Glee brittany and santana relationship quiz

What Glee girl are you most like?

glee brittany and santana relationship quiz

The Brittany-Santana Relationship, commonly referred to as Brittana or Santittany , is the romantic relationship and friendship between Brittany Pierce and. Can you name the Glee Romantic Partners? Test your knowledge on Television Quiz / Glee Romantic Relationships. Random Santana, Mr. and Mrs. Beard. Artie, Assumed Brittany, Assumed Endgame. Kurt, Possible. Take this quiz and i'll calculate which glee girl you're the most similar to, personality, lifestyle, and Santana Lopez, she's by but knows what she wants.

Over the years, the two remained the best parental units in Glee. Tough but loving, they wanted the best for their boys. Even though they lost one of their children, they were able to find joy again. After breaking up with Sam and Rachel respectively, Quinn and Finn found themselves as a couple again in the back half of season two. Finn seemed to have forgotten that Quinn lied and cheated on him previously in the first season, leading to her pregnancy.

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Also they just did not seem happy as a couple during that time. Their relationship was fairly fraught from the beginning. Emma running away at the wedding and Will adopting a playboy attitude after dumping Teri definitely were low points, but the pair always remained drawn to each other. They fact that they always cared for each other, even when they were upset, showed how deep their feelings went.

Glee Brittana quiz

Their relationship definitely provided some sweetness to the series. It also added some amazing musical sequences.

glee brittany and santana relationship quiz

Their happy ending made for the stuff of dreams: Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz are great friends and the chemistry translate well together onscreen. There were some insecurities on both sides, but Artie was such a bad boyfriend.

He ignored her to focus on playing video games and definitely was sexist toward her. While these are tendencies he would eventually outgrow somewhat, it still was terrible that this couple fell apart. They definitely needed to stay friends. While the pair were on and off throughout the seasons, they finally made the big commitment in season six.

Criss and Colfer consistently had amazing chemistry with each other.

Santana & Brittany - All "Brittana" Scenes - Part 1

Even when Kurt and Blaine were broken up, you still wanted to see them back together again. His pool cleaning service was less about pools and more about servicing the lonely older women who owned them. The duo spent time with Shelby and Beth. Somehow Puck and Shelby ended up together.

glee brittany and santana relationship quiz

Season three definitely was when Glee jumped the shark. No one ever mentioned the relationship again, and we were fine with that.

The two broke up in season two. In season three, they almost got married. They broke up again in season four, but it appeared like they could get together again in the future.

They were the endgame-- Ryan Murphy said that the final moments of the series would be about them. But when Monteith passed, we lost someone truly special. They briefly dated throughout the fourth season. Yet, Adam did not have an interesting personality. He and Kurt definitely had a lot more chemistry.

Santana and Brittany were best friends and, as it turns out, occasional friends with benefits. In season two, Santana realized that she was a lesbian and loved Brittany. The two got back together in season three but broke up again when they both realized that they wanted different things.

Eventually, Santana and Brittany reunited and stayed together until they were married. Rivera and Morris had a lovely amount of chemistry together over the series. Evidently opposites do attract, as shown in another stunning piece by ileliberte which even features a kitty. Santana ends up marrying Brittany, but fans are still intrigued with the potential dynamic between Tina and Santana. The two go on to become good friends despite their awkward meeting.

The two would probably need to sit down and have a long talk about the animosity between them, especially since Blaine gets injured because of their feud. The duo ends up at the University of Lima together, even becoming roomies, and Puck joins the Air Force to honor his friend after he passes.

Quinn and Rachel could retain their original Glee dynamic, but gradually become friends until one day, Rachel disappears and shows up as the Winter Soldier. There are so many angst-ridden possibilities. Maybe this occurs before Blaine ever meets Kurt, but they do seem to be drawn to look a little older.

glee brittany and santana relationship quiz

There are so many possibilities for this alternate universe, including adding fantastical elements! Sam looks a bit like Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty, especially with the sword and red cape. And given the fundamental differences between their divine statuses, a whole ton of angst is sure to ensue.