Radha and krishna relationship in hindi

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radha and krishna relationship in hindi

Radha (IAST: Rādhā), also called Radhika, Radharani, and Radhe, is a Hindu goddess She and her consort Krishna are collectively known as Radha Krishna, the combined form of feminine as well as the masculine realities of God. leaving her marriage, and entering into a relationship with Krishna to pursue her love. Mitrata Krishna Quotes In Hindi, Radha Krishna Love Quotes, Krishna Hindu, . Hindi Quotes, First Love, Quotable Quotes, Beautiful Words, Relationships. Radha Krishna Love Quotes (55) Krishna Quotes In Hindi, Radha Krishna Radha Krishna Love Quotes, Krishna Radha, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Happy Holi.

radha and krishna relationship in hindi

According to the Vedas, Krishna believed that marriage is an agreement or arrangement while love is a selfless emotion where you pledge to love someone with purified nature. Radha and Krishna love story is an exemplary for teens where he says marriage is materialistic.

Here's the story of what happened to Radha after Krishna left her

Furthermore, Radha was in love with Krishna so much that she believed Krishna was God and she used to love him as a devotee. She was lost in 'bhakti love' which people started mistaking as a physical love. Radha and Krishna love is taken as a relationship between a devotee and God. Radha and Krishna are not separate According to the facts believed, Radha is not separate from Krishna.

radha and krishna relationship in hindi

Lord Krishna has various types of energies and you need two individuals to get married. Also, Radha is Lord Krishna's energy which pleases him. Therefore it is believed that Radha and Krishna are two different manifestations of the divine principle. In order to show that Radha and Krishna relationship was not physical but it was actually the eminent level of love between the two, Lord Krishna did not marry Radha.

It is said that it was the highest devotion of love expressed by a human Radha to Lord Krishna The God. Krushna Himself sent His great friend Uddhav to the gopis to teach him what devotion meant.

radha and krishna relationship in hindi

Needless to say, the gopi who gave the dust for Shri Krushna did not die. When Shri Krushna left Gokul permanently He was only seven years old; thus His relationship with Radha was only during the period when He was three to seven years old. The flute The sound of the flute means the anahat sound.

कृष्ण ने राधा से क्यूं नहीं किया था ... विवाह ?

That sound had maddened all the gopis wives of the cowherds. So one will realise how highly spiritually evolved they were. Thus He made sure that She constantly got the spiritual experience of Absoluteness Purnatva which is superior to anahat sound. It is called a stream dhara.

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That stream which flows from below upwards is called radhagati. When it reaches the origin, it gets a spiritual experience of being Radha Herself. In other words Radha and Shri Krushna were one and the same. Hence although Radha had merged into Shri Krushna, She continued to worship Him for the sake of guiding the other gopis, that is attitudes.

One will think that once a gopi reaches the zenith she will see several Radhas. Those following Radha, that is those seekers following the Path of Devotion will see only one Radha because there is no duality in spiritual love, only non-duality.

Kane Maharaj, Narayangaon B.

What is the real relationship between Radha and Shri Krishna ?

The Energy of opulence: Even that was borrowed by his wife, from a neighbour. Let us all partake of atleast one grain. So if He were to eat everything then the eight supernatural powers along with the entire wealth from the three regions — earth, nether world and heaven would have to serve Sudama all their lives.

So great would be the opulence that he would acquire. Rukmini did this because She was the Energy of opulence rather the deity of wealth, Lakshmi.