Gemini man and taurus woman love relationship

Your Match: Gemini Man And Taurus Woman Love Compatibility

gemini man and taurus woman love relationship

Love match compatibility between Taurus woman and Gemini man. Read about the Taurus female love relationship with Gemini male. A Gemini man and a Taurus woman relationship will work wonders if He should court her for as long as possible, because she loves to be. If you're looking on how compatible are Gemini man and Taurus woman and how you can bring that Gemini man closer, you're on the right place.

A Gemini man can make us go crazy, there will be many battles to fight but their way of being is also a mystery to us, that makes us feel attracted to them. A Gemini man feels probably attracted to a Taurus woman too because of the way we are, they know that they will drive us crazy but kind of enjoys it, and no matter what they do they know that if there's any woman who will love them unconditionally for who they are and what they do, it'll be a Taurus woman.

A man just want security, so what if he flirts a little, telling them wont make them stop it'll only push them away. I am in a relationship with a Gemini man of 2 years now, I am also pregnant with our first baby and things are wonderful. It do happens ladies, oh and did a tell you he's black and I'm white, that's a whole other topic. You can always speculate of what's wrong or right but to much of that will leave you waiting for mr.

Whatever makes you happy is what matters the most. Black, white, Gemini Taurus it's all about respect, compromising and love. But who knows maybe I was lucky. Hang in there me fellow taurean women, a Gemini man ain't that bad. I am strangely in love with this woman. I found out that she had lived her life as a lesbian before me.

She didn't tell me, someone else did. She did confess though. Anyway, she is very stubborn and untrusting of men, period. We met on business and then our attraction was more than either of us expected. I love her but just like I might two sides to my personality, she does also. Maybe that's why I am so attracted, because of the other life that I feel she has. She is very jealous and insecure, but very loving and caring.

I know I drive her crazy, but it's no cakewalk for me either. But what can I say However this thing turns out. I will never forget her I'm a Gemini male who split up with my Taurus ex-girlfriend about months ago just short of our 2nd anniversary. I understand the mutual attraction that most have talked about on this board a sort of 'chemistry' as she once called it in the early daysand it is certainly to do with our different approaches.

But I'm not sure those two different approaches can be reconciled in the long term, even if it is what marks the relationship out as being fun and exciting for a while.

After all, a little bit of tension is always necessary for attraction to flourish otherwise you may as well just be friends. I'm not suggesting that she is artificial, far from it. The point is that it is in her nature to be so, and it doesn't sit well with the Gemini male who is more spontaneous and carefree, and believes that deeply rooted love and affection of the lasting kind simply cannot be forced.

I felt as though the longer the relationship went on, the less my feelings were being understood, or were even being thought of as part of the equation, and the more hers became dominant. Double-standards became standard if you insist something should be a certain a way with us, why is your best friend a sleazy womanizer Scorpio!! I want my woman to be my equal but it almost felt at times that she wanted to act the passive female and I was the one who should take charge and 'make our destiny'!

I could talk for ever about this. It's nice to get it off my chest. And yet, I still miss her and there is a part of me that still loves her.

I would want to try again with her, but not in a capacity where I felt I had to 'teach' her my point of view. I would rather she could be a bit more discerning, sensitive and empathetic. I don't know if Taurus women, with all due respect, display such attributes in the same mould and complexity as the Gemini male mind. Im a Taurus female and have been involved with a Gemini man for only 8 months but it feels like 8 years.

The first 3 months were like a scene out of a love story, he was sweet, charmingand not a day went by he didn't tell me how sexy and beautiful I am. He would call and text every moment he had free and just as fast as it began it left. The calls stopped when ever I called he would have to call me back, his cell phone was always ringing and it was like pulling teeth for him to come by and see me. I felt he was getting bored so I even tried an open relationship, he was not having it, I felt trapped and I just wanted thing to go back to the way they used to be, broken promises, and lie after lie.

I called it quits a month ago but he still calls saying how much he messed up and wants me back, it took a lot of will power but when I break I break! To the girl who's having probs with Gemini guy, been there done that, try Taurus guy, they wonderful in every way ; I am a Taurus woman who just never got with a Gemini man. I just ended my engagement with a Taurus man, his anger was the worst. I am not this way. I love trying new things and this Gemini loves that too.

