Lucifer and god relationship addiction

Story of Lucifer

lucifer and god relationship addiction

Satan fears God but still he does all in his reach and power to take as much people . There are some spirit-humans who are addicted to what in the drug addict. Principalities, archangels, and angels are dedicated as God's messengers. Obviously, the three most famous angels (besides Satan, the fallen .. Healing Angels, Praying Angels, Angels for the Sick, Angels for drug addicts, Angels for still defending the crime of homosexual activity and relationships. The Bible calls Satan “the god of this world” because he is the unseen ruler of the there is no thought whatsoever of having a personal relationship with their god. . One junkie said, “Addiction to heroin is the closest thing to hell itself.

He decided that he should be God.

lucifer and god relationship addiction

Satan rebelled against his Creator. One-third of the angels in Heaven followed Satan in his rebellion against God. From that time until now, Satan and his followers have been the relentless enemies of God and mankind. Since the beginning of time, Satan has been deceiving people and murdering them. Satan wants to deceive you and murder you. The warfare of the ages is a never ending battle for the minds and hearts of people—all people.

lucifer and god relationship addiction

This world is not a playground; it is a battleground! Satan uses his world-system to propagate his lies and deceive people.

Satan blinds the minds of people with his lies so they will end up in the lake of fire with him. Satan deceives people by saying that the universe came into being by chance, and that there is no God. God created the universe. In one majestic sentence, the Bible tells us how the universe came into being: This theory leaves two questions which no scientist can answer: What caused the gigantic explosion?

The human body is the most marvelous organism on earth. To create the universe, God had only to speak and it was done. The human body was not only created by God, but it was formed directly by the hand of God. The theory of evolution is one of the biggest lies ever devised by Satan to deceive the human race. This unproven theory leaves God out completely, and it is almost universally taught as fact in our schools and universities.

Again, a question that no scientist can answer is: Where did that first living cell come from? They have been conditioned to believe that each person has the right to believe and do whatever he or she thinks is right. But God is a moral Being. In the Ten Commandments and other commands in the Bible, God has told us what is right and what is wrong.

God tells us that it is wrong to worship other gods, to make idols, to dishonor your parents, to kill, to steal, to commit immorality, to lie, and to covet something belonging to another person. These are universal truths which apply to all people, in all places, for all time.

We may choose to disregard what God says, but when we stand before God, we will be judged by His Word. Amazingly, many young people believe a most unusual lie. They believe that the act of believing something makes it true for them.

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They believe that moral truth does not become true for them until they choose to believe it. However, believing a lie does not make it true for anybody. And not believing the truth does not affect the truth. Satan claims that all religions worship the same God, and all religions are equally valid.

lucifer and god relationship addiction

Religions around the world worship gods of judgment and harsh demands. In these religions, there is no thought whatsoever of having a personal relationship with their god. The God of the Bible is a God of love. He loves every single person in the world whether we respond to His love or not. Our Creator wants us to come into a personal relationship with Him. Jesus paid our sin-debt in full and rose from the dead to be our living Savior. Jesus is the Christ, the promised Savior, the Son of the living God.

Jesus Christ has no rival. His coming into the world was miraculous. No one, not even his bitterest enemies, could point to one sin in His life.

He claimed to be God. He did things which only God could do. He commanded the winds and the waves and they obeyed Him. He raised three people from the dead. But Jesus Christ did rise from the dead in a new resurrection body. The tombs of all who have founded major religions are sacred places. Christ appeared on the earth for forty days after His resurrection. He appeared to His disciples many times.

On one occasion over people saw Him, most of whom were still alive when the gospels were written. For thousands of years, since the creation of man, death had reigned. That was a victory for the devil. It appeared that death had swallowed Him also.

But out of that black abyss of death, the Man Jesus Christ rose in triumph! Jesus Christ rose from the dead in a new resurrection body—the Victor over sin, Satan, and death. How this touches our heart! Satan deceives people into thinking that hell is not a real place. Hell is a real place, just as Heaven is a real place. The unspeakable misery of the lost will be when they wake up to the fact that God was offering them eternal life in Heaven as a gift in Jesus Christ, and they would not accept Christ.

