Final fantasy xiii fang and vanille relationship quotes

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final fantasy xiii fang and vanille relationship quotes

For Final Fantasy XIII on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic There is unlikely a genetic relation, though there could be. Let's pretend I can quote the right person. User Info: Meowster Meowster34 7 years ago# I' ve always thought that Fang was in love with Vanille.. some of the. (Win); Sorry, Vanille. (Defeated); Ready for this?! (Highwind); No escape! ( Highwind); Don't be scared!. A page for describing Characters: Final Fantasy XIII Main Party. This page contains information pertaining to the main cast introduced in Final Fantasy XIII .

What matter to me is that we protect Cocoon, whatever it takes! I'll help you do it. Well, count me out. If you all want to go it on your own Then so will I! Let Cocoon gets what's coming.

final fantasy xiii fang and vanille relationship quotes

They hate us for being l'Cie. What's it to me if they die? Better that than watch a friend go Cie'th! If you don't have the nerve for it, I'll do it myself. Go on alone, get stronger, and smash Cocoon out of the sky! What's he doing here? Come to take pity on me? Come to take care of a broken l'Cie?

That thing's here to help us? Eidolons are our salvation. If we can't decide what to do next, they come put us out of our misery! So I guess a l'Cie doesn't have to mean you can't do what's right. I'd say it's worth going to take a look.

But what about your dad? I made him a promise. I promised him to keep going, and do what I had to. He said only I would know what that was. The world's full of lies. There's no way of knowing what's right. All we can do believe on ourselves It's easy to sit back and let people trick you. Like how the Sanctum had us all thinking that a l'Cie was some sort of monster.

I'm done with their lies. Fal'Cie, this whole Focus thing. From here on out I use my own eyes. I might not make all the right choices. But as long as I'm the one who decided what to do, there's nothing regret. I'm with you, bad choices and all! Off to hell we go. But I think we all saw the glimmer of a dream, somewhere in the sky that night. The tiniest spark of hope that we can change our fate. That moment has come and gone.

It's a place where lives are ruled by the brutal struggle for survival and the callous and uncaring whim of the fal'Cie. There is no such thing as mercy Raines knew the truth It's just a way to wake a sleeping god. But would bringing back the Maker into this world really lead to our salvation?

final fantasy xiii fang and vanille relationship quotes

The Maker created fal'Cie I wonder what we'll end up creating. Our future looked bleak. But as long as we could keep our spirits up How long has it been since left Cocoon? Not a single soul for miles around, not a single clue about this whole l'Cie mess! What I'm saying is, we did well just getting this far.

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That's still one place You know, if we don't find anything this time, we won't get another chance. The place where the Pulse fal'Cie lay dreaming. Vanille and Fang's home. You're not gonna go through this ordeal alone, you know. But that what scares me! I don't want see you get hurt because of me. It would be better for everyone if I just stayed behind. Mention ordeals, and look what comes along! This is not an ordeal, this a gift!

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Hope, this the kind of power you've got inside. And it's telling you not to give up. It's here to show you the way. Show what you've got what it takes to get back on your feet and do this thing! You mean, that came from me? That's some beast you tamed, I'll tell you that. I always thought the Eidolons appeared to set us free through death.

I think maybe they're here to snap us out of our slumps Snow: Like the one you were just in? I'll ask for help earlier next time Vanille: On Gran Pulse, we're all family. You can moan all you like, but you're stuck with us. You're never alone in hell. Listen, funnyman, don't call this place hell, all right? So, we're decided then? And maybe we'd dead end. But, we were at least going to see where the road would take us.

The search for a home buried in the past. And the faintest glimmer of hope. Our final journey had just begun. Something on you mind? Oh, I, uh--I was just thinking. I was just taking it all in. The sky here, the trees, the sunlight, the smells. When I was on Cocoon, I never dreamed a place like this could even exist. Here I am, on Pulse. If I hadn't gone to those fireworks, if I hadn't been sitting in that same train car during the Purge If anything had been different, I'd never have had a chance to see this.

No, I'm sure you would have wound up here. Don't you remember you promised me?

