Pokemon ash and iris severed relationship

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pokemon ash and iris severed relationship

The final pokemon that Ash got was a Meowth, however this was no ordinary There was Misty, Brock, May, Max, Drew, Dawn, Kenny, Iris, Cilan, you did to him severed all friendships and relationships that had formed. I did this Because the Episode of Ash and Iris's Severed Relationship! Series Sonic And Pokemon BW X Amy Get upset Because Iris is her. (サトシとアイリスが絶交!?別れの1本道!! Ash and Iris' Severed Relationship!? The Path of Separation!!) is the 34th episode of Pokémon: BW Adventures in.

You know as well as I do that your friends are not going to think any differently of you. You have nothing to fear. You know that I transform when I get mad, if something were to be revealed I may lose Mewtwo forever.

Do you think I should reveal myself in the beginning of the tournament, so that the traitors know that I have become this strong when they watch my battles? This will allow all those that betrayed you to see how strong you have gotten since you left them. As well as show of the pokemon that left them to join you.

All of the battles until there is only 20 trainers left, are 3 on 3. When there are only 20 trainers left, then the battles become 6 on 6.

As for the contests I need to see who I would use in them, as again when until they reach 20 it is a single pokemon preliminary with a double battle, and then when there are 20 coordinators left it is a double pokemon preliminary and a full 6 on 6 battle. The battles start tomorrow while the contests start the day after, the battles and the contests then happen every other day after that for those that want to take part in the battles and the contests.

When the light died down they saw all their friends and pokemon were playing together, training, talking with each other and some were even sleeping.

Ash thought that now would be the best time to tell Mewtwo how he felt for him, but first he approached Gary, Trip and Paul. Once I do this I will feel better, I will have a mate and I will grow stronger. I think that you 3 should also tell your chosen mates how you feel about them. Mewtwo's heart was pounding in his chest, was Ash going to say that he didn't like Mewtwo in the same way that he liked him, or was he going to say that he loves Mewtwo as well and wants to become mates.

However I fell in love with you even more when you became that sexy Mewtwo. You would want to be mates with me? I want to share my first kiss with you, when you are also human.

The kiss lasted a few moments, and then they broke apart. When he got their he saw all his and his friends pokemon staring at Gary and Arcanine, Paul and Electivire as well as Trip and Serperior.

The six mentioned people and pokemon were locked in a tight embrace and kissing one another, there was no doubt that they took Ash's advice and their pokemon how they felt.

This caused the 3 couples to separate from one another and give a smile.

Ash & May's relationship

Now all that's left to do is beat the traitors and win the competition as well as the contests. The next day was the first of the battles and Ash was facing a man called Nando, a trainer and contest champion who specialised in bug types. At this Ash lowered the hood he always wore and revealed his face to the world.

pokemon ash and iris severed relationship

While he had changed in some aspects, he was still recognisable as Ash Ketchum from the town of Pallet. Up in the stands the traitors as well as Ash's mother Delia, were looking down onto the stage in shock. And besides look at him, he looks exactly like Ash, well except the partly blue eyes and the partly blue hair. There is no mistake, that trainer is Ash. That should have hinted to us, as well as the fact that he had a Pikachu on his shoulder like the loser always did.

When all of this was out in the open everyone wondered how they had not figured it out before hand. Nando is well known for his use of putting pokemon to sleep, so unless all of Ash's pokemon know sleep talk, then he is done for.

Also up in the stands was Ash's friends as well as team rocket, who were under a disguise. This Nando puts all pokemon to sleep and defeats them that way. I don't think all of Ash's pokemon know sleep talk? He will win this tournament and the competition. I may want to win, but even me, Trip and Gary know that we are going to lose against him. Back down on stage Nando was staring at Ash. Once one pokemon has been eliminated, then both trainers have to chose a new pokemon. The first person to lose all 3 is eliminated from the tournament.

Do you understand the rules? Both of the trainers nodded. The pokeball opened up to reveal a red and black bug type pokemon, well known for putting pokemon and people to sleep. Latias, lend me your Aura!

pokemon ash and iris severed relationship

The pokeball opened up to reveal a red and while Eon dragon, with bright golden eyes. That is no matter, Latias is still a pokemon and whether legendary or not, he can still fall to Kricketune's sleeping powers. And I highly doubt that a move like that is going to be able to even scare my legendary.

