone was when Gekkostate investigated an Aerial Coralian. There, all three share a strange "dream", with Eureka trying to find Renton, and Renton eventually meeting Anemone, who tries to kill him.

As he is rescued by Eureka, he catches a glimpse of his sister before the dream ends. In the aftermath of the Aerial Coralian's disappearance, Renton and Dominic encounter each other, and although initially distrustful of each other, manage to cooperate to find medicine for the strange pain afflicting Eureka and Anemone.

When the military and Gekkostate race to rescue Anemone and Eureka, respectively, Renton's wish to protect Eureka activates Nirvash, flooding the area with trapar, and he pilots the Nirvash back to the Gekko.

Renton and Holland are often at odds with each other, with Holland wanting to become Eureka's partner and protect her from harm, while Renton only wants to protect her rather than be her partner. Holland's overprotection of Eureka and jealousy of Eureka's closeness with Renton causes him to resent the boy to the point of physical and emotional violence; often beating him and saying anything he can to drive the two apart. He also doesn't hesitate to blame Renton for all of Eureka's misfortunes, although many of which was not his fault in the first place.

Renton was confused over this treatment, and in turn, caused him to hate Holland, especially when he thinks Holland doesn't do enough to help Eureka. Meanwhile, Gekkostate finds an old miner within FAC, who is a great admirer of Renton's grandfather. When the miner discovers that Gekkostate has the Nirvash, he betrays them and unsuccessfully attempts to hijack it by holding Renton at gunpoint.

This leads to Holland brutally beating him because he blamed Renton for taking the Nirvash without permission and because he thinks Renton is taking Eureka's place as Nirvash's piloteven though it wasn't his fault. When Eureka acknowledges her helplessness and offers to let Renton be Nirvash's pilot, he is still too stunned by the betrayal of the miner and his crew mates, and shrugs her off.

This, along with other problems unrelated to Renton, eventually leads to Eureka to conclude that everyone hates her and she removes the Amita Drive from the Compac Drive, which causes her to nearly being absorbed by the Scub Coral. Renton rushed to save her and was horrified to see her covered in scub, and in desperation to save the injured Eureka, he subconsciously triggers another Seven Swell Phenomenoninadvertently saving the Gekko, which was trapped by military forces.

Holland blames Renton for Eureka's condition and bans him from piloting the Nirvash again. To heal Eureka, Holland accepts a mission to rescue a Vodarac high priest - only Vodarac priests can heal injuries related to the Scub.

Renton, ignorant of this fact and the fact that Holland regards Eureka more important than his own life, accuses Holland of not caring about Eureka leading to a beating that leaves Renton unconscious and he deserves to be ambushed by the military. This leads to Talho slapping him and shout that Holland cares about Eureka more than anyone. Angry about being lied to and yet everyone lashing out at him for not knowing the truth, he proceeds to launch Nirvash and rescues Holland when Holland's own rescue attempt is botched.

In the process, however, overwhelmed by intense hatred towards Holland and frustration that he doesn't know anything, he reaches a "rider's high", losing the ability to control himself, and brutally destroys the enemy KLFs. By the time he returns to reality and sees the dismembered arm of a pilot he killed, he realizes that he has been killing people every time he destroys a KLF. Disturbed by this revelation, troubled by the crew's apparent lack of concern for his troubles, and being blamed for Eureka's troubles, he tries to talk to Eureka and tell her that everything he has done is for her sake but she is scared and rejects him.

Devastated and having lost his purpose on the Gekko, Renton comes to believe he is hated by everyone and decides to leave the Gekko.

After traveling around for a couple of days, he encountered Charles and Ray Beams, former squad members of SOF with Holland, and they invite him to stay with them after he says he has no family and no where to go but kept his true identity a secret.

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During his time with them, he learned that his actions, no matter how good the intentions were, may end up doing more harm than good. Charles and Ray were glad to see that Renton had such a kind heart and began to love him. Renton learned to love the couple in return, and the couple proposed to adopt Renton as their son because Ray could not bear children.

Renton seemed unsure of this, but didn't outright refuse them and asked that they take the steps in being a family slowly. However, Charles and Ray soon learn that Renton is Adroc's son, he was once with the Gekkostate, and he is in love with Eureka, whom they despise.

Renton also learns that the couple is working with the military to capture Eureka and the Nirvash, and to settle a serious score with Holland. This leads to a complicated altercation, leaving Renton confused and in the middle. He was faced with three options: Disagree all you want but this opinion is going to be one of the strongest that I'll ever have.

Renton Thurston

Also I'm going to make this essay as spoiler free as possible, because this is an anime that everyone needs to see once or twice whether they like it or not. This is one mecha anime that I highly recommend, you might be indifferent with Code Geass, Gundam, or Evangelion, but Eureka Seven I believe that it is going to be a mecha anime that everyone will enjoy whether it would be just a fun show for someone or a staple impact for someone who watches a shit ton of anime.

However before I do actually start this essay of love I do advise you guys to avoid the movie and AO, because given its reputation of those two parts have are relatively bad. So let me begin on why I love this anime shall we? Already to a great start Eureka Seven does that one element perfectly right, and that is it's first episode.

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Matthieu, Stoner, and Holland go up in the clouds, three mechs show up, and as Matthieu drives the mech and Stoner tries to take pictures Holland performs a Cutback Drop Turn on these three mechs destroying them in the process. And believe me that shit looks amazing. Sorry no gif This scene is amazing not because it looks good, but it really sets the tone and theme on what this series is going to be about, but it that doesn't stop there.

No that's only the beginning, the real theme that it also places out is when the series showcases Renton our protagonist of the anime. Renton is my favorite character that has come of age, next to Koyuki from Beck. Now I'm not Japanese I'm Vietnamese btwhowever as I'm reading the translated lyrics of the song it talks about how you could write your own story, where your destiny goes during your adventure, and looking forward to the future seeing what it holds.

Renton talks about how his town sucks, because waves in his area are non-existent and it is just not interesting.

The reason why the city he lives in is grey is it represents boredom, and how we should see the city and relate to him. I personally relate to Renton, because he even though he's hopeless unable to do a Cutback Drop Kick he looks at the bright side, and doesn't give up much hope.

He looks up to Holland the leader of Gekko-State, hence why he has a shit ton of posters of him on his walls, and why he talks about him in his inner monologue. Now this first part of the first episode is all done masterfully because it shows how Renton point of view is like a 14 year old boy that he is.

Renton is how a 14 year old acts, and it's done in such a way that it is relatable. I would give examples of why I don't like certain characters that act like the way they do, but this is an essay of love so only positivity right now. I'm not like Lelouch or Char both very well written characters who thinks of a plan to command and dominate an entire army, but Renton really does remind me of me when I was around his age.