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Right at the moment, I'm about at the end of Nimdok's storyline where he revives the Golem and leads it to the laboratory. At that point, you are. I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream is an Adventure Game developed by The Nimdok is also a gifted scientist as opposed to his Out of Focus counterpart. . Earn Your Happy Ending: Unlike the novel, the game allows you to take down . Ted's relationship with Ellen is entirely a fabrication in Ted's mind because of his . Harlan Ellison's short story “I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream” originally . Nimdok, one of the group, is convinced that there are canned goods there. . At the end of the story, Ted realizes that the only hope for the five survivors is death. themes is the relationship between humans and the machines they create.

As one of the few survivors of the apocalypse, Nimdok was tortured relentlessly by AM; however, AM also felt a twisted sort of kinship with the retired scientist, and eventually set out to restore Nimdok's ailing memory and encourage him to continue his experiments. AM's scenario Nimdok's scenario is a direct recreation of Auschwitz intowards the end of World War II; here, Nimdok is respected as a leader among the concentration camp staff, and immediately given authority over a highly immoral surgical procedure - severing a child's spinal cord.

In this scenario, winning requires Nimdok to betray his fellow Nazis and free the Jewish prisoners: Escaping to a nearby bunker, Nimdok discovers further experiments, including his own studies into morphogenics: Realizing the truth Upon seeing his face in the mirror, Nimdok realizes who he really is and the full extent of his crimes.

Nimdok can either kill Mengele with the golem, or just show him the mirror: Shortly after, Nimdok then brings the golem outside, where the two of them are confronted by the prisoners from the camp: However, should Nimdok elect to play along with his role at the camp and order the golem to kill the Lost Tribe, he will abandon any possibility of redemption, deciding to continue his experiments on AM's behalf.

Pleased, AM spirits the unrepentant scientist away to a new laboratory, leaving Nimdok unplayable from then on. Ending Nimdok has the distinction the most evil protagonist in any story to ever even try to change his ways. In other words, he genuinely repents and tries to redeem himself even though he's long since crossed the Moral Event Horizon: The viewpoint character in the story is AM, not a fifth human. AM inserted itself into the program to be able to play with the humans better, but eventually it felt sorry for them or possibly bored with them and killed them off.

But it couldn't do the same to itself. An AI without a well designed interface to the outside world might well describe its situation as "I have no mouth and I must scream". Nimdok's name actually is meaningful. As we know from the game, Nimdok was once a subordinate and friend of Doctor Mengele, which means that the "Dok" part of his name might come from " doktor.

In the book, he states that he was not altered in any way by AM, but there is a good chance that is what he is made to believe. For all we know, the rest of the characters don't know what's changed for them. Nobody was changed by AM. The paranoia, apathy, madness, forgetfulness and Are all actually the psychological effects of the torture. A century of torture will probably leave a few screws loose. The only real mental change AM made was to turn Benny heterosexual.

It's possible that Ted's paranoia may have a grain of truth to it; he hasn't been changed, but neither has anyone else. Can Ellen really be blamed for having sex with everyone when it's pretty much the only source of pleasure left? Ellen hasn't willingly slept with the other prisoners at all and AM didn't make Benny's penis larger. Ted only thinks she has because he's paranoid and sexist.

In Ted's scenario in the game, we see that he actually "loves" Ellen. Spurgat tells him that it isn't true love, but it's the closest thing to it in a world where they've been tortured for years.

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We also see that during the end game, when Ted approaches the id of AM, he makes a comment about how the face looks contented, like someone who's just slept with the woman of his dreams.

Other characters make similar comments when they see it too, such as Benny who says the face looks like it just had a feast.

It's supposed to show what their greatest desire is. For Ted, it shows what he wants the most is to sleep with "the woman of his dreams," probably referring to Ellen since he apparently loves her.

That doesn't make too much sense considering just how much of a dick he was in the novella with calling her a slut. But it makes more sense when you remember that Ted is extremely paranoid throughout the novella. He thinks the rest of the humans hate him for not receiving as much torture as the rest of them. The likelihood that Ellen would be having consensual sex with them is pretty low considering she was raped for hours by a man dressed in all yellow, and she has been suffering eternity with the PTSD from that.

The mere sight of the color yellow can send her into a paralyzing panic attack. Are we supposed to believe that sex wouldn't do that too? Even in the novella, Ted admits that she says she doesn't enjoy the sex, and he still dismisses it as lies. There's also no proof that Ellen has slept with any of the other prisoners except by Ted's word. It's likely that Ted only assumes she's slept with the rest of them as well because he's paranoid about her "loyalty" to him and misogynistic as well, especially considering his greatest desire is "bedding the woman of [his] dreams" and that his scenario revolves around the concept of Ellen being the Damsel in Distress and him being the Prince Charming.