Taurus girl ha its me! I did like a Gemini guy in my life and he s the only guy I have ever loved till now. Dunno how I fell but I just did in time. I used to feel he was so much into me, but by the time I was in, he was out! Commitment question shattered my dreams, for me love is very much the same as un conditional commitment but not for him. I feel we still r connected mentally but now I feel its all just a illusion! I still honestly love him inside, and do pray to god to give him the best in his life.

Though am shattered have collected the pieces of my broken heart and trying to move on into a more stable strong place in life. Though we were in love for only 4 months I got attached too much in short time!

Though it was not anything more than talking, caring for each other, giving each other treats I still felt we were so attached. One thing I advise to my fellow women is, when it the end the way he so easily comes out of it when you r still limping kil ls you but he s not you're guy girl!! Never make tis mistake of fallin for a Gemini guy instead I ll go for a Scorpio as my life partner who can support my passion understand my different outlook ,accept me as I am finally knows tat am really special: I'm happy for everyone who did find love with a Gemini man but for me it just wasn't right at all.

We were just to different and the "two personality" thing that they have going on was just to much to handle.

However when it happens I'm sure its magical. Sometimes being different can make THE best love match. Just not for me. To the woman who wrote about being in a interracial relationship, and being a Taurus woman with a Gemini man. I think that's great, you go girl! It's all about respect for one another. And I wish you all the best. Stay strong my Taurus women out there. Gemini guy is totally complicated, still thinks he s simple!

Full of rubbish still thinks he s clean! Full of lies still thinks he s honest! Fully superficial still wants others to love him deep! Full of non sense still thinks others should be sensible! Girl pl love you're selves and let these selfish creatures live wit people as selfish as them. Good luck Everything will appear good in early days wit Gemini guys for taurean females in long run they will be trapped become victims! Girls pl suspect think love you're selves never fall for Gemini guys!

Beware of them I am in love with a Gemini in my class I m Taurus. He is sometimes so witty and funny. Sometimes he gets bored so easily and then just gets happy again its so confusing. Okay I must admit it every time I see him talking to another girl I feel somewhat jealous but try to hide it when he looks at me.

One day, I was not that good on hiding my jealousy, he say me and came over he started teasing me about being jealous. I read some of what people said on here, and I really do think that Gemini men are misunderstood, and they need women that understand their personality and deal with them.

I love intellectual convos, but I like the same in return. I need a smart Taurus girl who is very understanding, and extremely patient. I know that would be the perfect match for both wow. I don't no what he want in a girl. I try to do everything but its never enough. Gemini men, we just can't resist them can we?? I'm a Taurus girl and I'm attracted to this Gemini boy in my school.

Everyday its a rollercoaster, He'll be smiling and adoring one day and the next day he's quiet and bored with life. I feel such a strong connection with him. My Gemini man makes me feel Different when I'm with him. Its true he's 'Flirtatious, witty, and charming. I like this rollercoaster. I dated a Gemini man for about 7 months I loved being with him when he was being sweet, but then his entire personality would flip and he would be so rude and sarcastic but then not understand why it made me angry because he was "just having fun".

I wanted to end things because his split personality and flirtatious nature drove me insane, but at the same time being without him made me miserable. Believe just exactly the same thing happened to me word to word, I was in love for 6 months, he had dual personalities or more than tat!

When I went total insane confused at him flirting a lot, taking me out but looking at other girl s! I decided asked him what he was about? He said he likes me but he wants variety, and lots of freedom!! My heart cracked yes I heard it crack: I have not seen one Gemini man stand up for him self on this page but its ok. But in life I think every one haves there day.

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Its misunderstood for the most part one thing about Gemini people we have to be happy in an out. We love new things, trips, spending time with loved ones, ect.

So there for people tend to get upset if they have to repeat the selves. Sorry but Gemini's are just that way. An hate to fall in love. Yes we can be very hard at times but in my since I think that's a way that we show are love. I think it should be 50 50 at all times if you love then you help no matter what. Still we as humans will never fully understand the way we live but we try to make it a little easy on your other.

I just wanted to free my mind for a little and let some of yall know that Gemini's are not always bad we are just misunderstood. We have been together 4 a month now. And we might have our ups and downs here and there. And we have been close to breaking up almost 3 times already. But in the end we always go back to each other. I have a lot of guy friends and he doesn't like that. Its only been a month but I have truly learned to love him. I agree, life without a Gemini would never be the same, at least mine wouldn't.