At this command the whole stadium looked confused and shocked. I have never heard of a move like that before. My pokemon, even the legendary Latias, are now the strongest in the world. Because of the training that only I can give them. Do you really think that they are stronger then those of the elites and of the champion?

At this the whole stadium gasped. Some people even began to yell saying that he should be kicked out as he was bragging, however Charles Goodshaw, who is in charge of this tournament and who sent the letter to Ash, refused to listen to them. While most of the stadium looked confused the elites, champions and those who were familiar with the legend knew what Ash was talking about. Mr Goodshaw decided to explain the legend. Aura is the life-force that is inside all of us, it is the basis of our dreams and our hopes.

Everyone has a life-force, however some had a strong enough life-force that it could manifest into a physical substance, and it made these people incredibly strong. These people became the Aura Guardians. The last one that anyone knew of was Sir Aaron, who was the Queen's aid in his time, his trusty friend and partner Lucario. They existed years ago. What I want to know is how you found them, they would have all died out by now?

And for the second one, am I allowed to remove a pokemon, I am planning on using him in this match? I bonded with him, he shared an Aura similar to my own and he is a descendent of the Lucario used by Sir Aaron. I trained with him, we helped one another learn how to use Aura and became best friends. To this day there have been other Aura Guardians, however we keep hidden, just like I have done. At present I am the only Aura Guardian in the world, which is why my pokemon are the strongest in the world.

My father was the last Aura Guardian before me. You are his great, great grandson. I did miss one thing out though. Sir Aaron, his Lucario, my father Red and his Lucario are not dead.

You dishonour their memory by saying they are alive. You see an Aura Guardian can only be killed when all of the Aura that is inside of them is taken, a weapon of any kind, an illness even age is not able to kill an Aura Guardian, the last one is because we do not age. At this the stadium went quiet. They fed their Aura into the Tree of Life, which is the home of Mew. They thought they were going to die but Mew spared them, and let them keep a small part of the Aura. This put them into a stasis, but they are not dead.

Their Aura's were very weak but they could still communicate with me. Through this they told me that once everyday, if I put a small amount of my Aura into them it would awake them. This has been working and over the last month they have gained their strength. Before I left for this tournament I gave them enough Aura to wake up.

They are going to meet me here, in fact they should be arriving soon. There stood two people, both of who were males in their late 20's, they both had black hair with bits of blue in it, and brown eyes also with blue in them.

They wore similar clothes to those Ash wore, except one was wearing blue, one was wearing green and Ash was wearing red. Beside them stood 2 Lucario's both looked strong and both stood proud. These people were Sir Aaron and his Lucario. And the second person was Red, Ash's father and his Lucario. The 2 men and the 2 Lucario's began to walk to the stage. Ash shook his head. To show those that betrayed him that he is not weak, and he is not s danger to those who travel with him.

And to show that poor excuse of a mother that her son was like his father, someone who won battles. Even longer for me to be to able to challenge the Elites. But there was always one thing that mattered to me more than the battles, more than winning and more than the championship. At this Ash and his father turned to the group and smirked. They were the most important thing to me, well other than my son.

My wife would hit me when I didn't do something that she wanted me to, and hit Ash a couple times when he was younger. That is why I left, I was going to take Ash with me, but she threatened to kill him if I didn't leave him with her. The crowd looked shocked that a woman would do that to her own husband, let alone a child.

Ash's mother knew he would take after me when she looked at him, and saw that he looked exactly like me. This is why she wanted him away from pokemon, and away from me.

Too bad woman, he is exactly like his father. Ash sighed and then nodded. They had awoken and attacking one another. There was a legend that foretold a Chosen human, who loved pokemon a lot, would know the sacred art of Aura and who carried an electric pokemon on his shoulder. This person would unite the lightning, the ice and the fire as one again.

When I arrived I was immediately drawn to that area, and it was discovered that I had the power to do this. He was the one that would test the Chosen and see if they were the one in the prophecy.

