Mirajane and laxus relationship questions

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mirajane and laxus relationship questions

Forum > Fairy Tail Couples Questions and Answers board > Does Laxus end up with Mira He could end up with Mirajane, Cana, Freed, heck even Natsu. Mirajane Strauss (ミラジェーン・ストラウス Mirajēn Sutorausu) is an S-Class Mage Mirajane speak a little bit about Oración Seis and their connection with Jellal. .. Mirajane wonders if Laxus also experiences such problems, to which he tells . The moment I started to ship Mirajane and Laxus. (Episode The . I want them to have a closer relationship! .. I love how she just pops these questions up.

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Mira can feel her face burning up, so she tries not to stare into his gaze as she slowly pulls her hand away from him. Just thinking about my boyfriend That stuck-up man who is always too afraid to fight me? With her head dropped to the floor, Mira dodges the question before walking out from behind the bar toward the aisle.

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Let me come with you. She soon finds herself sighing with her back leaning against the bark of the gigantic tree in the middle of the park. Mira indeed knew that Laxus is not boyfriend material, but she has had enough of Laxus always neglecting her and treating her as if she's his trophy girlfriend.

Truth be told, Mira has recently been considering about breaking up with Laxus, and here today she found her heart racing when Nathan flirted with her, so is it perhaps about time for her to move on?

I know exactly what you are going through, how Laxus has been mistreating you. I can give you all the things Laxus should've done!

mirajane and laxus relationship questions

Let me be the man who loves you with all his heart! I still love Laxus What is it do you see in Laxus? He is but an egotistic, selfish, and uncaring man.

mirajane and laxus relationship questions

You have no reason to keep holding on to him. I can give you my undivided attention, so if you ever change you mind, you know where to find me. She can't comprehend why her heart was beating like it did. All she knows is that a big decision lies ahead of her, an inevitable dilemma of choosing between either Laxus or Nathan. That night after Laxus has just gone back from his one week mission, he expected a warm welcome from Mira, but instead he receives a cold stare from her as he chugs down his third mug of beer.

Slightly annoyed, Laxus slams his empty mug on the counter. Could you at least be happier for me? Don't you know how worried I was the whole time you were gone? You should know by now that I am strong enough to take care of myself. You need not worry about me. You can't expect me to reply to such trivial stuffs. Then How can I be sure that you were not secretly having an affair with another woman?

You need to calm down and stop prying into my personal life. Prying into your personal life!? For God sake, Laxus, we are in a relationship! Right now, Nathan has a wide smug grin on his face. Nathan later hides himself as Mira runs toward Laxus who is folding his arms with his back turned on her under the gigantic tree at South Gate Park.

It was a month ago in a night such as this, right under this very tree The stars are shining bright, leaves are falling like paper from the tree, and the wind carries the dramatic sound of rustling leaves along with Laxus' fluttering coat.

I want our relationship to be more than just a status. You have a lot to learn about relationship.

mirajane and laxus relationship questions

I believe for now we should just, just Rejection certainly doesn't sit well with his pride. This is for the best. His screams echo through the night, and they are music to Nathan's ear.

Hm… Let's see, there are ten of you, so two of you will have to choose partners from outside this room. Okay, you have five minutes. There is nothing to tell.

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So unless you want to give up, disappoint the Guild, and not show up, I suggest you hurry up. Makarov's brats stared blankly at him until Natsu broke the silence. As she realized what he said, she blushed a little.

Come on, we got to go train! Ji-chan, Luce and I are partners! Remember, be at Magnolia Station in two weeks! He then turned to the remaining mages. If Natsu could ask Lucy to be his partner, why are you all standing there like your made of stone!

I'll give you ten more minute, but that's it! Makarov sighed, looks like he was going to have to pair them up after all. Your magics seem very compatible… Why don't you two be a team? Would you mind being on a team with Juvia?

I can't lose to the Flame-brain! We got to go train too!

mirajane and laxus relationship questions

Juvia looked like she was going to faint. Makarov glanced up and noticed Elfman and Gajeel trying unsuccessfully to sneak out of the room unnoticed.

mirajane and laxus relationship questions

He had a pretty good idea where they were going. Now, the only people left in the room were the four S-class mages. I warn you, people are going to laugh…" "Master…" Mirajane started.

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Makarov cursed under his breath, he had hoped his S-class mages would just go with it after seeing the others pair up. He should have known this wasn't going to be that easy. His S-class mages just stared at him with knowing looks on their faces. This was all just a prank!? Stop jumping to conclusions. Now, shut up and listen. They said it would be similar to the Grand Magic Games, except it would be played by Fairy Tail's couples.

They wanted each couple to have at least one person from that participated in the Grand Magic Games, which is why you must all get partners. That's really all I know. That is the truth! Here read the letter yourselves!

Makarov, after you guild's victory in the Grand Magic Games, citizens all over Fiore have been anxiously waiting for more appearances from your Guild. Here in Crocus…" Mira read out loud. The guild did need money, but this event wasn't the only way they could obtain it.

Makarov just liked the idea of pairing his brats up. Oi, Mira, want to be my partner? She grabbed his hand and the two walked out. Are you two going to talk and make it official or should I just write your names down anyway?

Both of them were beet red and trying to avoid each other's gaze. Jellal took a deep breath and faced Erza. I've cause you so much pain in the past and I can understand if you'll never forgive me but I would love to be with you. Will you be my girlfriend? Erza laughed, "I made it clear five months ago that I forgave you. Makarov watched as if in a daze, "They have one complicated relationship," he thought as he silently wrote their names down.

Levy turned around and smiled. So what's the competition about? What did Mast- Woah! Thanks to him, she had lost her place in her book. Remember how a couple months ago I was your partner for the S-class exam? We were attacked by Grimoire Heart and Acnologia.

Not to mention lost seven years of our lives. Normal people don't forget that you know. Okay, so you're going to be my partner for this thing because you owe me.