Facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship help

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facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship help

Jorge Facundo Arana von Bernard (born March 31, ) is an Argentine actor and musician. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. . In , he reunited with Natalia Oreiro for another Pol-ka/Canal 13 production, Sos mi He had a relationship with the actress Isabel Macedo for ten years. Help us build our profile of Natalia Oreiro and Facundo Arana! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your . Also favourite actor Facundo Arana talked about Naty in the programme. She and Facundo has an amazing friends relationship. .. Natalia is right now in Dominican republic to support there movie Música en Espera in film festival, and here.

By accident, drifted back and Aran.

facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship help

When the writer saw a guy at the time of casting to the show, he took it without thinking of the three and a half of applicants for a major role. Then, Facundo Espinosa told that it was with him was decommissioned wandering saxophonist Ramiro, the protagonist of the series. This statement was stunned Facundo. That's the way the Argentine became the muse and got his first role on TV. Later, Facundo Arana received an offer from Alejandro Ramaiah become a permanent actor on While working on this channel yet still aspiring actor had to play in such series as Later, in the th year, Aran got a small role in another TV series.

All of them were involved in the TV series Facundo got the role is Leonardo. Two years later, the actor agreed to take part in the TV series And here Facundo got two roles at once - and Alejo Manuel Mendez.

The work in this show has helped actor to receive the first recognition. And go to the international level, winning the hearts of viewers far outside of their country, Facundo helped participate in the TV series In this novel the main actor got the role, his character's name was Ivo Di Carlo.

Partner on the series became a singer, actress and just beautiful Natalia Oreiro. Actors love playing so believable that the press began to ascribe to them a novel and behind the scenes. After this series Facundo was recognized in the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia and Israel, and the series received four awards.

After working in the That was for Facundo th year. The new millennium began with the actor for the Argentine series At the end, a very high rating TV series won After the transition to television There he got the role of a policeman named Thomas Ladesma.

For this work, Facundo nominated for Best Actor. After filming the actor for the first ten years, taking a break. To take a break from all, he decided to go traveling around the country.

Facundo Arana

On his return Facundo took the series For his noble bandit actor received the award Subsequent years, Facundo Arana was involved in theatrical productions. Also on the bill with Argentine actor listed several films.

Corner of the World Facundo Arana can be called lucky, because his life had once provided by a thread, and once again he found himself on the edge. Once Facundo had an accident on his motorcycle. He loved speed, and often went without a helmet.

But fortunately, the day when the accident occurred, he put on his helmet and that is what saved his life.

His injuries were not serious enough, Facundo could just get rid of a crack in the shoulder. But the case is great to scare actor, he has since sworn never to ride a motorcycle. In addition to Hodgkin disease, and the accident had to pass the test of Argentine glory. Facundo Arana has achieved such recognition that he fought for the writers, journalists fought for an interview with him, as if somewhere in the name of the actor turned out, it is guaranteed one hundred percent success of the project.

But, despite this, Arana is still modest and friendly, well-mannered and considerate. And Alberto Murphy, who is considered the master of Argentine television, Facundo even called Though the actor and protects your privacy from prying eyes and ears, though some information about his relationship has become known. For a long time, Facundo Arana met Isabel Macedo.

Their acquaintance was with Facundo home when they were children. Isabel was a friend and classmate at the same time his younger sister.

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Meet with Facundo they began in to the year. For many a decade they spent together. Once they separated for several months, there was talk that Isabel was hard to endure rumors of his romances with actresses that are attributed to the actor. But they soon began dating again. Facundo support your favorite in all its endeavors. She was also busy on television, starred in TV series. In the programme was also Claudio Divella talking about Naty.

He is a photographer who takes photos with Naty quite often. He met Naty when he was taking photos for Modelos And now Natalia's fans write him asking for a photo of Naty. According to Facundo Arana is Natalia an angel.

Naty described herself like a woman with a different job, who was never left by the little girl, who was trying clothes in house of her grandma and who dreamed about being an actress. It pulls her forward to look for a different characters and to grow as an actress and a person. She is very curious and everything seems her to be great.

This time will be the episode dedicated to a life and career of Natalia Oreiro. Her life in Uruguay, her arrival to Argentina, her beginnings in television. How was her landing in world of music and how is her career of fashion designer with her sister.

facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship help

Nobody wanted to miss this opportunity. Naty had to come with a boat, because she couldn't catch a flight from Uruguay, where she was. The party took place in hotel Faena, in Buenos Aires. Natalia will go there to represent this film. The same month she will start filming a picture of Benjamin Avila, Infancia Clandestina. The story is developing during the period of the last military dictatorship.

Ernesto Alterio y Cesar Troncoso will also participate in this movie. Her next project is Mi primera boda with Daniel Hendler. Its premiere will take place in August Also Natalia will join to the working staff of "Wakolda, a film of Lucia Puenzo. Naty presents news in technology together with a dog, that is, according to her, a fanatic of technology news, she speaks about an ideal evening or that the best is to come at home and watch tv The party was held in Parque Norte in Buenos Aires.

