Mythos and logos relationship questions

What is “Mythos” and “Logos”? | Mythos/Logos

mythos and logos relationship questions

The terms "mythos" and "logos" are used to describe the transition in the goddess of marriage and family; Aphrodite was the goddess of love;. Mythos-Logos. “Mythos and logos go together, but their relationship is neither dialectic nor mythic; it is rather a mutually constitutive relationship. If it were logical. denial of any essential relationship between the ancient idea of mythos and .. logo. The problems multiply w position in. Greek intellec a continuum formed at.

It needs the soundbites and the tweeters. It needs the lawyers who will snatch up their laptops and run to the airports to file the sub poenas to prevent the deportations. It absolutely needs the human rights activists, the animal rights activists, the environmental activists. It needs everyone who raises awareness of all of the crises that are facing us, as a civilisation. But the world needs something more, too. It needs the people who can lead by a different kind of example.

We are the ones who embody a different but equally necessary path to resistance. We are the people who are focused on different ways of being in the world.

mythos and logos relationship questions

Different ways of living. Some of us are artists, or writers. Some of us are permaculturalists, or herbalists, or hermits in the woods. An article on the work of political theorist Hannah Arendt was published this morning in the Guardian.

Apparently her book The Origins of Totalitarianism has become a surprise bestseller on Amazon in the past week.

From Mythos to Logos and Back?

But an expert on her work, and on the development of social and political thought, had this to say about what she might have made of the recent response to Trump: If we think of evil as this one person, this one big event, then we tend to want to match that with one big display of resistance. But actually, if evil is banal — a set of ordinary, mundane decisions day by day — then maybe we have to start living differently day by day.

Because we see them doing just that. Thriving without all the trappings. Thriving without the slavery, without the attachment to stuff. The ones who decide for themselves what they will hold dear, and who go on to cherish, protect, witness in their own powerful ways.

Mythos & Logos: Two Ways of Explaining the World | Journey to the Sea

The ones who say — no, this is not about giving up. But here is our gift to the world: From the very beginning, therefore, homo sapiens understood instinctively that myth and logos had separate jobs to do. He used logos to develop new weaponry, and myth, with its accompanying rituals, to reconcile himself to the tragic facts of life that threatened to overwhelm him, and prevent him from acting effectively.

Those are the best kinds of discovery, the ones that are uncovery of something that was there all along.

mythos and logos relationship questions

Reminds me again of Rilke and his inhabit the questions. Do not now seek the answers, which cannot be given you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Inhabit the questions now. Logos as used here is the principle of reason that gives order to the universe and is the link between the human mind and the mind of God. Logos used by John is 'reason' more akin to logic or structure?

Mythos to the knowledge of the world of our dreams, hopes, fears, and our imagination. Mythos uses words metaphorically, symbolically and conveys them in stories and poetry, ritual and drama. And sometimes through trial and error. Problems with meaning, with grief, with joy or lack thereof. Only as we began to understand our world and how it works did the two divide and eventually go their separate ways.

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Now it seems as though some people are either trying to insist they address the same spheres or some people seem to turn them around. The inability to distinguish between the "reality" of mythos and the reality of logos can be detrimental to the individual as well as society.

It can negate the reality of suffering and deny the special uniqueness and talents of each individual.

Resistance: the Mythos and the Logos – The Art of Enchantment

One new age guru -- by claiming that there is ONLY one Universal Consciousness -- seems to insist that Mythos is the one and ONLY reality and that Logos is the mythology, the imaginary, non-real, appearing only in our minds.

If I understand him correctly he is basically saying that because everything that we see and understand comes through our own perception which is subjective, there is no physical objective reality. My response back is that you and I might look at a table and see it differently.

mythos and logos relationship questions