How to make good relationship with husband and wife

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how to make good relationship with husband and wife

Your relationship with your husband or wife might start to take a toll if both Ensure you have your partner's attention before talking about an important issue and considerate, it is always nice to remind and assure your spouse of your love. Your marriage is the most important relationship you'll ever have. Learn to improve it Consciously give your spouse your “best”. Let's face it. "Many times, especially in long-term relationships, the little things our partners do for us get overlooked, which eventually leads to husbands.

how to make good relationship with husband and wife

You're not engaging in the conversation; you're just looking to get it over with. Try not to move on to what you want to talk about. Try to understand your partner's point of view by listening, questioning and finally, understanding.

11 Ways To Make Your Long-Term Marriage Happier, Starting Today

Don't buy stuff, create memories Yes, most women love jewelry, but they also love taking pictures and creating memories. Instead of buying her love with a necklace or a ring, go on sites like Groupon and book an activity that both of you can enjoy together. My wife and I have enjoyed salsa lessons, cooking classes and even a trapeze workshop!

It didn't matter what the event was; it was the fact that we were doing it together that made it special. The accomplishment of doing something together will form a greater bond than any item you can buy. We sometimes forget that everything doesn't revolve around us.

Your wife may be upset about something and it has nothing to do with you. Your wife may be stressed from watching the kids, work, school, whatever.

What should you do? If it's the kids, take them to the mall or the movies. If it's work, pour her a glass of wine and go for a jog.

how to make good relationship with husband and wife

If it's school, buy her an hour massage to relax her. The most important thing is for her to clear her mind and relax. Just give her space and she will appreciate the gesture.

Think before you speak If we just waited that half second, we wouldn't have said it. We get too comfortable and lose sight of the other person's feelings.

How to Improve Your Relationship With Your Spouse (with Pictures)

I can't tell you how many times I received the silent treatment because I said something insensitive. I knew it was bad, but I didn't think before I spoke. There are things we all know that we can or can't say to our spouse. We try to walk this line, especially when we are upset. When you're about to say something, particularly in an argument, just take a deep breath.

Ask yourself, "How will this benefit the situation? Think, speak and be merry.

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Take action This is the most important step. Do the dishes, take out the garbage and hang that picture. Do it before being asked. So many arguments and issues can be resolved by just taking action. If you pursue to be better, you will be.

Once I started to take action, my wife saw me in a different light. She said to me, "Something is up. Did you lose all our money? I want to make you happy. But after a couple of weeks, she began to appreciate what I was doing.

She began to do more things to show her appreciation. It's a great cycle to get into. Are these the end-all, be-all steps to a happy marriage? But I guarantee that your lives will go in the right direction by applying these steps into your daily life. You will feel much better about yourself and your relationship. Take inventory of your strengths, weaknesses, bad habits, and unrealistic expectations of marriage.

Be a student of love. Having a fulfilling and happy marriage comes from the ability to first be a student of what your spouse needs to feel loved, appreciated, respected, and supported. And know that learning this is a life-long experience.

5 Steps to Improve Your Relationship With Your Wife

Listen to her and her needs with the intent to understand her on a deeper level and become a better lover. Your marriage will improve, as a result. Be a teacher of love. Conversely, you need to communicate to your wife what things you need, in order to feel loved, appreciated, respected, and supported. Although she may be great in a lot of ways, she will need you to tell her what you need in this marriage.

Opening these lines of communication — and having talks sometimes difficult ones — will increase your marital bliss for years to come. Develop your emotional vocabulary. She'll be forever grateful and feel closer to you when you're able to "speak her language", as a result. But prioritizing does mean that every decision you make about your life i. Still be true to yourself, but also be aware of the deeper consequences your choices will have before you act on them.

In marriage, the only things that are his and hers separately are the wedding rings.

how to make good relationship with husband and wife

Life stresses, mental health challenges, substance abuse issues, financial stresses, difficult kids, etc. So communicate your struggles and challenges openly with your wife, so that you both can face them head on as team. After all, with unity comes power. Date her all over again.

how to make good relationship with husband and wife

Keep your spark — and her passion and admiration for you — alive by continuing to court her long after your wedding date. Just like you have passion for your favorite sports team or favorite video game, show some passion about being a great husband.

Fight for the relationship. Wives like to feel desired and needed, even when they are upset about the marriage. Instead, a great husband fights harder to make the marriage work. You can choose to be passive, aggressive, or assertive — and being assertive is the key to marital success.

The passive guy is the one that feels he has no voice in the marriage, makes no decisions, and goes along with every decision his wife makes. The aggressive guy is the one that speaks too much and too harshly, intimidates his spouse, and makes it hard for his spouse to make a decision. And the assertive guy is the one that is confident, communicates effectively with his spouse, and respects their differences of opinions.