Beastboy and raven relationship fanfiction

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beastboy and raven relationship fanfiction

Beast Boy's crush on Raven is just more obvious than her crush on him! About the easy going thing, they had no drama to their relationship!. Beast Boy and Raven went upstairs and walked quickly down the hall, still searching for any stray emotions. They came across Raven's. I thought it looked dumb until I heard about Beast Boy and Raven's romance is .. The world needs more TTG BBRae fanfictions when people who don't wanna .

The girl with the loveliest name he ever heard. The girl he knew as Raven. Wearing his most charming smile he quickly sauntered up to Raven's backside as she poured the steaming hot liquid from the tea kettle into her cup.

Though her tone was far from friendly, still it brought a warm feeling to the pit of Beast Boy's stomach, and immediately he could feel his common sense slipping away. He knew what she would say and his mind kept telling him that he probably shouldn't, but still it was not in his power to resist. Stepping in close he wrapped his arms gently around her waist and embraced her.

He felt her tense up ever so slightly but she made no move to push him away. He took a moment to breath in her scent, the sweet smell of her that tantalized his finely tuned senses, before he brought his face down, burying it in the crook of her neck and placing soft loving kisses against her collar bone. He felt her shudder against him as he began running his fingers over her firm stomach, slowly, teasingly making his way up to the undersides of her breasts.

There was a moment's hesitation as Raven let out a pleasurable sigh. Placing his hands on her wrists he gently coerced her into placing the tea cup, which was still in her hands, down to the counter top. Next putting his palms to her shoulders he slowly turned her around until she was facing him. He smiled warmly as his eyes fell on hers.

beastboy and raven relationship fanfiction

Her hands went to his chest with every intention of pushing him away. Instead she found herself sighing as her fingers and palms began exploring his well toned torso, starting at the top of his pectorals and working their way down his abdomen to the belt buckle of his uniform. She swallowed nervously as he placed his hands on her hips and brought his pelvis to rest against her own. Quick as a hiccup Beast Boy suddenly found himself enveloped in black energy.

His head jerked as without warning he was propelled through the air and across the common room to where he landed with an unceremonious "oomf" on the couch. Cyborg, who had entered the room only in time enough to see Beast Boy's impromptu flight looked puzzled for a moment as his eyes wandered back and forth from Beast Boy to Raven.

Is everything okay in here? Yanking up her hood over her face Raven quickly dumped her full mug of still steaming tea down the sink and quickly floated past Cyborg to the exit. Just being me, I guess. After having given Cyborg his rematch and losing, he then decided his best course of action was to go some place where he'd be alone. Lying on his bottom bunk with his hands crossed under the back of his head, he stared silently up at the underside of the top bunk.

After a while he turned his head to his nightstand. It was there in a simple yet elegant picture frame that resided his favorite photo: The image was somewhat crooked and was mostly of their faces since he had to snap it himself with an outstretched arm, but still, as far as he was concerned, it was absolutely perfect.

Her arms were around his neck and the two of them were pressed cheek to cheek, but what made it really special was the fact that both of them were smiling.

Hers may have been less pronounced than his, but still it was there, and it gave him a warm feeling every time he saw it.

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In a game of lies and deception, the photo was his proof of something that actually existed. After a few minutes, he felt a strange sensation go through his body, something unusual and yet very familiar.

Sitting up he quickly spotted a black portal opening up on his floor. You don't just ship a brother and sister like friends together.

That is just wrong. And plus Starfire and Robin love each other. Raven doesn't show any romantic interest in Robin anyways. All Robin and Raven have together is a deep and caring friendship. No I don't think so. They are not even canon while Beast Boy and Raven are. Read the comics people!

Starfire is the best choice for Robin and they are also canon. If Raven and Robin got together they wouldn't have any fun on any of their dates and it's not going to ever happen.

And besides that pair is just so wrong and inaccurate.

beastboy and raven relationship fanfiction

Why don't people ship canon couples but ship non-canon couples? That I will never understand. I like how they're common in tech. And some professional stuff. They would have made a better couple to begin with. Besides, Cyborg and Jinx don't really mix well. So, this is a lot better.

Also, they almost have similar personalties. They really make a great couple. I'm not sure why, they just seem great together.

Terra betrayed the Titans and is in fact a villain. Just because she sacrificed herself to keep a city full of civilians from burning to death does not mean that she is a hero.

She used Beast Boy and tricked the Titans into trusting her, just so she could stab them in the back. Beast Boy deserves far better than Terra. They are a better couple than Beast Boy and Terra. They're much cuter together than Beast Boy and Raven ever were.

I would have loved to see them kiss on the ferris wheel but unfortunately Slade interrupted it. Beast Boy and Terra are so cute together They would make such a good couple, If only warner bro's didn't make Terra forget about Beast boy. For who would want Terra and Beast Boy together not to mention how much They like each other. I'm surprised they didn't kiss, or did they? I just see them as best friends who care a lot. Another pair This is more of a brother-sister thing But I respect your opinions, and I have mine, so Gnarrk is super lovable and so is kole but kole is so.

Is it just me or am I the only one who thinks that Kitten and Red X would be a great couple. Kitten likes money and so does Red X. Kitten also steals things and Red X does to. Red X can also get away with crimes that fang cannot get away with like in the final season of teen titans when Red X escaped during the final battle with the brotherhood of evil. Not only that but both Kitten and Red X were never caught in the end of the series.

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Fang was caught in the final battle. Also Fang and Kitten broke up 2 or 3 times. And finally Kitten actually made her own costume based on Red X's costume and named herself Pink X in the comics. Rated T to be safe. No one would notice, it wasn't like people entered his disaster of a room anyways.

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That's why he refused to clean it, despite Robin's constant threats of tossing everything out the window. One Beastboy was satisfied with his work; he made a quick beeline for his door. The halls were as quiet as a grave, when Beastboy cautiously poked his head out. Not another life form in sight. Drawing in a deep breath, he morphed into a tiny little fly and buzzed down the dark halls.

beastboy and raven relationship fanfiction

He legs were crossed in a natural lotus position, floating only a few inches of the ground. Azar-" Her voice was cut off by a hesitant knock at the door. Cracking open an eye, Raven waited patiently for the visitor to talk. You in there honey? Immediately she was envolpled into a warm hug. Strong arms encased her pale body; she could feel him nuzzling the crown of her head, breathing in her scent, just as he always did.

Instead her arms eagerly wrapped around his middle pulling him against her form, "I know. Pulling herself away at arm's length she gave a weak smile, leaning in for a kiss. Beastboy immediately returned the favor, unable to resist his wife anymore. When they pulled away, Raven led him inside.

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Beastboy drew in a fresh breath. The scent of sweet lilacs and incent tickled his nostrils. He loved those smells. It was much better than the junkyard he had to call his room.