Lelouch and kallen relationship with god

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lelouch and kallen relationship with god

Lelouch and Kallen seem to have a problem with their relationship, so they go and get counseling. But is 'God, I hate working with asians '. Lelouch vi Britannia (ルルーシュ・ヴィ・ブリタニア, Rurūshu vui Buritania) was the protagonist of Chess · Geass · Gods · Honorary Britannian · Irregular · Knight ( Honorary Title) · Knight of .. Lelouch questioning Kallen with his Geass. .. Their relationship became complicated in during the Battle of Narita in which Lelouch's. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion is a two-season anime television The cast of Code Geass R2—Lelouch in the center; clockwise from bottom left: Kallen, .

The latter then told her to not die as if she would. Who would forget this scene? The moment he saw her hand bleeding, he immediately went to her and appease for what he did.

7 Times Lelouch and CC Gave Us “Collywobbles” – Saranghae, Annie

In order to save him a few minutes and from the infuriating wrath and wig of Emperor Charles, CC transported Lelouch to her own memories wherein Lelouch saw some glimpse of her past.

There, Lelouch figured out her true wish which was to be loved. Also, there was an episode similar to this in R1 when Lelouch accidentally crept into her memories. This episode, I think, took place after Lelouch accidentally crept inside her head. CC was badly injured as she has gotten a real sharp stone stabbed in her chest while protecting Zero from Suzaku dang it Suzaku, lol.

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They were in a cave and Lelouch was mending her wounds, quite astounded that she was healing incredibly fast. When she was asleep, she was mumbling her true name and he found out.

He thanked her for saving him. She asked him to say her name, like how her lover would. And these, my friend, are the 7 times Lelouch and CC made our hearts flutter and gave us collywobbles. Her brother's death has also affected her relationship with her parents, though over time Kallen begins to renew her relationship with her mother, and like her brother, she becomes one of Kallen's reasons to liberate Japan.

Her relationship with her father, both before and after Britannia took over Japan, is never revealed, though she has referred to him as "dad" on one occasion, implying that their relationship is or at least was probably positive.

lelouch and kallen relationship with god

While being both Japanese and Britannian, Kallen had the ability to live a normal life. However, she refused to fully accept her Britannian side as it would mean abandoning her Japanese friends, people, and self; thus making her one of the few selfless characters in all the series. On multiple occasions at the beginning of the series, she had claimed that she hates Britannians, though that was clearly an exaggeration as Kallen has been seen caring about Britannian civilians on multiple occasions, a prime example being her visible concern for the Student Council during the Lake Kawaguchi incident.

Her character arc can be summarized as thus: At Ashford Academy, Kallen was forced to hide her identity in order to avoid suspicion, which caused her to change her hairstyle and her true personality. Whereas normally Kallen is powerful, confident, willful, and Japanese-favoring, at school she was a milquetoast, withdrawn ill girl who didn't speak up very much the ill part was to hide her recreational activities as a Black Knight.

In spite of this, she was welcomed fondly into the Student Council, which becomes a significant factor in her character development.

Code Geass

However, when she felt under suspicion, Kallen often readied the knife that she conceals in a small pink pouch, showing what she would do to keep her identity secret.

After finally changing Britannia's political system and gaining liberty for Japan due to Zero and his closest allies, Kallen begins to show her true feisty nature as her school while still being a member of the Black Knights.

In battle, Kallen is aggressive this could be due to the fact that her weapons are mainly-close rangeoften ruthless, and very opportunistic.

lelouch and kallen relationship with god

Her code name, Q-1, is a shortened version of the "Queen" on a chessboard, the strongest piece in a chess game. She is very confident in her Knightmare piloting capabilities as well as her own abilities and rightfully so - her Guren annihilated most of Cornelia 's forces during the Battle of Narita, and could even defeat two powerful Knights of the Round at later battles. However, despite being one of the very best pilots in the series, if not the very best, she is not indestructible; as shown by her eventual capture in R2.

Character Outline Edit Left: Kallen as a child with her mother and brother. Kallen with her brother and Ohgi.