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Symbols in Resembles Julia and Winston's relationship shatters they discover the coral is actually really small which symbolizes how. The relationship between Winston and Julia was merely a tool to illustrate this. The failure of this relationship is a symbol of the power of totalitarian societies. they weren't ever truly in love, then you break that entire meaning of the book. The characters covered include: Winston Smith, Julia, O'Brien, Big Brother, Mr. Read an in-depth analysis of Winston Smith. Julia He also seems to support Winston's rebellion against the Party and his relationship with Julia, since he.

In the book 1984 what is a symbol that represents Winston's relationship with Julia?

It is beautiful It seems to hold no purpose It is a tangible piece of the past Because the government wants people to put all of their interest and emotion into love for the government, they probably discourage people from valuing beauty.

For example, when Julia arrives at the apartment with a bag of goodies from the Inner Party, she is most proud of the makeup she snatched because it's uncommon to see Outer Party members wearing it. It is likely that many "pretty" objects, pictures, etc, have been hunted down and destroyed by the government and are only common within the Inner Party. Charrington stated, it's not easy to own an antique shop for two reasons: Winston is also attracted to the paperweight because it is an object of sheer beauty that has no purpose other than to be.

There is a part in the book where Winston is sitting in the bed with Julia, remembering the way people used to spend Sunday afternoons prior to the revolution.

Orwell discusses this topic further when Winston analyzes the fact that people are no longer allowed to do things without purpose, as well many other instances in the novel where Winston discusses the danger of being caught doing meaningless things.

People are always supposed to be doing one of two things: I think he is drawn to the weight's lack of purpose because he too wishes that he could do things without purpose. However, I think that the paper weight's true meaning is revealed at the end of part two. In his cubicle at work, he unfolds the note and reads what Julia wrote: Winston finds in Julia a fellow thoughtcriminal as well as a sex criminal ; they decide to live life to the fullest while dodging the Party whenever possible.

Over the next several months, they arrange to meet and have recreational sex — something forbidden by the Party — in a variety of places outside London.

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The lovers know fully well that they will soon be detected and arrested, and Julia observes that "everybody always confesses.

You can't help it. O'Brien tests their loyalty by asking whether she and Winston are prepared to separate and never see each other again, Julia shouts "No! Winston agrees with a heavy heart. Days later, when Winston and Julia are staying in the room above Mr Charrington's shop and have read parts of Goldstein's bookthey are arrested by the Thought Police.

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Charrington, as it turns out, is a Thought Police agent. O'Brien is really a faithful Party member and torturer for the Thought Police.

I have seldom seen anyone come over to us so promptly. You would hardly recognize her if you saw her. All her rebelliousness, her deceit, her folly, her dirty-mindedness — everything has been burned out of her. It was a perfect conversion, a textbook case. He knows he will eventually be killed, but secretly he intends to continue hating Big Brother and loving Julia, the only thing keeping him from reverting to a mindlessly loyal Party comrade.

One tiny victory he reserves for his moment of death: The Party could not change his feelings and make him betray Julia in his heart.

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However, Winston's resolve to continue loving Julia is burned away when he finally enters Room They agree nothing — not even sex — matters any more, because their feelings for each other are gone. Julia explains to Winston that "sometimes And then you say, 'Don't do it to me, do it to somebody else, do it to so-and-so. And after that, you don't feel the same towards the other person any longer".