Helly shah and namish taneja relationship help

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helly shah and namish taneja relationship help

The actor has professed his relationship - Six years! That's how long Swaragini actor Namish Taneja kept his relationship under wraps Swaragini's Helly Shah and Namish Taneja to come together for a new show?. Swaragini — Jodein Rishton Ke Sur commonly abbreviated as Swaragini is an Indian Swaragini is based on the bittersweet relationship between two half- sisters, Helly Shah, Tejaswi Prakash, Varun Kapoor, and Namish Taneja play the lead the help of Lakshya Maheshwari (Namish Taneja) who is Ragini's fiancee. Swaragini's Lakshya aka Namish Taneja says he is single. Ajay Maken Resigns As Delhi Congress Chief, Thanks Party Workers, Rahul For Support of the show, Helly Shah (Swara) and Tejaswi Prakash Wayagankar (Ragini). If I date someone, I will not hesitate to say that I am in a relationship.. ".

Both families are neighbors, but Swara and Ragini's grandmother don't get along. Ragini's father Shekhar and Swara's mother Sharmishtha were lovers in the past and Swara is Shekhar's daughter. Swara comes to know this truth, so she and Ragini join together to reunite their parents.

They both get their parents married.

helly shah and namish taneja relationship help

Laksh Maheshwari enters their lives. Ragini and Laksh's engagement happens. Ragini starts loving Laksh. Laksh doesn't wanted to get married to Ragini so Ragini calls off their marriage. Laksh helps them to reunite their parents. While helping them Laksh falls in love with Swara while Swara doesn't reciprocates his feelings.

Everybody comes to know about this. Ragini and Swara's alluring relationship is ruined because Ragini's love for Laksh turns into an obsession. Swara also starts loving Laksh. Ragini starts hating Swara and faking that she loves her.

Swara and Laksh get engaged after a few conflicts. There enters Sanskaar Maheshwari, Laksh's cousin brother who pretends to be mentally ill to get revenge from Laksh's father Durga Prasad and Laksh as he blames Durga Prasad and Laksh for his girlfriend Kavita's death.

Ragini comes to know about Sanskaar's truth and starts helping him. They work together to ruin Swara and Laksh's relationship. Shobha comes to know about Ragini and Sanskaar's truth but she meets with accident and goes to coma. They give drugs to Swara to make the family believe that Swara takes drugs. Swara comes to know about Sanskaar's truth and clears his misunderstanding and makes him realise his mistake.

Sanskaar apologizes to everyone and his misunderstanding is cleared. Ragini tricks Laksh and marries him by making Laksh believe that Swara betrayed him. Shobha returns from coma and reveals Ragini's truth to everybody but nobody believes her. Swara and Sanskaar fake marriage to reveal Ragini's truth to everyone and reunite Sharmishtha and Shekar.

Sanskaar falls in love with Swara but doesn't expect Swara to reciprocate his feelings.

Swaragini’s Lakshya Aka Namish Taneja Is Single!

Swara and Sanskaar get married for real because of Ragini. Laksh comes to know about Ragini's truth. Soon, Swara, Sanskaar and Laksh expose Ragini's truth. Sharmishtha and Shekhar reunite. Ragini leaves the Maheshwari house. Sanskaar wants a relationship with Swara but Swara wants to divorce. Laksh wants to start a relationship with Swara again but Swara refuses to do so.

Ragini pretends to memory loss so she returns to Maheshwari house to prove Swara wrong. Swara also returns to Maheshwari house.

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Laksh wants to start a relationship with Swara but she tells him that she has moved on in her life. Later Ragini's truth is out and Swara gets angry on Ragini and kicks her out of the house. Ragini is no where to be found, but Laksh kidnaps Ragini and after Ragini is found, Laksh makes the family believe that Swara is the one behind Ragini's kidnap.

Later Ragini's grandmother Parvati makes Dugra Parsad promise that Ragini will be the owner of all the wealth for Laksh not to be in jail. Swara starts loving Sanskaar. Ragini makes a party because Dugra Prasad will give all his wealth to her.

helly shah and namish taneja relationship help

Swara steals the real papers and put fake papers and she tells Dugra Prasad about her plan. While signing the paper, the pen's ink run out while Ragini hasn't signed her name. Swara gives her a pen and Ragini is concerned so Ragini sees that the those papers are fake. Ragini asks Swara where are the real papers, but Swara refuses to tell. Ragini threatens Dugra Prasad that if Swara doesn't bring the real papers she will tell everyone about his secret.

Dugra Prasad asks Swara to give her the real papers, Swara agrees and Ragini signs the papers. Ragini starts threatening the family. Swara doesn't want to divorce Sanskaar, but Ragini tricks Swara by threatening Dugra Prasad to make Swara sign the papers.

Swara signs the papers. Swara leaves the Maheshwari house, but is concerned about Dugra Prasad's secret. Swara comes to know about Dugra Prasad's secret and exposes the truth to the family before Ragini. There returns Sanskaar's girlfriend Kavita who wasn't dead.

Swaragini - Jodein Rishton Ke Sur

Kavita had been in coma for two years. Kavita and Sanskaar get engaged, but Kavita comes to know that Swara and Sanskaar love each other and calls off her engagement with Sanskaar. Kavita and Urvashi's plan fails. Swara and Ragini reunite.

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Ragini thinks that Lakshya loves her while he has been faking it to trick Ragini into signing divorce papers. Swara and Sanskaar get happily married. Kavya is evil but soon gets exposed and gets arrested by the police. Later Lakshya realises his mistake and he and Ragini and get remarried and consummate their marriage. Swara and Sanskaar consummate their marriage as well.

helly shah and namish taneja relationship help

Rajat only wants Uttara for her wealth. Swara comes to know and Uttara and Rajat's marriage is called off. Rajat kidnaps Swara and Sanskaar follows them. Sanskaar shoots Rajat and he falls off a cliff pulling Swara with him.

Swara is saved by rockstar Sahil Sengupta Anuj Sachdeva. She regains consciousness but loses her memory. Swara returns to her parents' house with Sahil. She only remembers Ragini, Shobha, and Sharmishtha.

Sahil falls in love with Swara and comes to know that Swara was married to Sanskaar. Later Swara gets her memory back. Sahil kidnaps Swara but his mother Maya helps Swara escape and gets Sahil arrested.

helly shah and namish taneja relationship help

Sharmishtha is pregnant but Parvati and the Maheshwari family are against her pregnancy. Sharmishtha has a fall and is admitted to the hospital.

The doctor tells the family that Sharmishtha has had a miscarriage. Actually, Parvati bribes a nurse and gives away Sharmishtha's baby to a beggar. Swara comes to know that Sharmishtha's baby is alive. Swara and Sanskaar go to an orphanage to inquire about Sharmishtha's baby and come to know that the baby has been adopted. Sharmishtha gets her baby back. Lakshya gets involved in the drug business. Sanskaar ends up mistakenly killing Lakshya.

Swara breaks all ties with Sanskaar and both Ragini and she leave for their home. Soon, Swara, Ragini and Sanskaar find that Lakshya was alive, and it is revealed that he was framed.