Cecil and carlos relationship poems

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cecil and carlos relationship poems

54 quotes have been tagged as wtnv: Welcome to Night Vale: 'Sometimes you go through things that tags: carlos, cecil, john-peters-you-know-the-farmer, wtnv. Read the best stories about #carlos, #boyxboy, and #carlosthescientist A cute ( little bit smutty) story about Carlos and Cecil, the cover art is not mine neither is Nightvale. A short Cecilos poem. This is how their relationship falls apart. Dating in a town like Night Vale isn't quite what Carlos expected. Carlos/Cecil first date, written prior to "First Date". . These are just some random poems that have been floating around in my head, not leaving me alone until I wrote them.

Cue both of them getting flustered. Cecil reflects the aftermath of a meteor strike. Rated T for language in future chapters.

T - English - Angst - Chapters: Sometimes he'd go sit on Old Woman Josie's porch and talk to the Erikas, though no one knows what they said. T - English - Family - Chapters: K - English - Chapters: Over the years, this causes problems for the men he loves.

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Terrible summary is terrible. I promise you that the story is better than the summary. I wrote this one night at work on my phone with the song on repeat because that was the only song that would load on Youtube.

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He and Cecil were going to leave Night Vale and visit his family. With a big dinner planned for him and Cecil, will he get home in time to see his boyfriend? What Pamela means is, congratulations. I refuse to congratulate anything that is not the right size! Old Woman Josie Retta: No need to brag. Cecil, I remember when you finally grew old enough to join the bowling team. But you were friendly, and entertaining to talk to.

And speaking of delightful people, Carlos. Carlos, you are a delightful person. Except those of us who peeked at our death day in the hall of public records. But I lived long enough to see you two on this day.

Help me down from here. They all wanna eat cake. Steve Carlsberg [Hal Lublin]: You know, Cecil and I first met at one of these things.

cecil and carlos relationship poems

Seems like we should have met earlier than that. I had dated his sister for a while. He really gives himself to his community. Who do you live for, you know? Who do you give yourself to? Those are questions we should all be asking ourselves. There are many questions we should all be asking ourselves. Question everything, I guess, would be my main advice. Now the Sheriff is making throat-cutting gestures to me, indicating that I should stop talking about that. You wait for the world to tell you what it is.

And then you take it as it reveals itself to you. What a rare and precious gift! I love you, Carlos. And I love you, Cecil. I said I would! Cecil fell instantly in love with a handsome new scientist in town named Carlos in the first episode, and Cecil's open and complete adoration for him features prominently on the show. Cecil frequently gushes in lyrical prose over his beautiful appearance and great intellect. It's made very clear that Cecil isn't simply admiring Carlos from afar and does in fact wish to date him, even giving Carlos his home phone number in the hopes he will call.

Carlos, however, is initially either unaware of Cecil's affections, or willfully chooses to ignore them, only ever contacting Cecil on matters of business. It's only after a near death experience in episode 25 that Carlos finally calls Cecil for "personal reasons" and, after sharing a tender moment together in the Arby's parking lot, the two finally begin dating.

In episodeit's revealed that the two are recently married. It seems like episode is the after party of their wedding, with all of their guests giving toasts. Earl Harlan, currently a sous-chef at the Tourniquetwas Cecil's childhood best friend. They were in the Boyscouts together.

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It is implied in episode 23 Eternal Scouts that Cecil probably had been or was about to be in a relationship with him. Earl grabs Cecil's arm during this episode and sadly tells him, "We could have had something, Cecil. Later on, Earl is hosted several time in the show, in a cooking tips and recipes segment called "Cooking Stuff, With Earl Harlan".

In Homecomingit is mentioned that Earl and Cecil graduated from Night Vale High School in the same year, though neither could remember a specific year.

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Earl is said to have been 19 year-old for a long time, and then suddenly discovering he is a middle-aged father. He had no idea how he got to this point, and he doesn't actually know his son. Cecil talks about meeting with a "beautiful, ashen faced young man" in a local alehouse in Europe [21]with whom it's implied he was on the verge of being in a relationship with before they parted ways at the end of the episode.

The man sees Cecil off as he boards the bus home and, as the man turns to leave, Cecil wistfully laments over, "this thing between [us], that seemed so possible now already and forever never was". Cecil seemed to have a fond friendship with Dana when she was an intern, the only intern he shows any prolonged concern for. It's mentioned that he used to go bowling with Old Woman Josie and the two used to play on a team together. They speak to each other like old friends, although it seems they haven't been keeping up with each other as much since the bowling alley was invaded by tiny people and Cecil and Carlos started dating.

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Cecil harbors a deep disgust for the following: Desert Bluffspresumably because of town rivalry. Steve Carlsbergwho has an annoying habit of pointing out what he considers the flaws in such noble municipal projects as government-approved clone sandstorms and the construction of a drawbridge in the desert, and recently revealed to be a deadbeat stepfather to Cecil's niece, Janice along with accusations of Steve being a gambling addict, and having horrible taste in shoes. Cecil expressed distrust of StrexCorp during the period which they owned the radio station.

While never publicly stating his opposition on air aside from a brief pirated messagehe made efforts to subtly show his displeasure with their rise to power. This resentment Cecil harbors towards Strex became rather personal after their StrexPet severely injured Khoshekhan event that clearly left Cecil highly disturbed and desirous for revenge. This possibly pushed Cecil towards actively assisting Tamika Flynn with the Parade Day rebellion against StrexCorp; however, this rebellion ultimately failed due to the rest of the town's reluctance to act.

The rebels were captured by StrexCorp, and the episode ends quite ominously an increasingly panicked Cecil describes being surrounded by Lauren and Kevin. After the successful termination of the StrexCorp Company PicnicCecil frequently verbalizes distaste and ill will towards the former StrexCorp employees and residents of Desert Bluffs.

cecil and carlos relationship poems

Kevindue to his monstrous nature and because he is affiliated with StrexCorp and Desert Bluffs.