Bo bruce and danny odonoghue relationship advice

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bo bruce and danny odonoghue relationship advice

Find Danny O Donoghue Bo Bruce Arriving Glamour stock images and royalty free photos in HD. Explore millions of stock photos, images, illustrations, and. Bo Bruce: Bosses wrecked my romance with Danny O'Donoghue The singer, who insists their relationship during the BBC show was not a. Their relationship are danny o donoghue and bo bruce still dating dating tips what to say grief into the. the script performing. You magazine bo sales.

Jessie "loves her energy and was dancing around". Danny likes her "smoky tone". Will says it was brave due to the long mic cord and makes himself giggle by saying she "pulled it off". Have I mentioned how much I love Will? She's only 18 but has a bruised, bluesy big voice and feisty attitude. She's singing Good Luck by Basement Jaxx.

Another good leftfield song choice. Tom likes his curly hair.

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Will says his own curls are tighter. I'll say it again: Hmm, not so sure. Will emits some random noises because he's lost for words. He's singing Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap, a nice quirky indie choice but it's got a "challenging" falsetto and he's not quite hitting it. Quavery and verging on painful. Danny says he should have worked the stage a bit more and was a bit pitchy in places. Will says it was "gangster Paradise", in an elaborate Coolio reference.

No time for a comment from Sir Tom? He probably knew Chris Martin's mum.

Danny o donoghue dating bo

He's doing an r'n'b spin on Paradise by Coldplay. Started with his hood up but thankfully has taken it down now. Not bad but rather drowned by backing vocals towards the end. A comment from my Telegraph colleague Neil Midgley Has the studio audience briefing changed on The Voice? Last week I was there and were specifically briefed not to boo the judges. Now Holly's gone a bit gooey too. Aleks is a naughty boy. But I like him.

It's low-key and laid back, a little wine bar, but he's coolly confident and the teenage girls will love him. He got stage-fright in his audition and did well to get this far, but has a sort of cheeky charm. And is only Can he conquer his nerves? Will he sink or swim?

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Will he be wearing red shorts like The Hoff in Baywatch? Comment of the night so far. Glowing praise all round from the judes there. That seems to be The Voice's version of a compliment. Tom does the obligatory namedrop, saying he saw Elvis sing that live, and talks us through the lineage of the song. That's what the elder statesman is there for. Over-singing madly and rather burying the tune under his vocal gymnastics.

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Hannah fancies herself a bit, I think. Very true, the backing dancers do jar on a show that's supposed to be all about the voice. Danny's defending her and they're talking over each other.

This is more like it. It's a bit of a mess, very stilted, dodgy arrangement. She's also been put in a ropy grey ballgown thing. Jessie's giving him a death stare. Still early "doors" but Ruth-Ann could be at risk of leaving tomorrow. But she owned it and she's proud of her. The ideal time is when you're 18, I imagine. Danny says he used to have pitch problems too. She was a bit tuneless and they're all dancing around the subject because she's 18, it seems.

bo bruce and danny odonoghue relationship advice

Luce to join her team. Luce performed " Promise This " by Cheryl Cole —finding herself in the bottom two alongside Toni Warne— from which she was eliminated from the competition.

She has performed as lead singer of unsigned band 'Shaking Trees'. She made it to the semi-final where she was eliminated. Becky took part in a webisode style series called 'The Rebelations'. Adam Isaac[ edit ] Adam, 29, is from Exeter. He has been gigging around the South West for the past ten years and has even met the approval of Joss Stone 's mother.

She sang ' The Voice Within ' for her semi-final performance, but was eliminated. She nearly had a record contract when she was just She sings, plays piano and the organ.

bo bruce and danny odonoghue relationship advice

She also writes music. Prior to joining The Voice she sang at a holiday park. After some deliberation, she took her place on Sir Tom's team.

She again beat the bookies' odds to win the final.