AMILO Xa · Easy Manual. AMILO Xa P. Datasheet · AMILO Xa · Datasheet • Getting Started · AMILO XA Series · Easy Manual • Easy Manual. and ergonomic design make your AMILO a user-friendly and reliable notebook. Your notebook is available in several different versions. Most of the sections in. , , FUJ2 NB-AMD AMILO XA TUR64X2 TL60 2G, Notebook, NB- , , SONY AUTOR,ZBH, XAIP, RADIO, Car stereo accesories.

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Please read the chapter entitled “Connecting external devices”, Page 46 devices such as a mouse and a printer to the notebook. A list of approved drivers and current BIOS versions can be downloaded from: Using the online preview, you can quickly view the contents and go to the page where you will find the solution to your problem with Fujitsu Siemens Computers Xa P. Never connect or disconnect cables during a thunderstorm.

Fujitsu Siemens Computers AMILO Xa 1526 Easy Manual

Using The Power-management Features Using the power-management features Energy Energy Battery The notebook uses less energy when the available energy saving functions are used. Never pull at a cable when disconnecting it. Apparatus Claims of U. Must be Recycled or Disposed of Properly.

Status indicators Status indicators The status indicators provide information about the status of the power supply, the drives and the keyboard functions. Travelling With Your Notebook Travelling with your notebook Notebook Mobile operation Transport Notes Please observe the points listed below when travelling with your notebook. PC if you are running processor-intensive gaming software, e. Removing Remote Control Removing remote control Using the remote control Remote control The remote control 2 must be in the effective range horizontally approx.


FireWire devices are hot-pluggable. Cleaning The Notebook Cleaning the Notebook Do not clean any interior parts yourself; leave this job to a service technician. A context menu appears. Troubleshooting And Tips PC if you are running processor-intensive gaming software, e. Battery Technical data Charging time when not in operation Page When running off the battery: Some of the illustrations and features in this manual may differ from your model and are for guidance only.

Page 9 Contents A beep sounds at a rate of one per second Travelling with your notebook Notebook Mobile operation Transport Notes Please observe the points listed below when travelling with your notebook. To cancel the Caps Lock function, simply press the Caps Lock key again. Integrated 56k modem 56k modem Modem The integrated 56k modem supports all data communication applications, such as: Full Screen Viewing – to easily view the user manual without downloading it to your computeryou can use full-screen viewing mode.

Easy Launch keys Easy Launch keys Multimedia This button can be used to launch multimedia applications. The Windows bevienungsanleitung system and drivers required are already pre-installed. Information Sources Bluetooth Where? Technical Data Contains Lithium Battery.

For more information please go to ” www. Please refer to the notes in Switching on the Notebook The power-on indicator is lit. Other key combinations are described in the relevant manuals supplied with your application programs. The other notes provide helpful information on your notebook.


Contents A beep sounds at a rate of one per second Page 61 – Connecting an external device to S-Video Mute button This button switches the sound playback on and off. Do not rest heavy objects e. The item will be moved. Upon delivery, the battery can be found in the battery compartment or in the accessories kit.


Protect it from dirt, liquids, and grease. You will then be able to work longer when using the battery before having to recharge it. If the refresh rate set is too high, the monitor may be damaged.

Consider the following points when selecting a location: Nedienungsanleitung to a different section, e. Don’t have an account? Memory expansion Memory module The memory module will snap upwards 2. If you connect headphones or external loudspeakers, bbedienungsanleitung built-in loudspeakers are disabled.

Memory Cards Memory cards Bedienungsanlsitung Your notebook is equipped with a memory card slot.

This manual also for: Please remember that in some cases, for example, forgetting your password, you can be locked out and unable to access your data. Touchpad and touchpad buttons Keep the touchpad clean. If you want to quickly view the content of pages found on the following pages of the manual, you can use them. The external monitor is blank or the image bedienungsanleitunv unstable Screen Screen Cause The wrong external monitor has been selected or the wrong screen resolution has been set for the application program.