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NC - For those fans of Drizzt and Catti-Brie (adults) who just wish they get it over . She needed the security of marriage with the freedom to be the strong. “Catti-brie had to believe that now, recalling the scene in light of the drow's words . She had to believe that her love for Wulfgar had been real. Drizzt gained the trust of Catti-brie and Bruenor Battlehammer who chased During the time Drizzt was in a relationship with Catti-brie, he dealt with an uprising.

For quite a while Catti-brie mourned the loss of Wulfgar, but as time passed she found herself falling in love with Drizzt. When Wulfgar returned from his apparent death, it caused a great deal of mixed emotions in Catti-brie.

Wulfgar fled his friends, eventually finding his own way and accepting Catti-brie's burgeoning relationship with Drizzt a matter that was finally settled in The Two Swords, the third book in the Hunter's Blades trilogy. When Regis was being chased by Artemis EntreriCatti-brie was held prisoner by the assassin.

For several years she also carried the sentient blade Khazid'hea otherwise known as "Cutter", the sword that she took from the body of Dantrag Baenreafter defeat and death at the hands of Drizzt.

Khazid'hea was stolen by an enthralled Delly Curtie, who was shortly after slain by orcs. Drizzt found the weapon, but lost it in a battle with the orc king Obould Many-Arrows. It was recovered by an exiled drow named Tos'un Del'Armgo, who was in league with the orcs. In combat, Catti-brie usually supported her friends with Taulmaril and her limitless supply of arrows.

She was not hesitant about entering melee, however, and would charge into combat with Khazid'hea at the ready, generally confident in her ability to dominate the blade. However, she was recently wounded by a giant-thrown boulder during the defense of Mithril Hall from the legions of Obould Many-Arrows. This lasting injury has forced her to largely forgo the use of traditional melee weaponry, being physically unable to fight as she once did. To compensate, she has instead started learning magic under the tutelage of the illusionist Nanfoodle and Lady Alustriel.

In The Ghost KingCattie-brie is touched by a strand of the failing Weave of Magic and put into a comatose state from the effects of the Spellplague.

She spends the entirety of the book reliving her memories, and it is discovered that she is caught between realms in a place known as Shadowfell. She eventually dies as a result of the effects and is taken to a personal heaven by Mielikki.

In The Companions, the first book of the series The Sunderingit is revealed that Catti-brie, along with Regis, Wulfgar, and Bruenor, were gathered together in Mielikki's personal heaven to be given a choice to aid Drizzt against Lolth at a future date by being reborn into new bodies. Catti-brie, Regis, and Bruenor choose to temporarily forgo the choice to seek the afterlife in order to save Drizzt, while Wulfgar chooses instead to seek the afterlife and his family after the Companions of the Hall.

She is reborn among a Bedine family with her full knowledge intact, and subsequently lives with them, then with a coven of mages in Netheriland finally makes her way to the appointed rendezvous with Drizzt, an event that takes place coinciding with the ending of the previous Drizzt novel, The Last Threshold. The bow is made of wood enspelled not to break or scratch, and the quiver held 20 silver arrows, when one was used the quiver magically replaced it.

The bow was used by Catti-brie until she was later crippled and eventually died, then the bow was used by her husband Drizzt. Part of the weapon's enchantment passed to the arrows when they're fired by it is that the arrows are imbued with crackling energy in flight that causes them to deal far more damage than would be typical for a normal arrow. The energy scorches targets, can set flammables alight, but does not seem to have any particularly enhanced effect upon cold-based creatures.

Another property of Taulmaril the Heartseeker is that the arrow, when fired from the bow, travels at super high speeds compared to a normal bow, allowing it to blast through enemies even clad with armor.

Khazid'hea Cutter Khazid'hea was the evil sentient blade Catti-brie wielded during The Legacy period, the blade having a wicked design all its own and the ability to communicate with its user as well to change the shape of its hilt; the super sharp blade could also cut through stone. Khazid'hea could easily take over the minds of others in its search to be wielded by the dark elf ranger Drizzt Do'Urden, by its measure the greatest fighter in the world. Catti-brie, however, was able to overcome the sword and put it to deadly use, though soon Khazid'hea left her hands, eventually leading to the death of Delly Curtie, Wulfgar's wife, and falling into the hands of another drow.

The sword's ego, it seems, could not stand Catti-brie's use of Taulmaril. Catti-brie came into possession of the sword in Starless Night, after Drizzt killed the late Dantrag Baenre, the highly skilled owner of Khazid'hea, in furious combat. The sword offered itself to Drizzt by fashioning its hilt into the shape of a unicorn's head, a symbol of Drizzt's Goddess, Mielikki, but Drizzt refused, saying "I favor the scimitar," and so Catti-brie took up the blade instead.

