Relationship among wafer chip and gate

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relationship among wafer chip and gate

A gate is a set of transistors (or more generally, switching elements) that are configured to form a basic logic operation, such as AND, OR, XOR, NOT, NAND, or something more esoteric. What is the difference between logic gates and logic circuits? What is the difference between. WAFER A thin slice of silicon crystal. Typically ~1mm thick and mm in diameter. (The size of a medium to large pizza.) We put wafers. Download scientific diagram | Relationship between wafer position and wafer thickness of the dummy chip-on-wafer structure after compression molding and the.

The chips can be of various types. CPU chips are also known as microprocessors.

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On the basis of electronic components the chips can be classified into: It is a thin slice of semiconductor material and this slice is used for the fabrication of integrated circuits. It acts like a base on which an integrated circuit can be formed.

These thin slices are regarded as heart of electronic products. The microcircuits on the wafers are constructed by the diffusion and deposition of various substances. The ever-growing industry of electronics always tends to form thinner chips that are more efficient and economically cost less in comparison to the previous versions.

Raw silicon is converted into single crystal substrate by going through various steps. Most of the silicon is made by reduction of SiO2 with carbon and hence, commercial brown Metallurgical Grade Silicon is obtained. This process is able to remove impurities like Fe, Al and B.

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Then, with the process of crystal growing, the samples with a singular crystal orientation are obtained. Later with the help of monocrystalline seed, a round crystal is obtained. In this case, the gate consists of a physical barrier whose position is controlled by a farmer.

relationship among wafer chip and gate

The farmer makes a decision about the flow of animals and then moves the physical barrier to permit the desired flow. The gate consists of transistors; the transistors are selected by the chip designer from two basic types PMOS and NMOS transistors that are found in the ubiquitous CMOS complementary metal-oxide semiconductor technology.

What is the relationship between wafer, chip and gate?

The current that flows through a gate establishes a voltage at a particular point in the circuit. This voltage represents a single 'bit' of information. The voltage may either be high representing the value '1' or low representing the value '0'. The supply voltage is usually an industry-standard value such as 3.

relationship among wafer chip and gate

For the very brief interval that is required for a logic gate to switch on the order of a nanosecond, or a billionth of a secondcurrent will flow through a PMOS transistor from the positive power supply to the circuit. Again, current will flow through the NMOS transistor for a very brief interval, but for the NMOS the current is between the circuit and the negative supply.

In either case, the current flow results in a change in the circuit voltage, and the circuit voltage represents a bit of information.

So, when a gate is controlling current flow, it is actually controlling the flow of information.

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But the most important difference is the means of controlling the flow. On the farm, the farmer resets the gate location by making a decision and then moving a physical barrier. A flow of animals through a complex maze of gates would require a farm hand at each gate.