In their intense desire for the supernatural, young people are experimenting with witchcraft, seances, astrologers, fortune-tellers and other things which have to do with the unseen spiritual world. Is there anything wrong with these things?

All forms of spiritism bring you into contact with evil spirits. God says that all who do these things are an abomination to Him. God Himself does not come into our life unless we invite Him, and He will not let evil spirits come into our life unless we open the door to them.

But if we choose to contact the spirit world, we are opening our life to them, and they will come in. Satan deceives people into thinking all miracles are from God.

lucifer and god relationship addiction

What happened between the time God created it, perfect, and now? It was destroyed in that same war! That great star war between the fallen angels and the righteous angels of God devastated not only the face of the Earth but the planets, the galaxies, the entire universe!

That is the destructive power of Satan. There was a great war out there, and even though the beings fighting in that war are invisible, you can see how destructive they were to physical things! They can destroy physical things, including physical human beings.

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The state of the universe shows you how real and how destructive the true star wars are. We are talking about the real war happening between the stars: This is the real star wars! God recorded this war in many scriptures in your Bible, yet we hear very little about it.

Why is the universe pictured here as groaning in travail and pain? Because of the decay and great devastation in the universe! All those desolate planets have been greatly damaged.

God never creates anything unless it is very good e. That means something went terribly wrong with all these planets; we can see how much damage has been done to them. They have awesome destructive power! Yet few people understand it. At one time, Lucifer was a covering cherub for God. This powerful being was trained at the headquarters of the universe. But his rebellion led God to eliminate the potential that angels would rule the universe. When God saw the destruction of the universe, He realized that He could not trust the angels to rule over it.

The only one who can rule the universe is God. Only a God being could be trusted with such power. So He set in motion a plan even greater than the angelic plan. He decided to re-create Himself. He renewed the face of the Earth, and then created a new type of being: That is what God is doing with mankind! That is His magnificent plan! I urge you to request from us a free copy of Herbert W. Romans 8 plainly tells us that God is preparing human beings to rule over the Earth and the universe.

The children of God are going to bring liberty to the entire universe. Now, if you look at human beings, it is obvious that we are not ready to rule the universe.

We have become rebellious, sinful and destructive just like Satan. In fact, Satan and the demons still rule the Earth 2 Corinthians 4: It was an insane attempt against the all-powerful Creator, but Satan was so full of self-will, vanity and bitterness, he actually tried it.

This power actually shakes kingdoms and makes the Earth tremble! A lot of people on Earth tremble today because of this evil being and his fallen angels. That is why they cause so many problems and get involved in such wars. They have nothing but bitterness and wrath in their minds because of their rebellion against God. It is extremely dangerous. Daniel recorded how Satan even fought to prevent his prophetic book from being recorded in the first place. God had given the prophecy to Gabriel to deliver to Daniel.

Gabriel is one of the three archangels mentioned in the Bible. The only others of this highest angelic rank are Michael—and, formerly, Lucifer. As Gabriel was delivering the book to Daniel, Satan the devil attacked. That is Satan the devil; he is mentioned this way because he actually ruled over the world-girdling empire of Persia.

Satan is the one that ruled it! Can you believe that? Continuing in verse This was a great battle in the star wars of the Bible. Satan is called the prince of the kingdom of Persia because he gets control of these great world-ruling empires. Satan has forceful rule and power over the rulers of the world.

He empowers them to cause destruction. And very soon, according to the prophecies of the Bible, he is going to cause the greatest crisis ever on Earth.

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He is fighting against God. He knows that his time is short! Why is it short? Because Christ is about to return and kick him off his throne forever, and bring this world peace, joy and happiness that it should have had from the very beginning. Spiritual Terrorism Ezekiel 28 also talks about these star wars. Here, God talks about the king of Tyrus and Satan the devil almost as one and the same, because Satan rules over kings!