There were used scenes with Natalia, which were filmed in and most of them has been already used in show "A contact with star", broadcasted on I liked the trip very much. It's an honour to see that many celebrities chose my red designs for anniversary of Caras.

To design dess, in which shines Susana Gimenes today, is exciting. Instead of her will play in the movie with Graciela Borges an actress Valeria Bertucelli.

facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship help

All previous commercials can be seen on Youtube or in update's archive. And this is the first movie, which will be filmed, "Infancia Clandestina" with a debutant director, but with plenty of experience with short movies. A birthday cake with a gun inside. Traveling to exotic places with secret missions. False family, where all always die for nothing. Hero, who never wins over the bad ones. A boy like he, but with different name. A girl, who always falls in love with a wrong boy.

A child can imagine this and much more. And what can imagine Juan, a boy, for who is this all a reality. A story, where the main character is a boy, will be filmed in Buenos Aires in summer here in winter. Later will Natalia join to Daniel Hendler it could be Mike Amigorena, but he will be busy with a theatre in a movie by Ariel Winograd, "Mi primera boda" and later a movie "Mala", an erotic thriller by Adrian Caetano. Since the morning will begin social activities aimed at members of Anda.

Since 15 o'clock there will be a free access for public who can enjoy there music groups or a singer Jaime Roos. The whole afternoon there will be present also an Uruguayan actress and singer Natalia Oreiro, who is a face of campaign by Anda. At the end there will be a huge firework to finish the show with presence of more then Originaly should Mike Amigorena play in the movie and the filming could start in these months.

At the end of November is held a screening "6th Muestra de cine Argentino", where Argentinean movies will be presented, filmed since till and among them also a movie Francia with Natalia Oreiro in one of the main roles.

The screening is going to held in Miami, Florida. New video where Natalia talks about programme Se dice de mi, which gave her an opportunity to understand Argentina's rights and she can inform other people thanks to television There, together with children from a center of alternative education Giraluna was Naty singing their songs. I'm pround that I am Uruguayan, I represent my country and I am very grateful that I live and work in Argentina, in country which I respect and admire.

Facundo Arana y Natalia Oreiro en Jerusalén. Viva 2000

I decided to be Argentinean, because this country is everything," explained Natalia. The two of them had lunch with a mutual friend and Stephen Bridgewater, the director of the movie.

Lee and Stephen agreed that Natalia couldn't be more perfect to play the love interest of Lee's character Joe Gilmore. Later in the day, Lee took Natalia and some of her associates to see the famed Hollywood sign up close.

They met each other at the end of May and in the gallery there is a picture of the two of them in a park just below the sign. FB Lee Burns The programme will be interested in various topic of woman's rights. In spite of being personal ones they have universal concepts. Personal experience of concrete women invites you to think about today and its variants.

Naty gave an interview "I always wanted to be an actress" during her stay at film festival in Dom. I will try to summarize the programme In the beginning Natalia presented movie Francia, she decribed the plot and her character and she said also something about 3 movies in which she is going to play.

But Naty said there was no booing incident and she was just touched of the award which she won. Furthermore they talked about dance. She said she likes tango, but she doesn't dance with Ricardo, because musicians don't dance. In the programme there were short inputs of Natalia's parents who talked about their daughter and her childhood.

Natalia's father said about her daughter that she is a good person, solidary, hardworking and good friend. Naty remembered that in childhood she doesn't like hanging with the girls, even if sometimes she went somewhere with them. Another topic was love. Naty talked about falling in love with Ricardo, who is 20 years older, according to her he has the most beautiful smile, she has ever seen.

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Who do you call when you are not fine? Three people, a husband, my friend Valeria and sister Adriana With who do you spend most of a day? With Ricardo And with who do you speak most often with mobile phone?

Ricardo, when I travel a lot Do you watch televison? No, only a little, because I don't spend a lot of time at home Not a lot, even if I like sleeping I don't sleep longer then 5 hours The best place in the world for shopping? London What was your best bargain in life? That he sings for me, he does serenades Is there something what doesn't miss in your wardrobe?

Griselda Siciliani, is a great client, Florencia de la V, she likes Las Oreiro very much and many actresses Graciela Borges Natalia, how was your first kiss? My first kiss was at the end of 5th class, by Fabian, a classmate. And my first passionate kiss was in 3rd class of secondary school, with Ivan Further she talked about kissing with Facundo Arana, about her phobia of cheewing gums, about botox and plastic operations Quite funny was when they showed there a part of Kachorra dubbed in Russian and the moderators said it was Czech-Slovak dubbing.

Omg, they don't recognize Russian and even don't know that no "Czech-Slovak language" exist. And what's even better, Naty sings there!!! In the collection for spring-summer can be found jeans Natalia told about them in interview for Cosmopolitan and glasses for the first time.

After the catwalk, Natalia with Adriana gave interviews to various media. An interview with Natalia and Adriana for programme AM. You can hear, Naty catched cold again. She explained that the collection is very navy, and is inspired by movie Lolita, where was a lot of traveling and she explained why they decided to add jeans to their collection.

