Cory and topanga relationship goals football

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cory and topanga relationship goals football

Beautiful, Goals, and Love: RELATIONSHIP GOALS JUKIN HEOIA Being Alone, Club, and Football: YOUULL NEVER WALK ALONE. Boy Meets World Couple Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence-Matthews Riley Matthews, Cory And Topanga, Relationship Goals, Relationships, Boy Or Girl, Boys .. Cute Couples Football, Football Boyfriend, Cute Couples Goals. Jan 25, Relationship goals. Cory and topanga boy meets world.

Did they match your own? Question 4 Have you ever drank alcohol or done drugs? This had the side effect that when they did, it generally meant fans were watching a Very Special Episode where one of the characters learned a harsh lesson about how substance abuse can harm their lives.

Did the message connect with you, or have you experimented anyway? Question 5 Who was your favorite childhood friend of the main characters? Stuart Minkus Morgan Matthews Jason Marsden Boy Meets World was on the air for seven seasons, across which Cory and his friends went from middle school all the way to college. Obviously, not everyone they were close with as pre-teens joined them for the entire journey. Which one did you miss the most as time went on?

Chief amongst the troublemakers were Harley Keiner, Frankie Stecchino, and Joey the Rat, all annoying and brutish in their own ways. Over time, Cory and company actually managed to find middle group with a few of them and make amends, but before that happened, who was the meanest? Question 7 What are your parents like?

Which story matches your parents? Question 8 How would you address Mr. By his name, of course Yo, Feeny!

Whenever the characters of Boy Meets World have a problem, they all head to the same place in order to find a solution: Question 9 Do you have or want any kids? Are you planning for a similar life, or would you prefer not to have children? Question 10 Which celebrity guest star was your favorite? Back then, however, they were so famous they could appear as themselves in some hilariously self-aware performances.

Question 11 What word would your teachers use describe you? Regardless, the point is that over the seven years he spends teaching those kids, he manages to develop pretty strong opinions on all of them as students and people.

Which of these terms might Feeny or someone like him use to describe you? Question 12 Who was your favorite college era friend of the main characters?

Jack Hunter Rachel McGuire Dean Lila Bolander As the high school years ended and Cory, Shawn, and Topanga made their way to college, a whole new cast of friends were made, some of whom were fan favorites pretty much upon arrival.

Who were you happiest to see stick around? Question 13 What word would your friends use describe you? Feeny would describe you, but teachers only spend so much time with their students. That in mind, what words matches what your friends would say about you? Most of us will need to go through a more traditional process, which involves first dates filled with mysteries that have both good and bad answers.

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Gotta collect the hats. What would you eat there? That's always nice to see. Also Jack is wearing his uniform, even though he blatantly got fired from working here by Bridgett in episode Rachel shows up too, and I know I've had a lot of bad things to say about Rachel, she's had a lot of bad scenes, but this one is the worstttttttt. I don't even care that she gave away The Apartment, I don't care that she did it a second time, not compared to this.

She's jokingly seducing Eric for his penny, and that she's marry him for a nickel, but the writing and delivery are irredeemably bad and it's not really a good joke in theory either. This MUST have been the first take, and nobody on the set cared enough to try again. At The Dorm, Cory's trying to sell some magazines.

He's doing a very dry monotone for this whole bit and it's fantastic. The golden rule is that Cory is hilarious whenever he's doing something out of the ordinary getting angry, for exampleand this is no exception. Cory goes to some room in the background on his quest for Aspirin, and Topanga equips her husbands telemarketing headset.

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She manages to sell eight magazines to the first person she calls, while Cory hasn't sold any all day. I completely understand how this is grating for Cory, and I would feel the same in his position, but as a third party I can't help loving Topanga right now. She is an enormous sweetheart, it feels exactly like Girl Meets World Topanga.

Cory's getting fed up though.

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Time for some Lucky Penny shenanigans because everyone was completely out of ideas at this point. Eric decides to call out a big tough football player as being gay t prove that his penny can protect him from anything. The guy actually is gay, as is every other football player nearby.

That's pretty bold for '99 right? That seems like a laudably bold thing to put on your show in Outside, Cory's playing solitaire for the same reason that he owns a poster of celery. He can't figure out his next move, but Topanga shows up and makes it seem obvious and easy. Okay that one was a little annoying, you don't interrupt somebody's game of solitaire.

We learn that Cory quit his telemarketing job and all the feelings of inferiority start to come out. Topanga can see that he's upset, and asks if he wants to go home and have "pookie pook," which is adorable, but he's not in the mood since she's better than him at that too. The rest of the gang are all off on the sidelines, and Rachel comments that Cory and Topanga are having their "first fight".

Now, this has been mentioned in the comments many times, how absurd it is that they call this their first fight. Well we'll find out soon enough.

15 Women Share Which Fictional Couples Are Their IRL Relationship Goals

That grammar correction sends Cory and me over the edge. His explosive reaction to that is completely justified. That sweetheart Topanga is long gone. It's a pretty drastic shift in her behavior from a few minutes ago.

So they both reach their boiling points, and Topanga basically says that she has to be perfect since Cory sucked at his job, Topanga is way more vicious in this fight, up until Cory tells her that she killed his spirit. It's pretty harsh and the sad piano music starts playing as Topanga walks out of The Union. Shawn uses his extensive knowledge of his parents' fights to give Cory some advice.

It's pretty obvious advice though, basically just "go talk to her and sort this out," but it comes from a good place. Eric wants to help too. He doesn't have any real advice, but still makes a heartfelt gesture after a funny exchange with Shawn. It's very sweet, and that's really all due to Will. His delivery is always spot on and I love him even if he won't respond to my tweet. No longer lucky, Eric gets struck by lightning multiple times here inside the Union.

It's a little over the top. So now there's a montage of Cory and Topanga arguing at The Dorm, it's essentially the same stuff they said at The Union, but there's one part in particular worth noting.

cory and topanga relationship goals football

Both of these characters believe this is the first fight they have ever had. Not just since marriage. I refused to believe that that's what they were going for, but this is undeniable proof. I am absolutely stunned. Who let this happen? How could the actors do this with straight faces? Is season 7 in a parallel bizarro universe? First Alan wasn't in the Navy, now Cory and Topanga have literally never fought before?

What show am I watching?

cory and topanga relationship goals football

The argument reaches a climax as Cory gives a concise statement of what's really bothering him.