He makes me feel different I'm trying so hard not to loose him. The 1st two times we broke up he came back to me. But I don't want their to be a third. A Gemini guy s like a innocent colourful bird: But being very ignorant of the fact of hurting its feeder emotion less innocent bird just flies off when it becomes bored! More than calling them bad its just the way they r! I strongly advise my fellow mother earth taurean girls just c them from distance enjoy their company nvr develop any love or attachment for these birds as its their nature to fly off!

Find a water sign to make a fertile paste: Am a taurean girl. I have seen 3 Gemini guys very closely in my life! First two from my childhood day my buddies, last one in past 1 yr. I made the mistake of falling in love wit tat guy. But here am to tell few facts about Gemini guys to my fellow women. C for a Gemini guy who s very much using his brain a real love can easily happen only during his very early days like high school once they pretty grow up, it almost never happens as deeply as it does for we guys or other signs!

So they r superficial or they forget things easily so don't care much about emotions, attachments, sentiments etc all they know is fun, conversations, good things, praises, status, etc they many of them neither understand or respect something called true love as long as their peers r jealous of their spouses!

Its the way a Gemini guy is! Use common sense even if they r one of the most beautiful colourful creatures on tis earth like birds, but girl being a earth don't you should just admire them at distance and get locked you're self fall in love commit to you're true soul mate a water sign or another earth??? Because when the colourful creature ignorant at themselves of hurting others as its just their true nature, fly away, who will be hurt?? If you want a bad guy go for Scorpio, or anyone other than a gem.

I know my guy was good but its his nature to not use sentiments and fly off. Im a 19 year old Taurus and im in love with a 30 yr old Gemini man. Maybe he does look at other women I look at guys but he always come home to me: I've only been seeing him maybe 3 months and I still cant get enough of him! Everyday is something new and he spoils me rotten. Im hoping and I've prayed that our relationship will grow stronger and that he doesn't turn out to be just another guy but so far I've seen no signs.

I think if its working for me then it could for you too with God and communication let that stubbornness go for a sec and u'll see I met my Gemini man online and we had wonderful conversations. He was so sensitive and caring, wanting to know everything about me and I wanted to know everything about him as well. We shared wonderful conversations, late into the evening. We'd text all day Of course, everyone on the social network we are notices the sweet posts we have for each other.

At the 3 month point Then immediately, texted back, 'can I say that'? He backed way off after that point. I was used to him taking time to himself. Some days I wouldn't hear from him and he'd pop back up out of nowhere saying Hi. He still chats and texts me as much as he always has, but it's formal.

I might mention we are miles apart!! He has said, he cannot under stand how he can love someone he's not met and he says I'm unreal in a very real way his heart feels me.

I told him to go. He's gone out with other girls and he'll come home and chat me until 3 or 4am. Sometimes, He even texts me while he's out on his date. He cannot live without me, asks me to leave him voicemails to he can hear my voice. If I don't text or chat him, he wonders where I am and sends me notes and leaves voicemail asking where I am. All of my friends say to let him go, to go with a Sagittarius that's chasing me in a huge way. I can't stop thinking of him and he can't stop thinking of me.

We wake up in the middle of the night and will text 'go to sleep' because we know when one of us is awake. It's magical, complicated and bizarre to love someone like this. I crave his gentle sensitivity, his intelligence, his warmth and his imagination but don't like the silences he goes into. I will be relocating to his area in a couple of months, not for him, but for other reasons. Hopefully, we can finally come together and see what this is all about.

I've already set him free. I don't think he wants to be. The more he tries, the more he comes back to me. Isn't that a strange twist?? IM A Taurus female and have been dating a Gemini male for 8 months now and yes true on the Roller-coaster but he is sooo worth it in the end I would go crazy with out him and cant go a day without him they are not how people say they are he loves me just as much as I love him and reminds me of it quite often.

We are not that rude, this depend on different situation. The only thing to know is how to tackle things and how to convince. After all every couple is not that perfect, we need to understand each other, I think the best idea is communication, understanding our life partner.

We are not bad after all. Girls you will learn lessons within 2 yrs all about the time: Gemini will always be a Gemini! One thing I feel bad about we girls is the way we r damn easily impressed, we get carried over very fast by love and get blinded in it to the extent we keep happily forgiving them sometimes we even feel it great yes its true!! But it was meant to because no matter what others say we guys learn only from our mistakes: I swear I wanna marry this man I think he is my dream husband by im still worried about the other side!!!