Once he confirmed it was me I became the Chosen One of Arceus, the person destined to bring humans and pokemon together once again. To this day I, and my friends, are the only ones to see the Hall of Origin, meet all of the Legendaries, and meet the King of all pokemon. Once again the whole stadium went quiet, while they took all of the information in. No wonder you got into this tournament, however is it fair to allow him to continue, knowing that his pokemon as well as him have got Aura, and that he is the Chosen One?

Up the stands sat a few very shocked people. They all had their questions to ask, things that they could not believe. They had given up on him, and they realised now that if they had known then they would have all this power and this attention.

However it was Gary, Paul, Trip, Max and Bonnie that stuck by him, and they are the ones that were getting what they had wanted. Ash had achieved his dream, found his true friends, gained a new team of pokemon that he loves and found the father that he had always wanted. Gary had become what he was meant to become, and became the best of friends with Ash again. Paul gained the family and the team that he dreamed of. Trip no longer had to travel alone, he had also fulfilled his dream.

Bonnie was now higher up in coordinating that May or Dawn were, and she had only been doing it for 8 years. Max was now achieving his dream, to follow in the footsteps of his idol Ash, and become one of the best pokemon masters in the world.

They had given all of that up because they thought Ash to be weak. If their pride and their temper had not gotten the best of them, they could have been the ones achieving their dreams, and not the people that were standing not too far away from them.

Kricketune releases it's attack, however it had no affect on the legendary dragon. Meanwhile Latias had begun staring at the bug type pokemon, this greatly lowered any attacks that Kricketune would make in the future.

All of the legendaries have got types that are affective towards them, while other types have no affect what so ever. In Latias' case one of the types that has no affect on her is Normal type moves. At this Nando began to get nervous, Kricketune is the only pokemon that is able to make their opponents fall asleep. Which is why he always got through his rounds using just Kricketune, however he is not going to be able to do this, this time and that worried him.

Bug buzz failed completely, as it was a bug type move and therefore had no affect on Latias. However Latias got a hold of Kricketune using her most powerful attack psychic, her eyes were glowing blue and Kricketune was surrounded in the same blue glow. Latias did as she was told.

Ash noticed that Kricketune was out cold. Latias nodded her head, and flew down quickly in a nose dive, grabbing Kricketune before he hit the ground. Once she got a hold of him she lowered him to the ground. Trainers choose your next pokemon.

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Both of the trainers nodded and recalled the unconscious Kricketune and the fully fir Latias. Out of the pokeball came what looked to be a standing sunflower with a face on in front of the petals. Out of the pokeball came a dog like pokemon, blue, black and cream in colour, with spikes on it's paws and one on it's chest. At this Nando paled a little, he saw that Lucario beforehand and it looked incredibly strong, he didn't think he could win this battle.

A massive tornado of magically powered leaves began to swirl and head straight for Lucario. Lucario nodded and placed both of his paws at his side and pulled the right away, a glowing staff followed the right hand. Lucario ran at the leaf storm and easily sliced through it with the powerful bone rush. Sunflora stood still for a moment while absorbing the sun, when there was enough energy it released it in a powerful beam.

Lucario knew what he was trying to do and went along without complaint. Lucario nodded and stood still as the powerful solar beam came straight at him. The beam hit Lucario and he stumbled, soon Lucario was not visible to the crowd nor the competitors. Once the solar beam had cleared it gave everyone a shock. Lucario was unharmed, standing there like he had not been attacked.

While this Lucario looks to not have been attacked at all. Ash's friends looked at him and smiled.

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It took one look at Ash's face to see that Paul was right. The crowd once again gasped, this boy had another secret. Both Ash and Lucario began to glow, Ash glowed blue while Lucario glowed golden.

They released beams of light from themselves that connected with one another, and began to glow white.

pokemon ash and iris severed relationship

Is this a true form of Mega Evolution? A bright light surrounded Lucario in a way that no one could see him. When the light died down there stood Lucario, however he looked different than he did before he was surrounded by the white light. Now standing before everyone was a taller pokemon, still blue and black in colouring however he now had red patches on his paws, feet and scattered around his body, on each of his paws was a large spike with a smaller one behind it, on the chest there was also a large spike but there was two smaller ones one each side of it and finally the 4 appendages that were on the side of Lucario's head, had joined into 2 and had elongated with red tips.

