Orihime and ulquiorra relationship tips

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orihime and ulquiorra relationship tips

Not much is known about Ulquiorra's interactions with Starrk. At first, Ulquiorra and Ben were on neutral terms, due to each other's own personal views of. Did Ulquiorra really tie her down and force food down her throat? Relationship Chart, it shows that Ulquiorra did in fact Love/Admired. What are the results if the hero Kurosaki Ichigo were to arrive just moved by the forbidden relationship of Ulquiorra and Orihime that I just had to spill edge of his hollow hole underneath his uniform at the tips of her fingers.

Did Ulquiorra Love Orihime from Bleach?

Aizen raised his eyebrow, "I see that everyone is here but —" "Excuse me for being late, Aizen," Ulquiorra said, placing a fist on his chest, bowing low in respect. Aizen smiled, "your excuse, Ulquiorra? Aizen rested his chin on his palm, "Orihime? Ulquiorra held an unabashed exterior; "Orihime wanted me to call her by her name. Now, onto the hyoukyugo…As you all know, Orihime's power exceeds that of God's.

She can turn back time and space and alter what happened in the past.

orihime and ulquiorra relationship tips

With her power, we can be utterly invincible. With her power, more arrancar can be made. As Ulquiorra got up to leave Aizen stopped him. The reason I assigned you to be the guardian of Orihime is for you to make her trust you.

If she trusts you, whatever you tell her with confidence, she will accept.

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Make her weak; make her love you," Aizen said, his smile was wide and broad. Ulquiorra frowned, "…Aizen…make her…love?

orihime and ulquiorra relationship tips

Instead, your orders are to stay with that woman, Orihime," Aizen said. Ulquiorra faced Aizen, "am I allowed to do whatever I see fit to make Orihime…trust me? I will not fail you," was Ulquiorra's response. He fucking loves it! Ulquiorra gets to hang with that woman all day long! Yammy grinned, "it really does seem like fun, Ulquiorra. Haha…just think of all the fun I'd have if Aizen had picked me for the job! I have all these disturbing images in my brain.

Ulquiorra doesn't even know a thing about humans and their emotions, ain't that right?

Ulquiorra loves Orihime -doujinshi-

That's so true, Grimmjaw! Ignoring the two arrancar laughing at him, Ulquiorra continued to walk towards Orihime's estate.

His hands were safely inside his hakama pockets, leaving the two howling espada laughing on the floor. Grimmjaw frowned, "damn emotionless favoritizer! Yammy smirked and nodded, "same here Stark, same here.

orihime and ulquiorra relationship tips

He walked around, inspecting her estates. The food he had left on the counter was left untouched. He frowned and let out a frustrated sigh; he'd have to properly punish her for disobeying his orders.

Upon the white, flower embroided sheets of the woman's bed lay a sleeping Orihime. Ulquiorra frowned; he'd have to return to her room again later. He briskly swerved around on the tip of his heel. He walked quietly, not allowing a single footstep to be heard. As he was about to reach for the doorknob, Orihime stopped him.

orihime and ulquiorra relationship tips

I forgot to eat the breakfast! Ulquiorra turned his head and glared at her, "yes, Orihime, you did. Ulquiorra scoffed, "we arrancar are unlike you humans. We do not forget, nor do we fall asleep when we are ordered to do something first.

His relationship with her appears to be limited to the task of bringing her food and occasionally informing her of her friends' struggles throughout Las Noches.

orihime and ulquiorra relationship tips

He refers to Orihime as "woman" onna; "girl" in the English Dubboth in thought and conversation. It can be noted that Ulquiorra seems rather intrigued by the concept of the 'human heart', questioning her about how she is so easily able to wear her emotions on her sleeve. During their most recent fight, Ichigo mentions Ulquiorra may have "become more human".

This could signify Orihime's empathic personality affecting Ulquiorra's own emotional capacity. This is further highlighted when, at the brink of death, he reaches out to Orihime and asks her if she's afraid of him.

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She responds in the negative, and reaches out to touch his hand just before he disintegrates into dust. Through his bond with Orihime, Ulquiorra finally realizes what a heart is; even refuse his earlier materialistic arguments by remarking that he has it in his hand.

He treats Yammy as an inferior and seems to have the weaker Espada's respect. This is evident throughout their various conversations, which often consist of Ulquiorra ridiculing Yammy. At one point, Ulquiorra even resorted to using violence to get Yammy's attention. During Ulquiorra's second fight with Ichigo, Yammy attempts to help him, although Ulquiorra coldly refuses.

He is stunned and disappointed when Ulquiorra dies, though more from surprise that he was beaten and annoyance that he didn't get to help in the fight rather than concern. Ironically, Yammy later tells Ichigo that Ulquiorra, along with the other Espada Ichigo had fought, were "trash" compared to his own released form.