Here you can see the designs from a new collection, where also Natalia and Adriana talks about new colleciton in these videos. Naty talked about her career, first soap operas, commercials, about Xuxa, Pablo Echarri, movie Francia Here is another short interview with Naty, where she talks about Francia, for Canal Naty was today a guest also of a programme Consentidas, which will be broadcasted on Canal 10, on Saturday, at 20 o'clock.

The main reason of the visit was a presentation of movie Francia. Naty will film with Adrian movie Mala and in the next months she will film Mi primera boda and Inocencia Clandestina. Natalia gave an interview for Canal 12, where she talked about the movie, her role of Cristina. She said again that she doesn't like to work with children, because children should play not work.

Further she said that at the end of this year she will film Inocencia Clandestina, then Mi primera boda and in the next year Mala. And she confirmed, she awaits a return to television in the second half of the next year.

And today morning she will be in television programme Hola Vecinos. The magazine, with Natalia on the cover, issued on Sunday 5th September. Below you can a video from backstage. Natalia is on the cover of magazine Cosmopolitan, in it's September's issue. A cover says "The other face of Natalia, without poses and make-up. An Uruguayan actress said: With new photos and new interview.

Natalia Oreiro opened doors of her house to talk about everything: Talented actress proved once again, that the special ductility allows her to play different characters. Here you can listen a record from the radio, where had Natalia with the moderators a lot of fun. Natalia sang a parts of Me muero de amor and Cambio dolor in the radio. Naty will portray a policewoman, comes from a millionaire family.

The soap opera will be broadcasted after "Malparida" on Canal Natalia didn't confirm on public her participation in this soap opera yet. Natalia Oreiro is awaited there to present the movie. In the last hours Natalia and Adriana performed the relevant procedures with the Goverment of the city Buenos Aires, to realize a dream of placing Las Oreiro parade.

On 5th September is held a fashion show and a presentation of a new collection called "Lolita". Naty gave an interview and was photographed for new photos for the magazine. She said how she took care of chicken in her childhood, how she has always liked hairstyles of television actresses and she confirmed that she has a television project for the next year, which Adrian Suar offered her. She spoke also about her sister and she said about her that she is a great person and supermum.

Natalia still doesn't know if she films American movie Freedom for Joe next year, this movie was postponed due to economic crisis. To question what are her dreams she answered - to portray some roles and she is dreaming about living in countryside already for several years.

facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship help

Naty wore dress from her incoming collection by Las Oreiro. Natalia is a godmother of this project with a motto "Culture in harmony of planet", and today she could film videos to draw attention to basic issues of quality of our lifes using the film as a medium that will bring information and fun to people.

facundo arana and natalia oreiro relationship help

The film festival is held since 12th to 16th August in theatres of Cinemark Palermo. Naty was a guest of this show already in Sisters visited the shop to check preparations for opening.

FB Las Oreiro 9. There were no exception this year. Naty, as a godmother, was a guest of an event Domingo Amigo, in Montevideo, Uruguay. Collected amount was Later Naty turned back to Buenos Aires to take part in 12hours long marathon Un sol para los chicos which was broadcasted live on Canal Naty led a part of the programme. For children and organization Unicef were collected 8. Here you can listen a short audio interview with Natalia. Natalia together with Guillermo Lopez filmed a commercial for Garbarino - Tecnosorpresas.

During her visit were children demonstrating to her what they do in the centre. There were art activities, dancing and also singing. The meeting was full of emotions and joy.

She can be seen on promo posters, where she promotes a credit card of this company. Naty was also filmed for a commercial, where she sings that we all have some plans, it can be just to shine, buy gifts, to surprise, or just to cook The photos were probably taken on Natalia's garden. What a Feeling - Natalia Oreiro 8. Ten Fe - Leonor Courtoisie 9.

Ministry of tourism will use the photos for a promotion of the place. They all stayed in the hotel Argentino and at 9 o'clock started the shooting.

Sisters own a shop in Palermo Hollywood in Buenos Aires and they are about to expand to Uruguay this year. A new collection is inspired by a movie Lolita. For the photos, which were taken yesterday, was used a red Volkswagen and veteran bicycle to express "retro". Among other places, chosen for the photos, belongs a spa promenade, beach Colorada, port and a building of hotel Argentino. A sister of an actress confessed that Natalia was freezing a lot during the shooting, but they are both excited to be in Uruguay.

The new collection will be presented in parade on 15th September in Buenos Aires. The clothes have a lot of red colour, paints, stripes, dots and hearts.

Personalities of Canal 13 will take turns in leading of the 12 hours long marathon, in benefit of Unicef. Unfortunatelly in the same day should held an Uruguayan charity marathon Domingo Amigo, which helps to children with cancer and Natalia as a godmother is present there every year. There are also information that Natalia will not play in a movie Viudas Widows with Graciela Borges, whose filming should start in the second half of February in the next year.