I think she feels the same towards me but she's sooooo patient its driving me nuts! I try not to text her all the time cause I don't want her to think im over bearing. To all you Taurus Girls out there. I'm a Taurus female and have been with a Gemini male for 16 months. It is so true the relationship is on the Roller-coaster but he still drives me crazy: I never feel bored when I'm with him. However, as a Taurean girl, I prefer security, stability and commitment. The big fight always happens when I pushed him to come to a conclusion about our relationship and that scared him off.

I believe that he does love me and he has tried hard to make me happy, but it's still the kind of huge pain at my heart not being able to figure out what exactly he is thinking. To be with a Gemini guy does require lots of patience, understanding and compromise, which seems to be necessary in any relationship-marriage dictionary.

So, what I've learned from the 16 months boils down to one tedious sentence: I don't know if I'm right or wrong, give it a try Taurean girls, if you do love your Gemini guy. I wish all good luck, including myself! I'm a Gemini man. Only for such minor affection that can only be had by a Taurus women. You are the stability and affection that we love to be around and are willing to do just about anything for you.

We always get accused of being two personalities. They are very easy to understand. We just want to see and enjoy different things. We want to do this with a loving partner who is not afraid of showing affection.

Few women do this. A sensual Taurus woman can. Otherwise we just do it on our own and are content. Sometimes we feel a little lonely, frustrated with life challenges that we normally do very well with. We can be home bodies, possessive, jealous, great with money, great lovers, likes the finer things of life and grounded.

gemini man and taurus woman love relationship

I did love my Gemini guy more than myself and still love him silently after 1 and half yr there s not a single day single hour goes by without me thinking of him! I was always loyal to him and I was not able to express myself full when I was wit him for 4 months due to many reasons! Almost everyday goes by crying in silence remembering lost memories, I understood him liked him loved him more than myself in just 4 months but after 7 months when the question of commitment came, he broke me down by asking me 'u were really so serious '?

I nvr expected those words from him as I always perceived him damn close. I was shattered my dreams gone it was lik I lost my life s battle! I lost 1 yr of my academics, still I was not able to hate him to push myself upeven now I cant!! He came out wit flying colours. After all tat durin his treat he hurt me by tryin to underes timate my brilliance. I hav let him go forever! I don't want him back anytime in any possible ways! For even now I suffer from tat trauma!

I do wish silently he gets all tat he wantsI will nvr ever again talk, or message him. I hav moved on slowly wit 1 yr balance. But I wish atleast 1 day in his future he should realise how much I loved him and could nvr express it properly. Good luck girls I am a Taurus girl currently dating a Gemini man.

I don't know what it is about them but I just love them, yes it's very true it is two of them. It keep you guessing sometime you don't know if you coming or going,because their so wishy washy, but I have learned that you cannot rush them to commit.

At their own time they will. I think Taurus women are into Gemini men because their such a challenge and their love for change. Gemini men are the bad boy and every good Taurus girl love a bad boy. I can only speak for myself.

I couldve easily done a year more. I fell in love about 5 months in. I took care of him because he was a big slob. HE lied about everything and the person he was.

I ended up moving in and within two months found out he was someone I didn't know. I threatened him I yelled I called him everything I could think of but decided to give him a chance. Also he stopped wanting to go out and got into a deep depression. I hate his guts. Girls its my duty to save all my fellow Taurus girls!

Kick them out of you're lives no matter how bad it feels then take time to heal you're selvesbelieve me there r a lot better guys out on earth! Not the bloody lying, slyirresponsible, superficial Gemini anymore!! Try Tauruscancer, virgo, capriwe don't hav a for ever time on earth to waste on useless emotion less, passion less irritating Gemini s!! Live you're life wit utmost respect and you deserve a true lovin guy as you love true honest sincere! Kick them out first.

Good luck Taurus female here Don't ever think this match will work.

gemini man and taurus woman love relationship

They're borderline crazy, in my opinion. I am a Taurus women and have been talking to this Gemini guy for about two months now and he doesn't want a relationship like I do. Sometimes he can be sweet, loving, and naturing.

Other times he can be a jackass. He said he wants to take a chance with me and start a relationship but I've been waiting for two weeks already. I really like him and sex is great. I'm a Taurus woman who have loved a Gemini man for the past 9 years! I couldn't agree more. Life with him is like a rollercoaster. It's crazy yet beautiful. I'm uberly stubborn and hard-headed and I often question him things and that pushed him away at times and can be come a starting point for an argument.

