Leon and ada relationship memes

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leon and ada relationship memes

Leon and Ada relationship be like: I mean they even have the right colours schemes lmao Besides Ryo end up with Kaori So Cleon?. For the lovely It's Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong from Resident Evil 4 Sorry .. Kiss Meme: Resident Evil by Lilinebaka Resident Evil Game, Boruto, Kiss Meme, . This is a list of notable quotes from Leon Scott Kennedy. "Ada! What was that all about?! Running off like that was reckless and stupid! . "We're going to the cathedral, but if you really had a hand in this you can kiss your freedom goodbye.

Четверо. Всего трое.

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Халохот стиснул револьвер в руке, не вынимая из кармана. Он будет стрелять с бедра, направляя дуло вверх, в спину Беккера. Пуля пробьет либо позвоночник, либо легкие, а затем сердце.

leon and ada relationship memes