Kim possible and ron stoppable relationship quizzes

25 Times Kim Possible Proved She’s The Best Disney Girl

kim possible and ron stoppable relationship quizzes

Kim Possible is no exception, having a wide number of ships supported by its fans. future relationship were not dropped however, such as Kim's reaction to Ron where Drakken commented about a personality quiz asking how they'd show. Contents[show] Family Dr. James Possible Kim's father is Dr. James Timothy Kim and Ron have a very distinctive relationship of opposites that covers both their actually known Kim and her best friend (and later boyfriend), Ron Stoppable. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable Tribute I may be a girl who really like super . Or marriage Kim Possible Quotes, Kim Possible Funny, Kim Possible Shego.

One of my favorite older cartoons.

kim possible and ron stoppable relationship quizzes

From the first season, Kim's and Ron's friendship was established as a strong one. Ron was different from any other guy.

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Ron listened to Kim. As we move through the episodes, Ron and Kim argue and learn to understand each other.

Kim Possible: Proof that Kim and Ron Liked Each Other Before Dating

Kim is the popular cheerleader who is smart and athletic while Ron is the under-achieving slacker. Their opposite natures balance each other which is what makes them a great team.

Now let's move on to their relationship. While they were friends, they had a tight bond and cared for each other.

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These two people honestly had a real friendship with each other that I can say felt genuinely real since I have my own guy friend. They either felt jealous or rooted for each other's crushes.

kim possible and ron stoppable relationship quizzes

Now moving on even more to season 3, there were major clues that Kim and Ron were destined to be more than just friends especially in the episode, Emotion Sickness, which shows Kim's emotions being manipulated to the point of falling in love with Ron. Ron did not realize that Kim's emotions were being manipulated at all and was confused. Wade's reaction said it all, that kiss was out-of-nowhere but Ron clearly liked it. Though Ron was also very worrisome of the whole idea of Kim and himself being a couple.

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He did try to convince himself that it was ok. Ron was always anxious of the idea of dating KP because if they broke then things would be awkward but it isn't a mystery that Ron wasn't totally against the idea of himself with Kim. She is beautiful and fierce.

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Now all Kim Possible fans know that those two end up getting together at the end of So The Drama with that one beautiful first kiss. And in season 4, they started dating. Their relationship was even stronger and the two of them were an even cuter couple.

Ron truly cared for Kim and vice versa. I saw their relationship bump up to a whole other level already and saw their love for each other develop. A kind of confession which Kim clung to and after dealing with the mission, grabbed Ron as her date to finish out the night at prom, eventually maneuvered by Rufus into sharing their first kiss as an official couple.

Season 4 Ill-Suited It's the start of Kim and Ron's senior year of high school, and they're still officially boyfriend-and-girlfriend after an entire summer.

Bonnie expresses her disapproval of Kim and Ron's relationship, claiming that it's practically a rule for cheerleaders to date jocks especially considering that they're seniors nowand encourages Kim to break up with Ron "If Ron can't step up, then trade up"which Kim, or course refuses to do.

Kim tells Ron not to obsess about Bonnie's comment, but of course he does. Ron then tries, but fails, to make the Middleton High football team. Not one to give up, after a confrontation with Professor Dementorhe "secretly borrows" Kim's relatively new, virtually indestructible battle suit and makes the football team as the new quarterback, filling the hole left by Brickwho had graduated the previous June, and earning Brick's number. However, after Dementor tries to steal the suit while the couple was at Bueno NachoKim finds out the truth of how Ron really made the team.

Ron tells her why he did it: Barkin, the coach, Ron becomes the new running back for the team, which he's really excited about. However, he's still punished for cheating his way onto the team in the first place by being forced to crab-walk laps around the football field.

kim possible and ron stoppable relationship quizzes