After 9 years our sex is still amazingly good, we would still do it everyday or 5 times a week! Things ended last month. He tell me he loves me, all the time! Saying I was the best thing that ever happened to me bla bla bla bla. I'm done trying and believing.

Done putting up with the same thing over and over again. Found out he cheated with a friend of mine a saggi I ddnt see any signs, he jst became another person, today he will say he loves me and the next he would say he loves her and madly wants to be with her. When I confronted him he said he wants to explore more, he wants to be with me but not now, he wants to see how he is with someone else. He even said, if he's going to marry that person would be me but for now he needs freedom.

But knowing a Taurean like me, that makes no sense and is a F rubbish. I was deeply hurt, heart shattered. I've done so much for him, helped him became who he is today. But all in all, he's got a good heart. Very smart and intellectual. Wishing he would realise what he's doing. I often think they don't look before they leap, they often regret later. So girls out there, buckle up.

You're gna have a crazy ride. I've been with a Gemini man for 2years and one month. At first everything was like a dream come true.

He was the sweetest guy you could ever meet. He never called or txtd me. He would flirt with a lot of girls. Until one day I saw him making out with another girl but I walked away he was shakingg and his eyes looked like they were about to cry.

I asked him why would you do this to me? I walked away and told him that its over. That girl just kept on laughing.

Are Taurus & Gemini Compatible? - Zodiac Love Guide

I needed to be with him and he apologized and told me how sorry he was that it wont happen again. I forgave him because I loved him. I was afraid of how it wud be for me if we break up because I was so used to being with him. He would always judge me and tell me what to weart and that I shouldn't show skin becuase im his and he doesn't want other guys staring at me. I got tired of it. I didn't dress like a slut he just didn't want me to dress up nicely so no other guy could look at me.

He was somtimes good but never actually showed that he loved me even though he wud say it. He is so bipolar. I was like bullshit. I loved him so much but eventually that feeling faded away. But there's a this guy that myfirst impression was damn he's cute. He sits in front of me on the bus and he started talking to me. I only see him on the bus. I try not to show it. My birthday is May 1st and his Jun 1st I don't know if that could be good thing.

I don't wanna get to excited cuz it might just be an illusion. I don't know if shud go for another Gemini im afraid that he might turn out to be like the other one. What should I do? I read enough -lols I"m Gemini man - I'm reading these comments because i'm looking for an answer why we split up me and my girl Taurus. I"m dying over taurus. I'm gonna tell you the secret about Gemini man. Gemini's weakness is the being affectionate personality.

Taurus is very affectionate. It's true that we got bored easily, but it doesn't mean we can just replace for another woman because we flirt a lot. It don't mean shit. Deep down he's thinking about you.

For the comments " I asked a Gemini guy to define poor relationship and now it feels like he is pulling away, what should I do now?

Because once change his mind there are no turning back. Why should you taking him back? I ll tell you why - because if you win his hearth he'll do anything for you.

gemini man and taurus woman love relationship

I mean I guess not all Gemini is like that but in my opinion if woman respect my heart I'm down for an ything of she needs. It's not always being intellect remember that win his heart.

I guarantee he will stick with you for the rest of his life. I am a Taurean 'she' and I am very much in love with my Gemini man. True enough most of the traits of a Taurus woman, I have. My first love is music. I love natural sorroundings. I love culinary arts. I love talented people. I bake and cook. Frugal, that's also me: My boyfriend is a Gem and yes he has the traits of a gem.

It's scary if you will always base relationship with the signs, although it can help you, because for me all that matters is the feelings towards each other. And that is what he thinks too.

Gemini man and Taurus woman

One time he told me "let's prove the world that that we can work this out" although I think he didn't mean 'signs and compatibility'. Anyhow I didn't bother to ask him why he said that. That line will never be taken away from me. It's engraved in my heart.

I hope that I only love once. I would really really want love my Dolphin "forever". He is actually m y first love and my first everything if you know what I mean. I'll do my best to make things work. The only way perhaps that can break us up is if he will say the words 'I don't love you anymore'. Unless I will hear this from him, I will keep on loving him. And as long as he and I continue to be prayerful we both can really work our relationship to its best.