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You promised me we'd come and see Gran Pulse together Hope: When did I do that? Oh, I don't know. How about another lifetime? What does that even mean? Looks what we've got here! Why don't you got day 'hi? You keep growing like that, you'll be bigger than me before long, won't you?

Maybe it'd be beast to just say good bye here [Baby Chobo beelines him. I was just kidding! You're sticking with me till Daj wakes up.

final fantasy xiii fang and vanille relationship quotes

Could be a long wait. You watching me or something? Say something, or something! Didn't want to interrupt.

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I didn't quite know where to begin, Sazh: You don't have to begin anywhere. What happened to Dajh You've got more that enough weight on your shoulders. It was my fault at Euride--letting Dajh out of my sight like that. That one's on me. Well guys, heads up! Look at that thing. Yep, busy carving out new tunnels. Making roads where roads ain't meant to go, huh? Kinda sounds like us. Let's hitch a ride on that thing.

Now you're thinking Grand Pulse style. It's my fault Gran Pulse ended up like this, isn't it? And I left Gran Pulse in this mess, It was me. What are you talking about? It all came to me. Everything that happened with our Focus. No, it's the truth. It's all my fault. I knew something was off. You've been shying away from our Focus even since we woke up on Cocoon. I couldn't figure it out, But then it all made sense, after hearing that story from Raines, You already knew.

You knew Ragnarok was the name of destruction. You had to do all the horrible stuff and I didn't have to so anything-- Fang: That is no reason to lie to me! You think that's what I want? You of all people! Poor kid, You've had it rough. Listen, you're not alone anymore. Keep that up and you'll have me crying soon. We have a new family now. We stick together, you hear me? Man, that fal'Cie must have been slacking.

It's the Vile Peaks all over again -- Vanille: I think Serah saw the same vision of Ragnarok that we did. Which mean, Dysley had to be lying when he explained her Focus. I think she beat it. She handed Cocoon over to is, and that's what made her turn to crystal! Once we're home, what's you plan? You're getting married, right?

final fantasy xiii fang and vanille relationship quotes

Serah wants to know. Don't scare me Lightning: You are getting married, aren't you. Don't let her down, you hear me? This tear will be her last.

I'll make sure of that. Advising his companions and remaining positive in dire situations, Hope ultimately lives up to his namesake as he, in a way, becomes the spiritual leader of the group and gives hope to his friends.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, Hope has grown into an intelligent and confident leader, admired by many, but continues to show moments of vulnerability whenever he reflects on his past experience as a l'Cie.

His personality is still that of an adult, though his emotions have been sapped, distancing him from the woes of the world below. He has become emotionally disconnected from his memories, remembering past events as though he wasn't there. He still trusts and cares about Lightning, supporting her and promising to be on her side no matter what decisions she makes. Skip section Early life My dad said you should never break a promise, no matter how small.

Hope's class took pictures with their toy cameras as they learned about the scenery and wildlife, and returned to a lake's shore for lunch. When Kai wanted to take a picture for his younger brother Hal, he realized he had dropped his camera to a path that had been closed off. The trio slipped past the researchers cleaning up the main route but got lost. Following advice from his father, Hope used a sharp rock to mark a boulder to designate their starting position.

They found a machine panel which Elida activated. After failing to use it and call for help, the trio continued and came across a climate control orb.

Elida touched it against Kai and Hope's protest, causing rainfall. They retreated into a rock tunnel for shelter, but Hope recalled a researcher saying certain monsters enjoy rain. He made a run for the orb, but several Mud Frogs and Hedge Frogs advanced towards them.

Fang and it canon?

The monsters turned away as someone stopped the rain. Thanks to Elida tampering with the panel, their airship found them and Kai's camera was returned to him, as a researcher had found it. Hope regretted suggesting to go look for it and wanted to apologize to Kai, but Kai had enjoyed the misadventure.

Hope fell ill and was taken to the emergency room after returning to Palumpolum. Three days later, Kai and Elida told Hope about Sazh, whose son was born a short while ago.

When Hope was 11, Kai's family moved and he went to a new school, so Hope barely spoke to him since.