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Mario Balotelli fought with Roberto Mancini 'like cat and dog' at Manchester . ' His [Balotelli's] relationship with Mancini often made me smile,'. Then, with his God-given talents, becoming a teenage star at Inter. Jose Mourinho's first season in Milan, his relationship with Balotelli had been volatile. Roberto Mancini in the English Premier League had its own issues. Mario Balotelli and Mancini feel the love – and fans love a messy soap opera And given how fractured the relationship has become, that's.

An immature player whose outbursts and antics just bogged him down. But when we dig through the layers of where and how he grew up, we come to understand him.

Digesting the pressures piled onto the young man, we unravel the obstacles Super Mario has had to hurdle, just like his pipe-plumbing Nintendo counterpart.

Mancini: 'Balotelli has to change'

Two-year-old Mario was lucky to survive. His genetic father, Thomas Barwuah, would travel for work, taking a hour overnight train from Palermo every weekend, in order to pay for his medical expenses. Thomas and Rose moved the family to Brescia in the more industrialised north, sharing a studio flat with another African family. After consulting local social services, they decided it would be best to relinquish their sickly son to a foster setting.

Balotelli: I’m a bit mad but I'm not a Mancini cock-up

While his parents were granted weekend visits, they were never able to claim custody over Mario again. It could be argued that the see-sawing between families did more harm than good. He was a confused boy, unsure if he had been abandoned by his parents — or were there shades of grey between being wanted, and being abandoned? The Balotellis offered him a lifestyle his parents could only dream of.

Into his teen years, he had become fully healthy, with two brothers and a sister at his side. Accusations of abandonment, psychological extortion, emotional blackmail, and even child abuse from Mario have been waged against the Barwuahs since his rise in football. His father quickly refuted these claims, and blamed the Italian Court and inability to afford an attorney for his failure at rekindling their genetic relationship.

The darts being thrown at Manchester City youth team players. The sword fight with bowling pins outside an Indian restaurant 12 hours before a match. The setting his bathroom on fire from indoor fireworks celebrations. And a fondness for visiting strip clubs within hours of match kickoff to name just a few. Growing up in a racially-charged area of Northern Italy inflicted hardship on a boy that needed reassurance of who he was. Some of the on-field challenges he faced would come from the provocative minority — those who wanted to see him fail due to him being black.

Oriundi and national identity in a multicultural Italy During his first professional match at age 15, he came on as a substitute in a Serie C1 game. He immediately nutmegged a member of the opposition. The player retaliated with a brutal foul, but the teenager got right back to his feet.

Some of the Padova fans directed monkey chants towards Balotelli despite the fact he was little more than a kid. His involvement in racial incidents spilled into the national limelight when he was just 18 years old. In Aprilthe teenager scored in a draw against Juventus and the monkey chants were back. He had done his speaking on the pitch, but unfortunately, the racism affected him throughout the campaign.

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The player had fallen into lazy habits, leading the Portuguese tactician to declare: Juventus ultras took advantage of the situation, and were once again the culprits of racial abuse. His club issues then fed into his personal life.

Before an under game in Rome in Junehe was drinking in a bar with friends, when suddenly a group of people threw bananas at him. I would have really destroyed them.

His comments were nothing out of the ordinary for a teenager, and it was the kind of reaction the dimwit offenders had hoped to conjure. But while trying to avoid giving them any attention, sometimes there is only so much a human can take. Commenting further on the predicaments in which he found himself, he said: I think I am a genius but not a rebel. I have my life, my world, I do what I want, without annoying anyone.

In recent days there has been an avalanche of moralistic judgment. It's as if commentators have been revelling in this boy's every minor crime, hoping it leads to a bigger one. It feels as if the world is willing Super Mario to self-destruct. But why do we so enjoy watching footballers do that? It's partly about the power of human drama. When all else is stripped away, Premier League football is entertainment, an ongoing soap opera — and soap operas survive because they are mirrors for our own experience.

The dynamic between wayward son Balotelli and frustrated dad Mancini has been fascinating because it is made up of something we all wrestle with: And there has been a lot of talk about love in recent days. Both player and manager have used the word to describe their feelings for each other: He had a mock sword fight at an Indian restaurant while violating curfew December The night before a game against Manchester United, Balotelli and his friend took some rolling pins from a curry house and had a sword fight with them.

Less than 12 hours later, he scored two goals in a rout of Man U. He did receive a four-match ban, however. He burned down his bathroom after shooting fireworks from his window October Mario and four of his buddies were setting off fireworks last year when one hit a bath towel and caught fire. The fire brigade were called at around 1 a. He was substituted for showboating and missing a wide-open goal in LA July Mario had a wide-open goal in a preseason game against the LA Galaxy but instead of scoring, he attemped a twirling backheel and missed.

Jude Norris Balotelli became a YouTube hit when he tried and failed for over a minute to put on a bib before warming up in a Europa League game. Eventually, a Man City employee gave him some help, and he was able to get the thing on.

A little boy on the street told Mario he was being bullied, so Balotelli went to his school and confronted the bully May A youngster asked Balotelli for his autograph after traininig one day.

So he drove the boy and his mother to school and gave the bully a talking to.