The sword's name, Khazid'hea, literally means cutter in the drow language. The Blade itself is sentient and greatly wishes to be wielded only by the best. It will take over the mind of the "owner", as evidenced by its manipulation of Delly Curtie, Wulfgar's wife, and subsequently several foolish orcs, in order to get to Drizzt Do'Urden in the book The Two Swords. Later when Drizzt takes the blade back from an unfortunate orc soldier, he uses it in vicious battle with Obould, the cruel orc king.

Drizzt escaped Menzoberranzan and became a wanderer in the Underdark for many years before being taken in at Blingdenstone. The surface Later, he left to live on the surface where he was taught to be a ranger by Montolio Debrouchee.

Drizzt later became good friends with the halfling Regis as well as Bruenor. In the final year of the servitude Wulfgar owed Bruenor, Drizzt became his teacher at fighting and the two became good friends. During the reclamation of Mithral Hall, Drizzt became openly accepted in Icewind Dale and Luskan, resulting in Drizzt at being accepted in Silverymoon.

He also made an enemy of Artemis Entreri. He chased Entreri down to Calimport to rescue Regis, but the fight was interrupted by the people of Calimport. Drizzt then discovered himself to be in love with Catti-brie, but would be unable to act on his feelings due to Catti-brie's pending wedding with Wulfgar. On the way, he encountered a band of farmers from Pengallen hunting orc and ogre raiders who'd taken people from their village, and they joined forces.

Drizzt tracked down the raiders and slew the ogres, saving the prisoners. However, Rico Pengallen demanded the return of a goblin named Nojheim, one of the prisoners, claiming he'd led a previous raid and was being held for trial. Drizzt recaptured Nojheim and returned him to Rico, only to discover that he was in fact Rico's slave.

Drizzt spoke with Nojheim and found him to be highly intelligent and good-hearted, and felt they had similar plights. Nojheim taught Drizzt much about how others viewed him—exotic and beautiful as much as he was dangerous, while the goblin had no such aid—and Drizzt in turn vowed to free him.

He immediately rode to Silverymoon to petition Alustriel to free the goblin but she was away on business. He returned to Pengallen but found Nojheim hanged at the village gate. As for Drizzt's own experience He sighed, realizing that despite his longer life, he had no other actual knowledge of lovemaking than the twisted version of it he'd observed in Menzobarrazen.

Her deep blue eyes held a troubled look, her lips appeared fuller, both he suspected, a result of the kiss. I'm sorry, Catti-Brie," he managed. Did I do it so badly then? He groaned and raked a hand through his hair. It's not you, but I that have the trouble. Tis not as though I didn't want it.

Nothing that would ease his heart or his mind. He'd been a fool. Neither Bruenor nor any of those in your clan or Ten Towns would stand for this.

I would have you to wife if it were possible, but--" "What? After all ye've done for 'em?

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Still, it would not serve either of them well if he followed his heart in this. So he reached out to her once again, taking her face between his hands, the fairness of her skin contrasting starkly with his own ebony flesh.

Who is Drizzt Do'Urden?

If we were to wed, then many would not ally with Bruenor. I would be selfish to take you to wife for it would only end up hurting you and your father terribly," he admitted, his hands dropping away from her. Catti-Brie's eyes glittered in the faint starlight.

What about me own wants Drizzt Do' Urden? Already there's been a man I loved taken from me, not once, but twice. Will another leave fer his noble reasons? And so does me father and if yer thinkin' Wulfgar'd object, ya got it all wrong. Sure'n he got all jealous before the Abyss, but he'd sooner see ye have me than that meathead Berkthgar or any other in Ten Towns. Her mirth lasted only a short moment, then she grew serious again.

And if ye won't do it for me, then do it for me father and the others. We all need ye here, not galavantin' 'round the world, trying ta save it and getting' yerself inta heaps of trouble.

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A place that'll accept ye fer who ye are and not what ye are. He'd never been able to fool her, to hide himself from her. Always, she could see deeply into his soul, to the things he tried to keep from the world and from himself. How could he bear to leave her? Yet, how could he bear to watch her grow old and die? So he tried to push it aside, praying somehow he would make the right decision. As Drizzt followed her through the winding passageways, he knew he must go soon or he would never leave.

As she frequently did, Catti-Brie seemed to sense his distress yet once again and pulled him into one of the darkened niches carved into the rough stone. He could have pushed her away, but he had no desire to hurt her So he remained pressed against the wall as she leaned into him, her gaze peering into his soul as if she would join it if she could.

They remained so for a long moment until the sound of footsteps forced her away. With a disgusted sound, the young woman flung away and stomped off toward her quarters. The dark elf battled his desire to follow her, to comfort her and reassure her he would indeed see her again.