This was a Mega Lucario. This has increased Lucario's speed and attacks, however none of the stones were used, how is this possible? One of which is because my pokemon know how to use Aura as you already know. By sharing my Aura and that of my pokemon, it gives them enough strength to Mega Evolve without the use of the stones. However as you also know to Mega Evolve trainers and the evolving pokemon have to have a close bond, that is the second thing, I am very close to Lucario.

That added to the sharing of our Aura allows Lucario to Mega Evolve, with the use of neither stone. At this Professor Oak stood up. While we have not had any proof of this we have speculated that if a pokemon is strong enough, and there is a very close bond between the pokemon and the trainer then the pokemon can Mega Evolve without the use of the stones. You may continue the battle. This move was very risky, as it was a form of tackle attack, however this one would also cause harm to the pokemon that was using it.

Lucario got up close to Sunflora when it was using stone edge, this made Lucario hit the grass type each time, and with the affect from the stone edge, it made Sunflora feint. Trainers please choose your final pokemon. Skyceon, spread your wings and show your Aura! The pokemon that came from the pokemon was one that the crowd, champions and elites have not seen this pokemon. Like all of the Eevee evolutions it had large eyes, however they were yellow, it's whole body had mint coloured fur leading down to one of the longest tails ever seen with a large tuft of green fur at the end, on it's forehead lay a 'V' with a small tuft of dark then light blue fur and finally there was a pair of light blue wings sprouting from the middle of the pokemon's body.

Ash, Paul, Trip, Gary, Bonnie and Max were training on Mount Silver, recently Ash had been trying different combinations to see if any of them would result in another Eevee evolution, Ash had already discovered many more Eevee evolutions and now had pokemon that professors do not know even exist, but he still had one more Eevee and he had a feeling that there was one more out there.

However so far there had been no results. I trust that you will find what you need to, it may not be today, tomorrow or this year. But I do know that you are going to find it. Eevee looked over to his right and saw something shining. He went to investigate, and found a feather, silver in colour and seeming to give of it's own light.

Ash walked over to see what his pokemon had found. Eevee reached out his paw and touched the feather, suddenly he began to glow blue at first and then to white. When the light had disappeared there was not an Eevee standing before Ash, no it was a pokemon that he had never seen before.

It had big wide eyes like any Eevee evolution however they were yellow in colouring, it had green fur leading down to one of the longest tails on an Eevee evolution with a large tuft of fur at the end, a small blue 'V' on it's forehead with a tuft of dark then light blue fur and lastly a pair of blue wings coming from it's middle.

This must be the flying type Eevee evolution. It blends the thought that it's a flying type, hence the Sky, and it is an Eevee evolution and all of them have 'eon' in their names. Put it together and you Skyceon. Skyceon nodded his head.

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I just hope that you are going to use me in the matches. I also want to do some training for the contests, like some of your pokemon I want to both rather than one of them. Ash was always going to say yes to whatever his pokemon needed or wanted. But that didn't matter Skyceon turned one of his signature puppy dog looks, that not even Ash, Paul, Trip, Gary, Bonnie and Max were able to resist.

If you want to battle and do contests, then that is what you can do. We need to see what moves, attacks and defence that you have got and we also need to teach you how to fly. Even the legendaries, who are at the top, listen to what I say.

On top of that Arceus says that there is a high chance that if me and the legendaries share our Aura, because I am so close to all of my pokemon, she thinks the legendaries themselves are able to Mega Evolve. I bet professors don't even know that is possible. They have not been able to study a legendary pokemon, as they are so rare to see. I have seen all of them and captured the majority of them.

pokemon ash and iris severed relationship

Right enough talking let's start you on some training. And with that they walked away to the other pokemon and the other trainers, explained what happened and what caused the evolution, they too were happy that the young Eevee got what he had wanted "This is Skyceon, a pokemon I recently created. I had an Eevee and thought that there must be other forms than the ones that we already know of. So I began to investigate my theory, I began to combine different methods to the Eevee I caught a little while ago.

