Caius and yeul relationship goals

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caius and yeul relationship goals

They're like an old married couple, but with more attempted murder. This is the story of Lightning and Caius, and how Lightning truly believes Caius is the most grating I think that's the eventual goal for both of us. . "Look who's talking, your Yeul looks like she'd get blown away by an Adamantoise fart. In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Caius continues to serve as Yeul's Guardian, As his goal draws nearer, Caius becomes emotional, ultimately revealing. One way of viewing the goal of FFXIII-2, then, is to travel through time The closer you look at the story of Noel, Caius, and Yeul in relation to.

Noel and a dying Yeul. On the other hand, we have the protagonist Noel: And as Noel continues in his journey, he comes to understand both Caius and Yeul, all the while unknowingly unwinding the coil of fate to the point where he is strong enough to kill Caius, and Caius forces him to do so.

And on top of all this, perhaps most impressively, this narrative perfectly mirrors the act of playing the game: This is a story shockingly rich with layered conceptions of time, sympathy, pathos, and the tension between possibility and fate.

Note here that Noel is backgrounded relative to Serah and Mog the Moogle, and that Serah is the one deciding that the party is ready to go. I think the more interesting problem with Serah is actually much deeper and harder to forgive than anything like her likability: This is important to note because there are multiple ways in which games can intermingle good and bad narratives, and these ways bring about different effects in the overall narrative.

When engaged in the Animus, the broader storyline of Desmond, the First Civilization, etc. He casts her a dull, long suffering look before casually casting Aerora. The wind isn't as powerful as normal, but it still sweeps across marble floor and the dust and dirt is carried away, leaving it to polish in the twilight of Valhalla.

She looks at him disbelievingly. On one hand, she fears for the safety of her sister, but on the other, she's always been confident of her strength. She's overprotective, but she's not blind, she knows the younger Farron will do fine. He jumps away and lands lightly on his feet. The weight she carries is one of the world's time, and she does so with grace.

What is your sister's excuse? But she's always been strong, and especially smart. Did you know she scored a full scholarship to one of the top universities?

caius and yeul relationship goals

There is also no need to eat, to cook, no extranet to explore, no people to hold conversation not like she did that much anywayno fireworks in celebration, no music to listen to, no crime to police, no sport events to attend.

In short there is not much to do, and there's not much to help her relax. This makes being in Valhalla a land of extremes, it alternates between long stretches of mindnumbing boredom, punctuated by adrenaline filled struggles against death.

In the moments of lifelessness, Lightning's not really left much to do but wander in circles, practicing sword swings. The architecture is pretty to look at, for sure, but it's the same pretty for eternity. Once you seen one shrine to Etro, you've seen them all. One day she manages to find a room of literature, there aren't enough books in it to call it a library, but it's better than nothing. The scrolls are molded yellow, dusty, and crinkle in its age.

It's not written in Cocoon script or Pulse. It must be an original language, one left for the gods. She's not much of a scholar, but time makes up for lack of skill. She picks a relatively short scroll with only a few lines and begins her best to translate. It takes her awhile, but she manages to decode some of the lines and she realizes its poetry about the gods.

Paddra Nsu-Yeul

A few more words and she comes to a second revelation. Divine poetry is pretty terrible. Forget being a scholar, poetry is definitely not her forte, but wow. Even she knows this is bad. Suddenly Caius appears, bursting through window ready for a fight in typical fabulous fashion, the expanse of Valhalla is his backdrop and he stands in impressive stature. If Lightning ate, she would vomit on his shoes.

When he sees what is in her hand he lowers his sword.

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I see you have seen the poetry of gods," he nods. I wouldn't use this to wipe my ass. You stand in the presence of genius, a composer of words and emotions. A tear of appreciation forms in Caius's eye.

Ever since that day moment?

Caius Ballad

The city of Paddra fell in a civil war that broke out due to the seeress's prophecy of its destruction, and Yeul cast away her role as the leader of Paddra.

Her followers became nomads, and Caius remained at her side as her eternal Guardian. Whenever a Yeul would die a new one would be born, and though essentially the same, Caius saw each incarnation of Yeul for her uniqueness as he committed every one of her prophecies to memory while forced to witness her death countless times. Over time, Caius is driven mad and longs for both himself and Yeul to be released from the cycle.

caius and yeul relationship goals

Yeul and Caius watching Serah and Noel begin their journey. Noel and Serah are time travelers who seek a way to Valhalla to reunite with Serah's sister Lightning and prevent a bleak future, but every change in the timeline they make causes Yeul to witness it, shortening her lifespan. As a seeress, she is forbidden from influencing the timeline to save herself, and Caius, as her Guardian, follows suit. Noel mistakes Caius for the one he once knew in AF, although this is still in Caius's future.

As Yeul had told him of Serah and Noel's actions across time, believing them to have been the cause of the temporal anomalies that threaten the timeline, Caius engages them in battle.

Before he can deal the final blow, Yeul intervenes, saying time has already been changed. Caius relents and leads Yeul away through a portal so she would not see the future any further. Caius takes Yeul to Augusta Tower at her request and allows her to meet with Noel and Serah in private and reveal his nature as her immortal Guardian.

Yeul gives them an artefact that opens a Time Gate to the Proto fal'Cie Adamand tells Serah and Noel they have the power to restore the timeline. Noel and Serah set out again, and the subsequent change in the timeline triggers another vision, killing Yeul.

Caius laments on her short life and resolves to remember her pain before carrying away her body. Two hundred years later in the city of AcademiaNoel and Serah are surrounded by countless Cie'th and approached by Caius, who claims they were killed in the Augusta Tower after having learned of the "forbidden history.

caius and yeul relationship goals

Noel finds Caius's behavior to be unlike him, and the two pursue him through the city, learning from a Yeul who perishes after an attack from Zenobia that the Caius they were chasing was not the real Caiusand that he was never in the city. By AF, Caius is among the last remaining humans in the world as Noel is born in the Farseer tribe. Seeing that Noel is the one with the potential to free him from his curse, Caius takes the boy under his wing to serve as Yeul's protector.

Upon learning Noel had single-handedly defeated a BehemothCaius acknowledges he is ready to become the one true Guardian, and tells Noel he must kill him just as Caius had once killed his predecessor. Refusing to succeed him that way, Noel tells Caius about his plan of going on a journey with Yeul to find other people so she will not be lonely anymore, but Caius says it is a futile dream.

After revealing his death and Etro's demise are the only way Yeul can be saved, Noel's continued refusal to kill him drives Caius to force Noel to fight. Defeating Noel, Caius sees the boy is not strong enough kill him as he is now, and so departs for Valhalla after telling Noel that Yeul's feelings over his actions mean nothing to him, as his only goal is that she will be free upon Etro's death.

Leaving Yeul's side as her Guardian, Caius uses the power he wields over chaos to find his way to Valhalla, the middle world between life and death where Etro resides, with the intent to kill her. Caius believes that Etro's death would free Yeul from her cycle of endless reincarnation. Back in the Dying World Yeul dies and passes on to Valhalla.