Lee sin and sona relationship with god

lee sin and sona relationship with god

personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Lee sin and Sona <3 League Of Legends, Addiction, League Legends. Visit . League Of Legends, Bb, Gaming, Greek Gods, Champs, Profile, .. Sums up the bot lane relationship pretty well League Champs, Lol League Of Legends. I have a serious addiction to fanfiction, writing in general, and League of Legends , so I decided it would be a good idea to combine them.

I'm being very vague aren't I? I truly enjoyed Garens story and his relationship with his sister: What does Lux feel about Garen? Does she try and make up or comfort her brother's fears? Is she secretly a bro-con? Props for the good read! What would he do if he was put into a position where he couldn't deny the existence of her powers? Since its kinda explicitly in Lux new voice lines, is that something you feel you should match in the lore or are ingame interactions just random eastereggs?

It's a mixture of stuff. We like to use the VO to hint at certain things, poke fun at others, and generally bring possibilities and flavor of who the Champ is.

lee sin and sona relationship with god

The game is, however, analagous to the story world and not always 1 to 1. Also, the Champ in-game is not always indicative of the character in the story world at any specific stage in their life. Which new lore underwent the most iterations and what were some of the unused versions like?

Garen underwent a fair few iterations. Since he's our Captain America in many ways -- a genuinely heroic guy, emblematic of Demacian ideals, etc -- he was hard to get right in a way that didn't, hopefully, come off as too boring.

I initially tried to make him more of a creepy zealot, but we pulled way back from that into what you see in the lore now. When I was reading Garen's color story, I thought for sure it was leading up to a memory of Katarina. It was still amazing with the conflict with Lux, but does this mean, like Lux and Ezreal, that Kat and Garen are no longer part of any canon?

They're not, and never have been, lovers at this moment in the timeline. It just means that in Garen's timeline, the bio and his color text occur before any potential meeting with Katarina.

We briefly had Katarina in his bio, but it felt kinda hamfisted to just shove it in -- you had to mention it and then move onto the rest of Garen's backstory, or you had to devote an ungodly amount of text to what ultimately is a romantic subplot. We decided it'd be better to explore that relationship in a proper story unto itself.

lee sin and sona relationship with god

So Garen hate magic but this don't stop him for have magic shields and have "magic" ult Also is there in plans do some comics-like story? I'd say Garen's kit isn't so much 'magical' as 'magic-nullifying' and that comes about through a measure of its innate properties as opposed to any enchantments placed upon them.

As to comics, we'd love to do some more long-form comics! I love writing them, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Whats the thing that you feel changed for the better the most? He's so much more complex now, as a character. He's wrestling with things and his situation is unsustainable. He's going to have to draw a line in his heart someday, or change -- and both of those options come with major consequences for him, what he's devoted his life to fighting for, and who he loves.

He's got a lot more weight on his shoulders now Why did you decide to make vayne an asshole in her new lore?

lee sin and sona relationship with god

I think she's been through a lot, and when people go through hard things, it's very difficult to choose grace over anger.

She saw her parents murdered in front of her and no one would believe her when she told them there was dark magic behind the horrific act. So yeah, I think she chose to become a bit of an asshole in order to seek the revenge she wanted and to make sure no one would ever endure or lose what she did. Assholes can be heroes too: Cause it's cool Because Lucian and Vayne are very similar in terms of promise and characterization, and we wanted to differentiate the two and show a wider moral spectrum than you might be used to, especially for Demacia Because people who do heroic things can be unlikable, and likable people can do un-heroic things Because someone who goes around at night murdering beasts could subsequently turn into a frightening human being; if you can finish reading her bio and feel distanced or even scared of her, I'd consider that a win.

People refer to her as an asshole because she straight up murdered her "new mother" without the slightly problem or remorse, you built up all the "this is the person i care so much i don't know if i can stand risking her life" and then "well, problem solved, let's get down to business", all of this in the span of minutes at best.

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You then forgot to add the part in her story where she is pushed to an extreme because of that moment too. I understand that you wanted the reader to "feel" that she became sadistic versus the demons because of that moment, but we have to understand the characters with what is officially written, and there is not a single hint at her being somehow affected by killing her "mother", it felt too apathetic for her, not like a "turn point".

I mean, not to argue about how you perceived a story -- if that's how you saw it, that's how it is -- but I was going for an idea that she'd been dealing with all of these competing, confusing emotions about Frey beforehand.

This woman is like my mother, but that's terrifying because that means I might lose her. I want to keep her safe, but my job isn't to protect people -- it's to kill monsters. How do I deal with all of these conflicting feelings? Then, suddenly, it turns out that Frey is actually cursed with dark magic, and all those complications suddenly and beautifully disappear.

I know what to do with my enemies. Technically she wouldn't be a half-dragon though, as per that recent thread on the frontpage.

She's a full dragon Both parents were dragonsshe has just been tainted by human magic. Shyvana isn't biologically connected to her dragon father.