I trained on Mount Silver and there was a rare feather there called a Silver feather, when my Eevee touched it, he evolved into this pokemon, who I named Skyceon.

Most of them are Eevee evolutions, however some of them are pokemon that have only been discovered. When Ash finds a fruit tree and tries to make peace with Iris by sharing his discovery, he accidentally gives her a very bitter piece of fruit. She thinks he did it on purpose, and a real fight breaks out between them!

That night, Ash and Cilan make camp, and Iris decides to sleep in a tree a bit farther away. Ash explains that Iris has decided to travel alone, which makes Pikachu and Scraggy very sad. But Jessie, James, and Meowth have set up an ambush along the path, and they leap out of hiding and grab Pikachu and Scraggy!

The commotion quickly draws Ash and Cilan—soon followed by Iris and Axew! Together, they send Team Rocket blasting off again. Iris apologizes too, and gives Ash a much sweeter piece of fruit than the one he found for her. Our heroes are reunited, and the journey continues! Plot The episode begins with Ash and Iris arguing; Iris telling Ash off for being "such a little kid", and Ash retorting that Iris isn't much better off. Iris finally storms off in anger, declaring that she and Ash are no longer friends.

Furious, Ash doesn't stop her, much to the worry and dismay of CilanPikachu and Axew. Cilan narrates to the viewers that hours ago, he'd never have imagined this to happen. Iris remarks on Ash being a kid, before being distracted by flowers growing nearby, deviating from the path despite Cilan's advice. Ash and Cilan comment on Iris tending to lose herself around flowers as she picks a few and places them in her hair.

Iris is excited to see a wild Dunsparce, but Cilan hushes her, pointing out that Dunsparce rarely show themselves in front of people. Ash is motivated by this and decides to challenge Dunsparce and catch it, ignoring Iris's suggestion of coming up with a plan first. Sneaking up behind Dunsparce, Ash boldly declares his challenge to Dunsparce, who releases a loud Screech in its panic. Everyone covers their ears in pain; the sheer force of Screech sends Ash tripping into Iris, knocking Axew and the flowers out of her hair.

Ash orders Pikachu to use Electro Ballbut a dazed Axew crashes into Pikachu and throws the attack off balance. Fearfully, Dunsparce flaps its small wings and escapes on the air to Ash's dismay. Cilan admits that they probably won't encounter Dunsparce again. Ash suddenly notices the flowers he accidentally crushed, and feels guilty. Fuming, Iris picks up Axew and walks past Ash and Cilan, determined to walk separately. Cilan watches in concern, knowing that an unresolved argument could easily lead to a much larger fallout.

As the group continues down the path, Cilan encourages Ash to get over Dunsparce and patch things up with Iris.

Charizard Vs Dragonite/(Ash vs Iris)

Picking on this lead, Ash plucks some fruit off a nearby tree, sharing some with Cilan and declaring how delicious it is. As a peace offering Ash tosses one over to Iris, but as she bites into hers, she cringes from how incredibly bitter it is.

Infuriated, Iris throws the fruit at Ash which Cilan catchesaccusing him of childishly getting back at her by making her eat bitter fruit. The argument escalates with Iris berating Ash for being a little kid, and Ash hits back saying Iris gets angry over anything and everything. Iris angrily says that she no longer wishes to travel with Ash, and Ash doesn't stop her from leaving. With Iris gone, Ash continues ranting over Iris's accusation, but Cilan takes a bite from Iris's fruit and realizes she was right, shuddering from the taste.

Ash, taking a sample himself, is equally horrified. Cilan explains that fruit growing on the same tree can still vary in ripeness depending on which branch they're from. Ash is upset that he was wrong about Iris's accusation, but remains adamant that she shouldn't have lashed out at him for it. Meanwhile, Team Rocket lie in wait ahead on the path. Meowth explains to the viewers that they're getting ready to capture Pikachu when the twerps inevitably walk by.

Ash, Cilan and Iris continue walking along, Cilan worriedly narrating that the big argument ended up with the two friends cutting off ties - but despite this, everyone is still travelling together, due to the single linear path to their destination. Sure enough, Iris begins accusing Ash of following her "like a little kid", and Ash retorts that there's only one path.