I wish all of my Taurean sisters out there happiness and blessings. Just continue loving and praying. What is also good between us, if this may help you all out there, is I always tell him what I'm comfortable with and what I'm not and vice versa. Now I realise that he brings out the best in me and I am bringing out the best in him. He gives me new perspectives and feeds me things in larger spectrum.

In my heart I now I am giving him the love, affection, support in the best words and actions I know. I don't want to flatter myself again by sharing this to others that my Gem-man had told me that's one thing he loves about me about me- I don't lie and I always make sure we talk things over in order to solve them no matter how trivial they are.

I've 'dated' three Taurus women for longer than a couple of months, anyway. And let me just say that I have definitely been horribly entertained by these anecdotes about failed relationships.

I've always had a lot of friends, male and female more so than my Taurus counterparts. Not because I was controlling or anything of the sort, but it was because I simply don't want to do things that I have no interest in.

Sounds simple and logical enough, right? I was always happy with throwing parties or going out to bars or meeting new people, or having absolutely no plan and just driving around to find something completely random to do.

I am an unintentionally huge flirt! Even while having a 'relationship' I sti ll refuse to call it that. The flirting aspect is something that comes natural to me, and it's more of a means to sharpen my wit, than to get anything out of it.

I don't and have never tolerated jealousy or nagging or being controlled in any way. Maybe it's Taurus' innate desire to "tame" or "change" me that keeps them coming, who knows. I'm just saying that you won't change me or a Gemini male but you're more than welcome to keep trying.

I can know all about his flirtacious and inconsitent behavior- hot then cold, but my patience is limited.

Gemini Man and Taurus Woman – Love Compatibility, Friendship

I adore this Gemini man, but I can't put up with his inconsitency any longer. He knows how I feel about him, and it is in my nature to be upfront and forth coming, which is probably a mistake with a Gemini man. But I cannot waste anymore time, but I so adore him. I think we could get to the I love you stage but if not I want to leave him before he leaves me cos i'm afraid I would be very hurt.

No Gemini for Taurus girls please on tis earth! Had enough please be friends and just friends wit them girlsit ll nvr ever work out. Believe me, can a match between aliens and us work out? I'm an african Taurus girl and I have been with 3 Gemini guys so far.

The first was am irish man. The relationship was perfect for 6 weeks and then he fled. It was his fear of commitment. The 2nd Gemini was an austrian. We dated for 7 months with a lot of drama: And any time he wanted to break up I said: He is often confused, inside, as he enjoys the company of his twin, which makes him a two-natured individual. The female Taurus is a very emotional sun sign, apart from being independent, loyal, short-tempered and stubborn.

Thus, the Gemini male and Taurus female relationship compatibility can be fruitful for both of them. Gemini Man and Taurus Woman: The Love Affair Though this Gemini-Taurus love compatibility can work wonders, there are possibilities for them to not be able to decide whether they should continue the relationship or not.

Especially, from the male Gemini's side. But the case is very different for a Taurus woman, unlike the Gemini man who will take a lot of time to decide, because of his confusing twin nature. Once she has fallen in love with the Gemini man, she will do anything and everything to keep up the relationship and try her best to get things working out for each other.

It is not that the Gemini male is not interested in her, but because of his twin persona, it becomes one big task to decide upon something especially in the matters of love, the question if he should be with her or not. But the female Taurus will wait till the end, as she believes that patience works wonders for everyone, including her. The Gemini man is emotionally timid, and Gemini love is very fragile, which may break him, if there are certain planetary movements and changes that compel her to leave him.

But this happens seldom. Level of Understanding The level of understanding between this duo, depends a lot on how the Gemini man and Taurus woman compatibility is. There are less chances for them to not be together, in a similar situation, if they fathom out each other well. One thing that the female Taurus can take care of, is to indulge in constant changes, to learn and get used to this pattern of involving herself with additional things, if she wants to be with a male Gemini, which may excite him.

For a taurus woman, sexual relationship is a way to form a sensual connnection with a male partner, to feel, enjoy and give away yourself to the other, emotionally. For her intimacy holds great importance to continue pro-creation and the life cycle process.

gemini man and taurus woman love relationship

But for the male Gemini, he has to be aroused intellectually and having physical relation is not a very significant act for him. He may find creative ideas and methods appealing in bed, but otherwise he is too lame to physcially act, rather he may enjoy it inside his head than actually implement them.