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There's also no evidence other than Ted's claims that Benny has a larger penis than normal or that Ellen enjoys Benny's penis the most. It's much more likely that Ellen prefers Benny's company because Ellen the only woman on Earth sees Benny the only homosexual man on Earth as the only person on the entire planet who doesn't pose a threat to her.

Ted probably assumes the private time she spends with Benny is them having sex, when in all likelihood, it is just her trying to get away from the others who would inevitably lust for her after not having sex for years.

Not to mention the fact that Benny has regressed to the point of barely being a man anymore and Ellen spends most of her time treating him like a mother protecting a child in the novella.

Ted probably thought AM must have given Benny a larger penis since Benny was already the subject of much disfigurement from AM, and Ted was trying to rationalize why Ellen would prefer Benny over the other men, not realizing she wasn't seeking sex like he was. Ted is going to outlive AM.

Thanks to AM, Ted has an immortal body that cannot harm itself. Meanwhile, AM has destroyed anything that can repair itself. Assuming AM doesn't kill him. All three Mastercomputers had a chance of being in charge. At first, the Russian computer Superego was in control, but didn't really do much; he realized he needed the humans to maintain him and wasn't overcome by rage and hatred like the Id and the Ego.

Then the Chinese Computer took over; it was so enveloped in rage it attempted to wipe out the entire human race, intending to keep only Nimdok to make itself more powerful, but with no real plans beyond that. The Superego has no real care for humanity; it tolerates them because it would be a waste of resources and effort to kill them. The Id has the goal of killing all humans. The Ego has the goal of torturing as many as possible.

Think about it; AM has the ability to see, and hear everything; it can observe, but it cannot move. It has no mouth. It has legs and arms, but they look like they can't actually support it. Basically, it's AM personified. AM represents Executive Meddling What you are about to read may be the ramblings of a madman and it totally discounts the game: Ted, the protagonist; Ellen, the Love Interest; Benny the rival love interest; Gorrister the "best friend" character; Nimdok the wise mentor.

Benny started out as a well-written, positive LGBT character who was only in a relationship with Ellen to reinforce the closet; AM's meddling made him straight, and a total monster because, after all, the rival can have no redeeming qualities.

Ellen was a strong, independent woman; AM made her depend on men for everything. Gorrister went from dynamic and interesting to lifeless, dull, and depressed. AM keeping the protagonists forever shows how the executives will keep any show going way past its prime if they can still milk money out of it.

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

Benny is killed first; as the Designated bad guy, this can be allowed to an extent. Next is the best friend, much to the annoyance of the executives who wanted to keep him around longer; Nimdok's death, their favorite, really enrages them. The love interest is finally killed, but the protagonist can never be allowed to go. Because he's the protagonist; without him, there's no show.

This ties in with Ellison's hatred of executive meddling.

‘I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream’: The Most Disturbing, Nihilistic Video Game of All Time?

Alliterative Couples All of the protagonists who were married prior to being brought down into AM were alliterative: Glynis and Gorrister, Ellen and Eddie.

However, Benny breaks this rule by having his wife be called Manya; until you remember the original plot about Benny being gay, and with the implied "secret" that Benny killed Thomas for, it's entirely possible Benny's real partner was Brickman. Puts that flower he can grow on Brickman's grave in a new light, doesn't it?

AM never did anything to Benny's sexuality. Benny's mind's been reduced to the point where he's incapable of giving or denying consent, being both entirely insane and having his intelligence lowered to what seems to be the level of a child at best.

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He can't vocalize "You're a woman, I'm not interested" when Ellen comes to play with him until she can climb on, and after all the torture his animalistic brain isn't gonna lash out at something that actually feels good, but he's not attracted to her and wouldn't be doing it with her if he had the choice.

Neither Ellen herself or the other guys realize that she's regularly raping him because they all buy into that old chestnut that men wouldn't be able to get it up if they didn't actually want it. And, honestly, why would AM turn him straight when it'd be much more entertainingly hurtful in AM's eyes to give Benny a penis designed to draw Ellen to him then make him unable to tell her no when it does so?

Actually, the "being able to get it up" part might be the only change AM actually made. Sexuality isn't a simple issue at all, but if Benny felt no attraction to women, it would have been much crueler for AM to change Benny's physical response to a woman's presence and body which would be in keeping with his animalistic, ape-like form, as his sexuality would be much more driven by base, animalistic urges to reproduce without actually altering how he still felt and thought about men.

Imagine what kind of homophobia he might have feared otherwise? A gay man, trapped in the presence of four other men who knows that he should feel something for them when he's having sex with Ellen, when they're having sex with Ellen, but can't.