Lola and narcisse relationship problems

Lunatiger — Reign 3x02 “Betrothed”- Lola and Narcisse Analysis

lola and narcisse relationship problems

One of the problems here is that when Mary insists on pulling out all the stops to save him and over the fact that being queen means being above a real relationship. Less triumphant is Lola's confrontation with Narcisse. She's finally thinking about the issue at hand on her relationship with Narcisse. Finally we get to Lola meeting with Narcisse and telling him this. Later, Lord Narcisse wants to slip away with Lady Lola, however she declines, informing He answers that that is a problem, and they will find a solution. and Francis summons Narcisse to inform him that he'll bless his and Lola's marriage.

lola and narcisse relationship problems

Why is a binding union become so important to YOU of all people? You say you want just an affair. Then our time together is limited no matter how we feel. We have to remember from the beginning of season 2 Lola has been disowned by her family. So the idea that she craves some normalcy in love and marriage is not unusual. This was her fate. But Narcisse wants to go the distance with Lola.

lola and narcisse relationship problems

He wants all or nothing with her. Of course, Lola as stubborn as she is, gives the cold hard facts, albeit halfheartedly Lola: I want you Stephane, so I can get past my fear of Catherine.

But if you want me, you need to stop holding out for an impossible marriage. Do you love me enough to meet me halfway? Were they just canoodling halfway? Or did they go the distance? Why did you have to cut that scene!?!?! The next important scene we get is with Mary and Lola discussing her affections for Narcisse. Of course Mary is extremely against the idea but Lola says this about Narcisse: That fierceness, how he takes what he wants and gets what he needs.

That aspect is not lost on her. In fact she wants to use that to her advantage against any potential threats. It would be logical to think that Narcisse would be the man to protect and secure her future and not die on her leaving her alone and with nothing again.

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Next Mary tells her that Francis is dying and advises her that she needs to think hard about her future and make a decision. She weight the facts. Finally we get to Lola meeting with Narcisse and telling him this: Stephane, I love you too.

And I want it all. She finally lets her fear and reservations go, which were the only things that were holding her back on this issue. In an aftermath cut. We see Narcisse walking into a chamber and telling his servant to stop writing the messages to Lola.

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Why did he do it? What was his endgame? If anything those messages drove Lola away from him.

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They might as well get some benefits, right? When Lola brings up keeping things casual again, Narcisse confesses that he wants Lola forever.

Perfect answer, you rogue! Later, Mary has a heart-to-heart with her pal. What plan, you ask? Elizabeth is a hot mess. This puts her tenuous relationship with King Philip of Spain also very Catholic in jeopardy.

Also on the agenda of this very pleasant meeting: England needs a new ambassador in France. The gesture will send a message of peace. Elizabeth tackles one problem at a time. First, she persuades her friend Lady Donatella to testify that Catherine de Medici is her cousin and Donatella gave her asylum in England. Elizabeth is very, very wrong. She threatens to recant.

Dudley is rightfully outraged that Elizabeth would put her desires above his reputation. Dudley steps on a land mine. Elizabeth goes off on the fact that his marriage is the real problem here.