Benzino and althea relationship memes

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benzino and althea relationship memes

Althea and Benzino have definitely faced their ups and downs when it comes to their relationship, previously appearing on WEtv's Marriage. Benzino knows the joys of fatherhood, as he already had two kids prior to his relationship with Althea. We're sure his third time will be a charm. Benzino ain't post nothing about it? something in the milk ain't clean! With his emo Bitches love airing out their dating status through stupid ass memes. Oct 3 , # . These wack ass people with these fake wack ass .

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Michelle 's friend and confidante, the girls have an emotional falling out after Rasheeda admits that she does not believe K. Their feud continues into season twowith an early episode featuring K. Rasheeda discovers she is pregnant later in the season, and in what would become of the show's most controversial storylines, Kirk reacts by telling her to get an abortion, before cheating on her with two women on camera.

The two get back together in season threeafter Kirk hosts an "apology party". Rasheeda announces her retirement from music in season four and opens a boutique store, Pressed, which is featured prominently on the show from season five onwards. Rasheeda's marriage is once again thrown into turmoil in season six when it is discovered that Kirk has fathered a secret baby with Jasmine, a stripper.

benzino and althea relationship memes

After a brief separation in season sevenRasheeda takes Kirk back after the sudden death of his mother. SinceRasheeda and Kirk Frost have regularly been criticised and accused of fabricating their storylines to stay on the show.

Judge Grants Althea Heart Restraining Order Against Benzino

Michelle Kimberly Michelle Pate, better known as K. She has a son, Chase, from a previous relationship. The series chronicled her return to the music industry after several personal struggles, including an abusive relationship with music executive Mickey "Memphitz" Wright. She returns to Atlanta in season fiverejoining the main cast, although she appears infrequently. She has a daughter, Jasmine, from a previous relationship.

She has a reputation on the show for being "messy" [26] [27] and allegedly lying about her age.

benzino and althea relationship memes

Michelle is the focus of the first two seasons, during which she released "Bring It", a diss track aimed at Michelle. The two later reconciled their differences. Subsequent seasons focus on her various business ventures, as an actress, boutique store owner and record label executiveas well as posing for Playboy [29] and hosting a morning show for Playboy radio.

Her romance with Joc once again fizzles out and Karlie begins dating tattoo artist Ceaser Emmanuel, their relationship serving as a crossover with fellow VH1 reality show Black Ink Crew. Faust owns a cleaning service and throughout the show has embarked on a career as an entertainment managerautobiographical author and interior designer. She enters a relationship with Nikko London in the second season.

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Their allegedly leaked, highly publicised sex tapedistributed by Vivid Entertainmentbecomes the main focus of the third and fourth seasons. She gave birth to Drew's son, "Little Drew", in Traci joins the cast in season two.

The season chronicles her co-parenting struggles with Drew, including jealously over Drew's taste in women Traci calls them "popcorn hoes"and a failed attempt at opening a sneaker boutique together. She briefly dates fitness model DaShaun Johnson, but the two part ways after Drew exposes his criminal past. Traci is initially friends with Shay, however the two have a falling out when Shay turns violent at one of her events, and Traci is caught in the crossfire.

Traci and Drew were not well-received by viewers, who dubbed them "boring" compared to the other cast members, and the two were fired from the show.

Charles while he was bleeding from the bullet wound? Also handcuffed my brother. Leaving my brother inside the police car for 4 hours despite all the staff members from the group home informing the police that Arnaldo was Autistic. Instead they just read the "rights" to him.

He keeps having frequent episodes of screaming, intense fear and flailing while still asleep. Asking for Charles, crying. He wasn't eating and he was anxious. Being easily startled or frightened.

MAZEL TOV! Benzino & Althea Johnson Welcome Baby Boy Zino Antonio Scott

How can we explain to him what happened? He doesn't have the capacity to comprehend the gravity of the situation. He has no sense of what danger is! But he understands someone got hurt. Because he kept saying to my mom: In the end I just hope Mr. Charles recovers quickly and stays safe.

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Him and his family have gone through enough as well. Praying for everything to be settled appropriately. I also hope Arnaldo heals and forgets what happened quickly. And that my mother can actually have some peace of mind. Even though she is still mortified, perplexed, angry and appalled. But this isn't over.