Relationship counsellors in ghana and i want a scholarship

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relationship counsellors in ghana and i want a scholarship

University of Professional Studies, Accra, Ghana. Drolor Scholarship Scheme The University's Counselling Unit is part of the Students Services, and our aim is Academic/Career Counselling; Personal-Social Counselling; Marriage and Family . You need to enable user registration from User Manager/Options in the . Our online master's in marriage, couple, and family counseling degree. By learning how to get the scholarships and grants you need, it can be much more Need-based scholarships require you to document financial struggles in that we provided counselling and one on one relationship with our clients. .. single and staying alone in Ghana at Kumasi. i have been stuggling thought my life.

Sharpen your clinical judgment with a thorough understanding of the most current methodologies in the profession. Enhance the well-being of marriages, couples, and families. Learning Outcomes The following learning outcomes are common to all MS in counseling programs. Graduates of these programs will be prepared to: Analyze the different roles and settings of a counselor.

Apply sound ethical and legal practices in the work of a counselor.

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Analyze cultural development theories and models. Examine empirically based theories of human development. Evaluate approaches of career development appropriate to diverse needs and life experiences. Examine appropriate evidence-based counseling practices for prevention and intervention. Apply essential counseling skills across multiple settings. The student must have a minimum grade point average of 2.

Grants and Scholarships based upon Areas of Study The following scholarships and grants are not available to just anyone. They are available to those who meet unique requirements.

relationship counsellors in ghana and i want a scholarship

Requirements range from a specific area of study to membership in an organization. The funds are awarded to women who are pursuing careers related to defense or national security. In order to qualify for this scholarship, the applicant must be a woman, demonstrate financial need, attend an accredited college or university, carry a GPA of at least 3.

They must also be a graduate student or an undergraduate with a minimum of 60 credits.

Scholarships for Working Women Returning to School & Career Development Grants for Women

Majors that meet the career criteria include economics, political science, engineering, government relations, computer science, physics, military history, and mathematics. A law or business major that relate to national security is acceptable. Applicants must also provide transcripts to show their grade point average. They must also write an essay and provide two letters of recommendation.

To download an application, visit NDIA. Criteria vary between each scholarship, but there are a number that have a preference for underrepresented groups. To apply, visit the Society of Women Engineers scholarship application page to create an account. Many of these women have been in the workforce and wish to return to school for job retraining or work towards a career change. Others have finished raising their families and wish to return to school. Older women who wish to pursue higher education are sometimes overlooked when awarding scholarships and grants.

A few organizations have recognized the insight, point of view, and diversity older women bring to the table and now offer grants and scholarships to women who wish to return to school long after they have left high school. There are scholarships and grants available to these non-traditional students. Prospective applicants must be pursuing an undergraduate degree at an accredited two or four year institution of higher learning. They must also have at least twenty-four credit hours remaining.

The application window for the upcoming academic year opens in April. Inshe was the first woman elected to Congress. This money became the seed money for the Jeanette Rankin Foundation.

Back to School Grants for Women

The foundation awarded its first scholarship in This is a full listing of scholarships offered to people who are Hispanic in a number of industries. A few of the scholarships for Hispanic women to consider include: It is designed for men and women who will be the first in their family to attend college. You can be a resident of any state and pursue any degree program you wish with this scholarship.

The award varies each year. One of the best websites to check with first is www. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People offers a number of scholarships every year for women who are going back to school, changing careers or wish to pursue a higher level of education. Some of the scholarships available to African American women include: The award amount will vary from year to year and many of the deadlines are spread out through the year as well.

You do not need to show financial need for these scholarships as they are merit-based. Application credentials include an application, a resume, a transcript as well as an essay. Community involvement is a requirement of this scholarship as well. Scholarships for Native American Women Native Americans have a number of scholarships and grants made available to them as well.

If you fall into this minority, one of the easiest ways to find out about what you are eligible for is contacting your tribal government. This will give you access to a number of scholarships that have to do with your specific tribe. Some of the Native American scholarships may require you to be registered to a particular tribe or be a certain percentage Native American to qualify.

Catching the Dream Not all scholarships require you to be a member of a certain tribe, however. One of the most popular scholarships for Native American women pursuing a higher education is Catching the Dream.

Scholarships & Grants for Low Income Women, Inlcuding Unemployed & Homeless Women

You must attend an accredited college on a full-time basis to qualify. Other Minority Scholarships Other scholarships that simply require you to be a minority also exist.

relationship counsellors in ghana and i want a scholarship

This allows you to focus on obtaining money for college without being specific about what minority you are. You can find plenty, though one of the most popular ones is the Gates Millennium Scholarship.

This is for minorities who are looking to pursue a college degree. It will cover all aspects of tuition. There is a full list of requirements but you must be seeking a degree in computer science, engineering, education, mathematics or public health to be considered for the scholarship. Focus In On What Makes You Different If the difference between getting a scholarship or not is what sets you apart from the rest, then you need to identify your unique aspects.

You can find a lot of scholarships by going after the different things that make you who you are. While being a woman and returning to school after a number of years qualifies you for scholarships, you can dig deeper and find more scholarships that are focused on helping women return to school after overcoming other obstacles.

A popular scholarship of this type is from the R.