He is referred to as her mother's "mate" until he takes up the mantle of protecting Shyvana, and thus becomes her adoptive father. So she is indeed a half-dragon. So Shyvana's mother, who is aggressively defensive of her pure bloodline, willingly mated with a human? Even in her bio, it states: At that point in time, Yvva and her dragon mate didn't realize that the egg had been corrupted by a human mage, so they still thought of it as their child. Did Yvva have four legs? Also, while I am a fan of Shyvana's lore update, I feel like after Yvva's death it adopted a fairy tale "and they all lived happily ever after" type ending Surely people would wonder about J4's new purple friend, and surely some people in the village that holed up in the stronghold resent the fact that many people died to protect some drifter who occasionally brought food Some dragons do have four legs, yes like the drakes in the game, for instance.

The end of Jarvan IV's bio hints at some issues stirring in Demacia. You're right that not everyone in the capitol is thrilled with Shyvana entering the city, and some were definitely resentful that J4 had gone to such lengths to help her.

Purple skin doesn't necessarily correlate with magic, though people are certainly suspicious of Shyvana.

lee sin and sona relationship with god

The villagers near where they killed Yvva were more appreciative of J4 and Shyvana's efforts, since they helped get rid of the dragon that was attacking them. In the lore world, how come Noxus even remains standing.

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With a behemoth in Galio taking over Noxus should be a simple task, no? Galio isn't exactly made to travel long distances. He's a home goalie of sorts -- mobile, but only to a certain extent approximately to the borders of Demacia. Noxus can also counter him by not bringing an archmage to the fight.

The Noxian army is pretty huge and has its own big-hitters. I would fear for Galio trying to attack Noxus. I think my biggest gripe with Galio's change was not so much the personality change, but how his vocabulary is so stunted it makes some gradeschoolers seem like English majors.

lee sin and sona relationship with god

His original VO obviously wasn't thesaurus level complexity, but he was at least literate. What made you guys decide Galio should sound, for lack of a better term, dumber than before? Even though he's been around for centuries, he's only fully alive for a few minutes at a time. How deep does Quinn's and Valor's understand of each other go especially in terms of communicating?

And could you give us more info on how they communicate? Hand signals and calls? My feeling is that it's a mix of all that, hand signals, eye-contact, experience and - perhaps, just perhaps - a measure of spiritual connection between them.

Azurite Eagles are so deeply embedded in the fabric of Demacia that perhaps there's some spiritual connection between the two of them. As an add-on, she has an older story linked to the Freljord event too. Is that still canon?

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They certainly informed her writing, and it's still certainly not ruled out in her current bio. I think it's more likely she's ventured into the Freljord than deep into Noxus, but those previous adventures could certainly fit in the 'many adventures' she's had as a Ranger-Knight. Why there's no Lucian, Sona or Xin story? Yeah, I know what you mean, and it pained us to leave them out. Trust me, we didn't want to leave them out, but we felt we'd be better served in these stories intended to properly establish the culture of Demacia with champs who more intrinsically represented the character of that realm.

We'll get to them eventually, but for the initial impact, we wanted to focus solely on the champs that are inherently Demacian. Or at least, has Poppy ever walked around where Galio is? And if so, what do they think of each other? If so, what was he doing in Demacia, and where is he headed now? Most of them don't anyway. Yordles use glamour when they appear in front of people. And she spends a lot of time outside the city walls looking for the Hero.

I've been thinking a lot of that lately. Nothing ready to ship yet though. I will let Graham answer this one! I have two questions: If Poppy is not part of the area you guys specialize in, ignore this question. How strong is Poppy without her hammer? And is the power in her, or is the hammer giving her power that it can only give to her?

Jarvan's father expects him to be a perfect exemplar of Demacia so he can become the future king, while Shyvana's mother wanted her to be a dragon worthy of inheriting the fire rune. Both Jarvan and Shyvana are not seen for who they really are - I could see them understanding" "Quote: Demacian update would have updates to Demacian champions.

What can we expect from future lore updates? Any plans for more player interaction with them? I know I asked a lot so dont feel obligated to answer all of them. Thanks for your time.

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I suck at Jarvan, that's my main thought but I am a support main, so it's not surprising. Lee Sin wandered far, to distant places, benevolently aiding those in need. Eventually he reached the Freljord, where he met Udyra wildman who channeled the primal beasts of his homeland. The so-called Spirit Walker struggled to control the powers that warred within him, and Lee Sin began to wonder if controlling the dragon was even possible.

Sharing a need for spiritual guidance, the two men forged a bond, and he invited Udyr on his journey back home. The two were dismayed to hear that the empire of Noxus had invaded and occupied Ionia. Monks from every province had fallen back to defend the holy monastery at Hirana, high up in the mountains.

Lee Sin and Udyr found it besieged. With no other choice left, he invoked the dragon spirit. A tempest of flames engulfed him, searing his skin and burning the sight from his eyes. Imbued with wild power, he crippled the invaders with a flurry of breakneck punches and rapid kicks, the untamable spirit flaring brighter and hotter with each blow. At last, in the blind darkness, he understood that no mortal could ever bend the might of the dragon spirit to their will completely.

Devastated, agonized, he bound a cloth over his sightless eyes and tried to stagger away down the mountain paths. But the surviving elders stopped him. In forsaking all desire for power, their disgraced pupil was finally ready to begin anew.