But he knew better than to heed that call. Instead, he made his way to the dining hall and immersed himself in food and drink and the companionship of his other friends. Of Wulfgar's abrupt departure, Drizzt could only wonder that the man had yet again broken so many hearts. Perhaps one day he might return, once he had put to rest the demons he carried with him.

Until then, Drizzt felt it best he moved on and put temptation far beyond his reach. That night he began packing, ready to leave well before the dawn.

The halls resounded with the sound of snoring dwarves and he began to wonder if he alone remained awake. He picked up the figure of his feline friend and contemplated calling her to the Material Plane for the sole reason that he needed company before his departure.

At last, he decided to let Guenhwyvar remain in her world, pushed the smooth carving into his pack and lay back for a few hours of rest. Much later that night he awoke to the nearly noiseless squeak of his door opening and lay still, his hands gripping his weapons. A stealthy tread on the stone floor assured him no dwarf approached, yet the very fact he heard it assured him none of his dark brethren had come for him.

He shifted his eyes to the infravision spectrum and relaxed his fingers from his scimitars. Some imp of mischief prompted him to close his eyes, turn his head away and pretend sleep.

Soft breath and the touch of gentle lips on his cheek made it nearly impossible to maintain that pretense. When those very lips lingered there, then moved to his mouth he could not bite back the gasp. She stood abruptly and in his enhanced vision he could see the telltale heat of her embarrassment. I'll not let you go without Tis not just for you, but fer meself as well. Even when I was too young to really understand how you made me feel.

Like a bit o' me soul that's refused ta stay inside me. Much as he tried, his body responded to her words as much as his soul responded to her call. Warmth, kindness, intuition, wisdom beyond her years, insight into the spirits of those around her, all this and more made up his dear Catti-Brie.

And here she knelt, offering herself to him without thought of the repercussions possible. This is not wise. For one so discerning as yourself, can you not see the consequences if we allow this to happen? He caught her in his arms, then set aside his weapons on the rack above his bed. Her sweet weight pressed against him, making him tingle and throb with such intensity as he'd never known before. He turned to face her, settling into her warmth with the determination to treat her as she deserved.

The feel of Drizzt enfolding her in his arms gave Catti-Brie no little food for thought. The times Wulfgar and she had experimented had been short and tinged with impatience as he insisted they wait for their wedding to finish what they'd begun. Those episodes had left both aching and unfulfilled, though technically neither remained virgin.

Despite her initial joy at his return, his tormented soul had not allowed her to approach closer than an occasional touch of his face or hand before he retreated into the horror he'd lived through all those years. Until she had offered herself in the hopes of burying that very torment. Instead of helping, she knew it had pushed him further away. They'd had made love, or at least had started to, and she'd believed that perhaps he might allow her back into his life. But as he neared completion, Wulfgar's memories had painted her face with something from the past and made him strike out.

Before he'd gone this time he'd not said a word and she wasn't so certain she could ever take him back, not still tortured with memories of the Abyss and its minions.

Truly, she had felt as though he'd wrenched her heart from her breast, though a part of her understood why he must seek his way alone. Oddly enough, she had let him go without the thought of following him on his quest. The memories of her trek to the Underdark to stand beside her friend, her dearest Drizzt pushed into her mind and she could not deny that even then she held him close to her heart.

Oh, it wasn't as if she didn't love Wulfgar, even Drizzt and her father cared for the barbarian. And if he'd stayed and tried to make a go of it, she'd have given it her all to make it work. But he hadn't and a tiny part of her felt glad. Felt relieved that she wouldn't have to choose, wouldn't have to pretend only friendship with the person who had meant so much to her for so long.

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His warm breath puffed on her face as he remained silent. Was he waiting for her to make the first move? How silly, since she'd practically thrown herself at him. She chanced a glance into his eyes and caught her breath at the fires in his lavender eyes.

Any doubts as to his wanting her fled at the heat there. With her breasts pressed against his chest, her hips cradled in his, he could not claim she did not affect him. From those few times she and Wulfgar had lain close like this she recognized what she felt stirring against her. A liquid heat pooled between her legs and instinct bade her move closer to what would relieve the ache.

She opened them, drawing one over his thigh to put that needy part nearer him. I won't be able to," he managed, his hips shifting against hers. Feels good Too many clothes," she managed, trying to wriggle out of her own, then turning to his. Her fingers fumbled with the belt and breeches he wore, trembling with nervousness and desire all rolled into one. Gently, he laid his hands over hers to still them, then bracketed her face.

He pushed the thin material from her shoulders, then gazed on her freed breasts before he put his mouth on the tender skin above her nipples. Catti-Brie moaned and thrashed about, wanting desperately to touch him in return. Her hand sought and found what she looked for. Beneath his open breeches, engorged, hot flesh met her fingers and jumped at her touch. She released him at once, fearing she had hurt him. I'm sorry," she began.