Evaluation and nurturing relationship issues communication happiness

evaluation and nurturing relationship issues communication happiness

of happiness, and commitment; dyadic consensus, which addresses spousal The Evaluating Nurturing Relationship Issues Communication and Happiness. objective feelings of happiness, satisfaction and joy evaluating environment are Judging people and nurturing relationship issues, communication and. For Empirical Research and Evaluation Studies: .. Marital Happiness Scale ( MHS; Azrin, Naster & Jones, ) The Marital Satisfaction ENRICH: Enriching and Nurturing Relationship Issues, Communication.

evaluation and nurturing relationship issues communication happiness

We encouraged six healthy goals every day and held events such as stair climbing, road running, fitness slimming, cancer prevention, and smoke quitting. Every 1 out of 5 employees joined the stair climbing event whereas every 1 out of 9 employees joined an exercising club.

evaluation and nurturing relationship issues communication happiness

ASUS had been receiving special praises as blood donation groups for 3 consecutive years. We still work hard to build a better, healthier working environment for all employees. Caring of Female Employs In order to take care of the female employees as mothers, ASUS provides spacious and comfortable breast feeding rooms for their need.

ASUS actively informs related employees of the facilities for breast-feeding and the rights of the employees through different channels, including orientation for new employees, motherly concern consultation, the maternity leave system to advocate the advantage of breast-feeding. Recreational Facilities To provide employees with a positive and healthy work environment with proper balance of work and recreation, the gymnasium in headquarter equips with employee restaurant but also indoor court, fitness center, aerobics room, billiards room, swimming pool, SPA, steam room, and outdoor sunbathe area that open to our employees b before and after work to keep physical fitness to the best condition.

These facilities are also open to employees and their families during holidays. Five-Star Class Psychology Caring ASUS establishes a variety of channels available for the timely and best assistance of its employees to actively detect potential problems confronting the organization and the employees.

Through online promotional materials, blogs, a caring hotline, and by other means, employees and their supervisors can engage in positive and transparent two-way communications.

This helps to build a bridge for the communication and exchange between the employees, the work force, and senior managers both internally and externally. Employee caring hot line provides immediate assistance to employees.

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On the first day, employee will receive a small card shown below with explanation on the purpose. Human Resource Department of ASUS and Focus and Forecast Consultant Company from external professional consultants work together to provide immediate psychological and mood support as well as stress relief in work, daily life and health. For employees experiencing accidental injuries, hospitalizations due to sickness or disasters, the specialist from CSO provides emergency relief and care to employees and their family.

ASUS also encourages employees to present their opinions or ideas through internal channels such as Opinion Box. Feedbacks are classified into 4 categories: The contents of the website includes but not limits to tips of how to relieve the stress, positive thinking, other information that may be helpful to daily life, and schedules of self-growth seminars.

The purpose is to encourage our employees and help relieve their job stress and thus reaching the work-life balance status. Many employee caring events were posted on the website, and there were 4 seminars held in The proportion of the male to female employees was doubled, and most of these employees were single.

Therefore, we planned the stress release courses and good health series seminars that covered not only on how to deal with stress from work, but also on living needs aspect to resolve communication problem between genders.

Furthermore, we held 4 internal seminars to promote sleep quality check and assist for a better sleep. The trained Human Resource employee would explain and assist on filling out the form, and later advise on diet or style of life after the evaluation. Employees with serious sleeping problem will be, with his permission, transferred to a professional physician for further evaluation.

ENRICH: Enriching & Nurturing Relationship Issues, Communication & Happiness

We established a psychological counseling service called Employee Assistance Program EAP to assist employees in dealing with personal issues affecting productivity, and provides managers with professional management counseling to solve crises and management issues.

To ensure employee wellness, employee relationship division also provides emergency care referral and assistance to employees and their family. InEAP was provided person-times. The increase in the service usage rate showed ASUS commitment in improving employee wellness, solving employees' issues, allowing immediate and effective improvement of employee productivity, and thus ultimately improving the overall competitiveness of the organization Besides employee caring, ASUS also provides emergency assistance and care, which is carried out by the Humanity function of the CSO.

The correlation between subscales of general health and marital satisfaction was as fallow: Discussion The current study aimed at investigating the association between mental health and marital satisfaction.

The findings indicated the significant association between these variables that meant marital status may affect and be affected by the mental health. Problems in mental health may lead to marital dissatisfaction and vice versa.

How To Communicate In Relationships!

The findings were in line with the results of previous studies in the same area 6 - In contrast, Thabet et al. The current study results were also consistent with the finding that depression and anxiety disorders were related to interpersonal dysfunction Anxiety may cause interpersonally destructive behaviors, moreover, anxiety disorders tend to precede onset of comorbid depression People with depression may tend to have a negative view toward the world that encompasses their view of their spouse and marital relationship.

Jentashapir Journal of Health Research

On the other hand, people with depression experience more complications with their spouse experiencing depression They emit negative verbal and nonverbal messages in their interactions Some investigations suggest that anxiety causes less disruption in relationship than depression But, the current study found more correlation coefficient between the anxiety and marital satisfaction rather than depression 0. The differences between the studies might be somewhat due to features of subjects and methodological differences in the assessment of psychological factors.

Overall, the current study results indicated that marital dissatisfaction was related to a wide variety of mental health problems. To explain the results, mental disorders decrease the chance of a satisfactory communication People with mental health disorders decrease their communication with family and society Many studies found a large part of communication problems and divorce among people with intense mental disorders, depression, and substance abuse and some anxiety disorders.

Moreover, people with higher level of marital satisfaction use more effective and useful coping strategies. They experience deeper affection and higher general health.

Conclusions In conclusion, the current study results showed that mental health and its subscales including anxiety, depression, social dysfunction, and physical symptoms were some factors that associated with marital dissatisfaction. Therefore, prevention and intervention efforts can focus on the way mental health problems can trigger interpersonal relationships. Several limitations should, however, be taken into account.

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The majority of subjects were highly educated, which means the findings should be generalized to other groups or those with a different level of education with caution.

The questionnaires employed in the current study were the self-reporting questionnaires.

evaluation and nurturing relationship issues communication happiness

There is the possibility of underreport or overreport by the respondents; there was no definitive way to confirm the accuracy of the answers.

However, participants were assured of anonymity and confidentiality of data before completing the questionnaires. A self-selection bias is also possible as participation in the study was voluntary.

evaluation and nurturing relationship issues communication happiness

Moreover, the study was cross sectional and results showed just the correlation between 2 variables marital satisfaction and general healthproving the casual relationship needs longitudinal and controlled studies. Acknowledgements The authors are grateful to students who cooperated in the study. A sound family for a healthy nation: Effects of a couple communication program on marital adjustment.

evaluation and nurturing relationship issues communication happiness