Final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship quotes

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final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship quotes

Since I've been subbed to r/finalfantasy, I've seen mental stuff make me wonder what Cloud and Aerith's relationship really was. Thus the quote "I want to know the real you" from aerith to Cloud, she wants to know the. This is probably the most important quote because it's one that can stand on it's own. One of which is that Cloud and Tifa were already friends at that point. .. In regards to Aerith, I also feel the relationship is far more. This argument reigns eternal. But it's fair enough, given the actual game gives you options to lean one way or another. When I first played this.

Together with Cloud, the 3 of them began living together as a family.

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship quotes

Notice the part I bolded. It specifically states the three of them are a family. Just the three of them. Also from the 10th Anniversary Ultimania: Right there it states that the family is Cloud's.

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Not my family, not my friends, nobody. This guide also specifically states who's in the family: When he awakes, there was his friends. There were the children, freed from their fatal illness. Tifa and Marlene, and Denzel asking for Cloud to heal his Geostigma— his family were waiting.

Engulfed in celebration, he realises where he is meant to live. He realises that he was able to forgive himself. In order we have 1. Tifa, Marlene and Denzel No mention of Barret or anyone else being in the family.

Tifa, Marlene and Denzel are separated from the rest. Now I know some people say that Marlene had to put Cloud in the family herself, but that doesn't mean the family isn't his. If I suggested you and your SO get married and you guys start a family, is the family not yours then? Also yes Barret is still Marlene's adoptive father and she still calls him Daddy. He will always be her adoptive family, but part of Cloud's family he is not. So we have, Cloud, Tifa, Marlene and Denzel as a family unit.

This isn't something you do with a good friend. That ends the family point of my debate so let me point out some more quotes that put Cloud and Tifa together: Cloud and Tifa would be together.

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Everybody would be back home where they belonged. That's self explanatory and no it is not talking about locations. Now he has closed off his heart even from her. Okay I know that opening your heart to someone doesn't mean confessing your love, but that's not the part you should pay attention to. The point is this statement says the only person Cloud ever opened his heart to was Tifa.

Not Aerith or anyone else, but Tifa. He must trust Tifa on a level that no one else can compare to.

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Kaitai Shinsho" Dismantled in English. That game is sort of like a journal for inner monologues of each character at specific moments in the game. One that's particularly telling is the dialogue Cloud thinks to himself the first time he meets Aerith, where he calls her eyes "impressive", says her smile was a "good purchase"; there's even a later entry where Cloud reacts to Aerith's death by saying that Aerith used to smile like a flower and that he'll never hear her laugh ever again.

He's distraught and heartbroken and missing her attributes and actions, this is extremely romantic already but what makes it even more unique is that Cloud doesn't do this for anyone else. This sort of behavior is reminiscent of Squall's words to Rinoa when she's in her coma. They're very romantic and quite impressive thoughts for Cloud to portray. All that said, I do hope for more scenes, that way people who aren't convinced of their love story yet CAN be convinced, because, it is truly such a beautiful love story that everyone deserves to know and love.

Given the whole Aeris dies aspect. Crisis core also gave the impression that her relationship with Zack was what led to her liking Cloud to start with since he was acting more like him at the time.

I guess you didn't see the part where I said: I follow the "normal" plot as Nomura put it. The "normal" plot that says the Cloud and Aerith date is the canon choice. And, honestly, if the best argument you have for Cloud and Tifa is "Aerith dies" then that's not evidence at all.

Tidus died at the end of FFX, does that mean Yuna and him couldn't love each other still? I bet she likes you, Cloud!

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But, even if someone who has watched it interprets it differently, then that is just another answer. He sees her because her consciousness lives on inside him. As we can see, Cloud and Tifa are living in a world of very rare and unique circumstances that I believe prevented them from ever turning their mutual feelings into a romantic relationship. With that point in mind, they were also good friends.

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship quotes

You came for me. Cloud to Aerith in Cosmo Canyon: Two completely different people, but look exactly the same. A memory or us?

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In Advent Children, when Sephiroth asks Cloud what he cherishes the most, the first person that comes to his mind is Aerith. Cloud left the place, remembering the mysterious feeling he had for Aerith from the small conversation. During the ending credits, Cloud is shown riding his motorcycle through numerous flower fields.

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship quotes

Although Cloud is a delivery boy, he is shown riding his motorcycle through flower fields. At the end of Dissidia, Cloud is seen entering a flower field. This flower field is eerily similar to the flower fields Aerith has appeared in, and the flower field shown during the ending credits of Advent Children.

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship quotes

This feather represents Rinoa. The parallels between Cloud x Aerith and Squall x Rinoa are obvious. Their entire conversation is very flirtatious and romantic. Little actions, the way he spoke… his kindness. But Cloud is Cloud.

final fantasy cloud and aerith relationship quotes

I, now undoubtedly, love Cloud much more than Zack. Cloud meets a Flower Girl. My mouth is dry.