P4 ssldir directory or key and certificate files not secure in a relationship

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Directory containing a server's SSL keys and/or certificates. No. Yes. None. No the directory named by P4SSLDIR stores the files that contain server ssl. Puppet stores its certificate infrastructure in the SSL directory (ssldir) which has a similar Minor upgrades: From Puppet 4 and within Puppet 5.x . for Linux place the ssldir in the cache directory (vardir) instead of the confdir. CA's private key, and one of the most security-critical files in the Puppet certificate infrastructure. I have a Verisign-issued certificate and private key pair in my P4SSLDIR as: P4SSLDIR directory or key and certificate files not secure.

Key and certificate generation

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  • Where or how do I include the intermediate and root CA chain pem in P4SSLDIR?

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