Boone and shannon relationship

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boone and shannon relationship

Boone Carlyle is a fictional character who was played by Ian Somerhalder on the ABC drama Boone "rescues" Shannon several times from abusive relationships by paying the boyfriends to leave her. One such rescue attempt leads Boone to. And stepsiblings Boone and Shannon had, uh, the kind of sibling relationship a lot of us suspected only went on between Greg and Marcia. Boone banged the hell out of his hot sister, Shannon. show seems to hold some sort of amazing, important connection to the Island and they.

Boone Carlyle

Sabrina refuses to help Shannon financially, despite Shannon winning a prestigious yet non-paying internship to the Martha Graham Dance Company in New York. Unable to come up with the money herself, Shannon moves to France for a short time to work as an au pair.

Shannon later forms a plan to con her stepbrother, Boone Carlyle, into giving her some of the inheritance she rightly deserved. Playing on her knowledge of Boone's love for her, she makes it appear her boyfriend Brian abuses her.

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Boone pays Brian to leave her, and Shannon plans to secretly take half the money. During one con in Sydney, her "abusive boyfriend" ruins Shannon's ruse after Boone cuts him a check.

boone and shannon relationship

Boone storms off to his hotel room and plans to return to the States. When Shannon's boyfriend takes off with all of the money, Shannon goes to Boone's hotel room in Sydney, drunk, and Boone allows her to seduce him. After they have sex, Shannon tells Boone things will go back to the way they had been before. Before the doomed Flight takes off, Shannon rummages through her hand-luggage for her asthma inhaler, which Boone casually hands to her. Later, Shannon persuades Boone not to tell their parents.

Boone tries to tell Sayid that he would be better off staying away from Shannon, but he is ignored.

Boone Carlyle - Wikipedia

Boone and Locke have been trying to open the mysterious hatch, but tell the other survivors they are hunting for boar. At the hatch, Locke makes a paste and tells Boone it is for later.

Locke suggests that staring at the hatch will tell them how to open it. Boone informs Locke he is tired of lying, and wants to tell Shannon about the hatch. Locke knocks him unconscious with the handle of his knife, and Boone awakes to find himself tied up. Locke applies a strange paste on Boone's head wound and leaves a knife embedded in the ground in front of Boone so he'll be able to free himself.

Locke explains that he will be able to reach it once he is properly motivated. After several unsuccessful attempts to do so, Boone hears Shannon's screams and the sounds of the 'monster' approaching. This is the impetus he needs, and after a short struggle, and in excruciating pain, he is finally able to reach the weapon. He then frees himself and searches for his sister. Boone runs through the jungle, and locates Shannon tied to a tree.

Boone frees her and they run away from the pursuing monster. The monster takes Shannon, and a distraught Boone later finds her mutilated body by a creek, watching her die. That night Boone returns to the camp and tries to kill Locke, screaming that he had killed his sister, but Locke reveals that Shannon is alive. The paste caused Boone to have a vision that, according to Locke, is crucial to his experience on the island. Boone says seeing Shannon dead made him feel relieved.

Locke says to come with him, and the two disappear into the jungle. Kate discovers that Sun speaks English when the two are working in the garden, and Sun asks her not to tell anyone. Locke finds Sayid trying to make sense of Danielle Rousseau 's maps, and gives him a compass.

Sayid tells Jack that according to Locke's compass, north is not where it should be, causing him to believe that the instrument is defective. After Hurley fails to catch anything and accidentally steps on a sea urchin after giving up, Jin treats the wound and later gives Hurley a fish.

boone and shannon relationship