24 jack and audrey relationship help

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24 jack and audrey relationship help

But to help get everyone up to speed, here are 24 bits of history that help . Jack ended his relationship with Audrey in the final beats of Day 6. ' Live Another Day': Kim Raver Talks Audrey & Jack's Relationship. Jack and Audrey's romance was one of the many highlights of the series. to develop personalities, forward plots, and establish a relationship with its viewers. At some point it became clear that Jack's perpetual ruination wasn't a The writers of 24 made Audrey a major character in four different seasons. builds a bookshelf next to him: God, just let him think he's helping.

Jack rushes back to CTU Medical and demands the doctor stop his operation on Paul to revive the wit ness! Audrey is devastated, unable to process what happened. It all seems moot when she hears Jack is killed trying to escape transfer to the Chinese government.

Why is he being transferred? The Chinese demands Jack be turned over to them to answer for the invasion at the consulate. Audrey is not in on the ruse and truly believes her love has died!

24 jack and audrey relationship help

Because they helped Jack fake his death! Audrey is shocked to learn her lost love is really alive and in a touching moment they reunite at CTU.

The season ends with the two anxious to spend time together after another harrowing, but successful day thwarting a terrorist attack. The Chinese have other plans and in the final scene, they kidnap Jack who is held captive, tortured for 18 months.

Kim Raver to return as Audrey Raines in Live Another Day - 24 Spoilers

The las t time Jack sees Audrey is in season six. Fast forward to season nine. Otherwise she was totally going to fall apart. Edgar and Tony are dead. Audrey and Jack are heating up.

Has 24 hired a bunch of soap-opera writers? It's the intensity of the show that allows you to earn those softer moments. And that's what makes them amazing. What do you do to relax after those tough scenes? Kiefer's taught me how to play darts. I'm not very good. How hard was it saying goodbye to Carlos Bernardwho's been with the show from Day 1? It's tough when anyone leaves the show, but it was especially hard with Carlos.

He was more than just another actor.

Audrey Raines

Carlos was a presence on the set. He was very funny and sort of the group prankster. What's ahead for Audrey? We're going to see her establishing contact with her dad [ William Devane ] in the next episode.

24 jack and audrey relationship help

She goes to him because he's really the only one she can trust as things turn dark in the White House. Beyond that, I think her future lies with Jack. It may not be physically with him.